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Deadline: January 13th



1. Review

The last movie I saw this winter was Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa which is the 2nd movie from the Madagascar series. It wasn’t the first time I watched it, it was the 8th time actually and I think it’s obvious why I decided to make a review about it.

Madagascar 2 is my favorite animation film of all time. Julien, the lemur is the funniest character in my opinion and I think the movie wouldn’t be the same without him.

After the animals got in Madagascar in the 1st movie, now they are trying to get back to New York, but suddenly their plans don’t work as they expected when their airplane crash-lands in Africa. At first they think Africa is a really nice place, Alex finds his family, Marty gets some new friends, Gloria starts flirting with a hippo and Melman finally finds a purpose in life, he becomes a doctor. Everything seemed good until they realize that they are not as special as they used to be in America because all the animals look and are treated the same here. In the end they understand that as long as they are together it doesn’t matter if they are in Central Park Zoo or not.

You should definitely see this comedy that is for all groups of age and I truly recommend the other Madagascar movies and the Penguins of Madagascar episodes as well.

2. Formal letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment with the language course in Britain. The organization that was running this course promised me good tuition and family accommodation. I can’t complain about the first, but the latter wasn’t nearly as good as I had expected.

First of all, the house I was assigned was too far from the school and the family with whom I stood didn’t have a car, so it took me a significant amount of time to get to the classes. This was a problem in itself, but it also got me in trouble with the teachers for being late.

Second of all, there was only one bathroom for the 6 of us. Furthermore there was no hot water and I couldn’t maintain a proper degree of hygiene. The kitchen was dirty and the oven wasn’t working so all the food that was given to me was cold and in the first few days they didn’t even cook so I had to buy food by my own. My room was located in the attic and it was very dusty, which was more of a problem since I am allergic to dust.

All in all, the accommodation didn’t satisfy my physical, nutritional and scholarly needs.

I hope this matter will be dealt with because the tuition is really good and the next students who come here deserve better conditions.

Yours sincerely,

Alexandra Maria Chiriac

3. Report

To: International English Radio

From: Chiriac Alexandra Maria


Subject: Equality in the Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?

The aim of this report is to describe the situation for working women in Romania. The information was collected by interviewing women working in Bucharest.

The gender pay gap

Nine in ten women are paid less money than men even if they occupy the same position and have the same qualification. Women told me that they consider that this is happening because they are considered less qualified .

In 2015, female full-time workers made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men gender wage gap of 20 percent. Women, on average, earn less than men in virtually every single occupation for which there is sufficient earnings data for both men and women to calculate an earnings ratio.

Job opportunities

There are more jobs for men than for women because it’s considered that the jobs that need physical qualification are more needed and women can’t properly do them.

Men and women almost equally share low-to-mid-level management roles in the U.S. Women made up 51.5 percent of all management and professional occupations in 2012, according to Catalyst. Women have lagged in executive positions. However, a four-percent increase led to 22 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs being women in 2013, according to Think Progress. In 2012, women held 14.3 percent of all executive positions and 16.6 percent of all board positions at Fortune 500 companies.

In conclusion, there has always been a problem with the gender equality that hasn't been solved yet and there truly are less opportunities of working for women than for men.

1)Film review

''Gladiator'' is a 2000 historical film directed by Ridley Scott.

In my opinion,''Gladiator'' is one of the best films I've ever seen thanks to its interesting plot and to the time in which the action takes place,when the Roman empire was stronger than ever,which is one of my favorite period in history.''Gladiator'' is a great movie that excels at everything,including costumes,set design,soundtrack,editing,plot.I consider that everything was just great!.

Firstly,I would begin by talking about the plot.The main character of the film is a roman general Maximus Decimus,who won lots of battles against barbarians.As he was so brave on the battlefield,the emperor began to symphatize him,until he considered him his own son.Prince Commodus considered Maximus a threat and wanted to get rid of him.He killed his father and became the emperor and then he decided to kill his rival,too.The brave general managed to escape but then he is captured and he has to fight for his life in more arenas,he is now a gladiator.After passing more obstacles,he will succeed in killing the emperor and to reestabilish the order in the empire.

Another component of the film is cinematography,with the special effects.I was really impressed by the battle scenes,such as the first part in which we are presented a battle between the romans and the barbarians or the scenes where gladiators fight to death.Everything seems so real and that's a great thing.

In conclusion,I really think that ''Gladiator'' is an awesome film that it's worth being seen.

2) Letter of complaint

D'Amelia Mario


11 January,2017

Organisation ''X''

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the poor accomodation that I was offered during the period in which the language course took place.I have no complaint about the tuition as it was fine,but the accomodation was disappointing,the house was far from the school and I strongly believe that the family I stayed with was not suitable to host a student.

I would begin by mentioning that I couldn't sleep at night properly because the family members often argued on variuos subjects and I found that really annoying as I used to come home very tired after the language course.Also,Mr.Andy came home drunk several times and started to yell at his wife and his children and talk with no sense.Another thing that bothered me was that whenever I asked Mr.Andy or his wife for some information,I could clearly see that they were not interested in answering me.

I am writing this letter because I consider that the family accomodation was not appropriate and I want to make sure that other people won't find themselves in the same situation .I hope that you will find a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

D'Amelia Mario


To:International English Radio

From:D'Amelia Mario


Subject:Equality in the Workplace:Real Or Imaginary?


The purpose of this report is to establish if men and women have equal chances to progress when it comes to their job.I am writing this report after talking with several people of both genders about working opputunities.


People say that a women can't be a succesful at her job and also take care of the house,to be a housewife.They have to choose between family and career,and that's why women who choose the last one often decide to not have a baby because they would not have time for this.However,it is considered that women have the same opportunities as men to acquire a briliant career.


Even though women have been considered to be inferior to men and they were frequently associated with household,nowadays the situation has changed in more places.Women and men are equal when it comes to their job,and if they will succeed in becoming better at work depends only on them.If men and women are hard-working and if they are interested in what they are doing,they will have,for example,the same salary.That's a strong evidence that women are not discriminated,as salary is really important in nowadays society.


In conclusion,we can say that women have the same opportunities as men at the workplace.i have to mention that this does not happen in all countries but only in the civilized states.

1) Review

Review Bridge Of Spies
My favourite movie of all time has to be Steven Speilberg’s masterpiece, the movie, bridge of spies. In my opinion this is a movie worth watching because of it’s amazing and unique story that is not only based on a real incident but it also shows the truth about the cold war.

I would like to begin by explaining the plot of the movie. The story begins with a russian spy being caught by the CIA in Brooklyn. People immediately demand the execution of the intruder and a local insurance lawyer, James B. Donovan is selected to defend him. With hard work he wins the trial and saves the spy from the death sentence. The people didn’t enjoy the outcome so they threatened Mr. Donovan. But later a American soldier was captured by the soviets and James Donovan was selected to make a prisoner exchange and he heroically succeeded making him a local hero. This story shows that with courage and ambition anything is achievable.

Another aspect that I found interesting about the movie was the production, everything was made to feel authentic and real. From the beautiful America of the 50’s to the chaos that ruled Eastern Germany after the construction of The Berlin Wall.

In conclusion, I admire the movie “Bridge Of Spies” because of it’s loyalty to the real events and the great production that made the movie the masterpiece that we know today.

2) Report

To: International English Radio
From: Diamandopol Vlad
Date: 13.01.2017
Subject: Equality in the workplace real or imaginary?


The purpose of this report is to determine whether or not women and men have equal opportunities in their careers and if there is equality at their workplace. The information that I will use to validate my arguments is collected from several news and informative websites as well as talking to several employees both male and female.


It is shown that we live today in an era of equal opportunities, people can now aspire to be anything they want. So women changed their older image of housewifes and instead chose to take the path of having a successful career. This change occurred in the last century and now happily women can have any job they want without having to worry that is not permitted for them to do so. Thus the society is now built to be more non-discriminatory. Sadly not all the cultures accept this development of the women because of cultural or religious reasons.


Although women now have equal opportunities as men in choosing a career there is still speculation to whether they are being paid the same, this of course is subject to a lot of controversy. It is claimed that women do not make the same amount of money as men, this is know as “The Wage Gap”. This discrepancy of the earnings between the two genders is obtained by adding all the people salaries up and splitting them. But this was debunked as being a myth because it doesn’t take into account the different jobs of the individuals or whether some women take part-time jobs to be able to raise a child.


Even though there is a lot of controversy surrounding this subject I do believe that in developed countries women share the same opportunities career-wise as men do.

3) Complaint letter

From: Vlad Diamandopol

To: Easy English Co.

Date: 13.01.2017

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing this letter of complaint to you because of the poor accommodation that I was offered during the period in which I attended your language courses. I will talk about the accommodation because the tuition was meeting my expectations.

First I would like to mention the poor condition of the bathrooms, the sinks weren’t working when we arrived and leaks weren’t an uncommon sight either. Drain form the shower wasn’t functioning properly and we had water all over the bathroom floor. Luckily we didn't have any incidents with a person slipping on the floor but some people can be in danger. Also the bedroom was too small to house three people. The beds were crammed together and there was no room for waking. The door was in a poor condition too. The lock wasn't working and we had to leave our valuables to the reception when we were gone.

And the second aspect is the distance from the hotel to the classrooms. Every morning we had to make a one mile trip to get to the courses although we were promised to have accommodation near the school. Since the courses started at 7:00 AM we had to wake up a hour earlier to have a chance to get there in time. After the hour of walking it was almost impossible to concentrate.

In conclusion I hope you found my complaints relevant and take action soon so people won’t go trough the same experiences as I did.

Yours faithfully,

Diamandopol Vlad


1. Review

The Perks of being a Wallflower, a film directed and screen written by Stephan Chbosky, portrays the teenage years in a relatable and moving manner. The movie is adapted from Stephan Chbosky's book "The Perks of being a Wallflower", which is set in early 1990s' in Pittsburg PA. The movie was released in October 2012.
The main character Charlie (played by Logan Lerman) he enters high school tremulously and without confidence, and is faced on his first day by that great universal freshman crisis. That's when he meets Sam (played by Emma Watson) and Patrick(played by Ezra Miller).
They introduce him to all kind of new things and teach him what it really means to have friends. He is very shy, but that all comes down to a mental issue that occurred because of something that happened when he was younger, which you will get the gist of later on in the movie. Charlie writes letters to an anonymous person, who he calls 'Friend'. He tells this person everything he does and feels, who he meets and loves.
I think everyone has a piece of Charlie and that is what really makes this movie so great, if you see it you will laugh, cry, experience happiness, sadness. I highly recommend this movie if you are 13+.

2. Complaint Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to express how thankful i am for giving me the opportunity to attend this language course in Britain. However, I regret to inform you of my strong dissatisfaction with the given accommodation.
My main complain was given by the location. The neighborhood wasn't a very safe one, making me afraid to walk alone at night. It was also located in the suburbs of the city, far away from the school, taking me 50 minutes to get to the University, not "only a 10 minutes walk" as I was promised. Despite the long distance, the transportation was horrible, there was only one bus, that would come once an hour.
Furthermore, the atmosphere given by the family was absolutely chaotic. The family was composed of three children, a five years old boy and a pair of three years old twins. Because the father was at work all day and the mother had a part-time job, she would always ask me to prepare the food for the whole family , clean the dishes and sometimes babysit the kids. The nights were always noisy, given by the fact that the little ones would either run, scream, cry et cetera.
The parents were great people and I totally understand that this is normal for a family with little children, but all these factors affected my sleeping and studying schedule, making me moodier and my grades drop.
I hope this complaint will be taken into consideration and this problem will be dealt with.

Yours sincerely,
Dumitras Ilinca.

3. Report

To : International English Radio
From : Dumitras Ilinca
Date : 12.01.2017
Subject : Equality In The Workplace: Real or Imaginary?

As requested, this report will examine the status and opportunities of working women in Romania. Unfortunately gender equality is a problem that the world has been facing for a long time. The following information has been gatherers from different articles including "" and "Romania-insider".

Everyone knows about the discrimination of women. In the past the women were not worth as much as men. They had to keep the household and had to take care of the children, while men were being allowed to go to school, so that they got their education for a job.
The term “gender gap” generally refers to the observed inequity in earnings, whereby men earn significantly more than women both on average and when performing the same job, although there are also discussions of gender gaps in representation in certain areas of society such as education and politics. This gap varies between countries, so obviously social factors are crucial.
Now, women have more rights and almost the same chances like men. The majority of women are working full-time jobs nowadays. Women are almost treated the same as men in our time. So it seems normal for the most of us to think that women are not discriminated.
The gender pay gap is influenced by a number of interrelated work, family and societal factors, including stereotypes about the work women and men ‘should’ do. Unfortunately the pay gap is worse for women of color, among full-time workers in 2015, a study showed that women of color had lower median annual earnings compered to white women.
The national gender pay gap is currently 16.2% and has hovered between 15% and 19% for the past two decades.

According to research study conducted in 2012, it outlined that the women full-time earning for the year 2010 was just 70% of what men earned over the same period.
The gender pay gap stands at 4.5% in Romania, the figure being almost four times lower than the 16.7% average registered in the EU, according to a study released for the European Equal Pay Day, which is celebrated on November 3.
One of the factors that contribute to the gender pay gap in Romania is that men hold most of the management and supervisory positions. Within each sector men are more often promoted than women, and paid better as a consequence. This trend culminates at the very top, where less than 4% of the CEOs are women, reads the factsheet for Romania.
The pay discrimination, although illegal, also continues to contribute to the gender pay gap.
The employment rate of women in the Romanian labour market (52.0%) is below the EU-27-average (58.5%). In addition, the share of women actively looking for work in Romania (7.1%) is below the EU-27-average (9.8%). Also women earn on average 12.5% less than men(EU-27: 16.4%).
The gap has narrowed since the 1970s, due largely to women’s progress in education and workforce participation and to men’s wages rising at a slower rate. Still, the pay gap does not appear likely to go away on its own. At the rate of change between 1960 and 2015, women are expected to reach pay equity with men in 2059. But even that slow progress has stalled in recent years. If change continues at the slower rate seen since 2001, women will not reach pay equity with men until 2152.

Based on the basis of the finding, until significant change is made on the attitude towards women, women will remain lagging behind in their income levels compared to their male counterparts leading to serious gender pay gap.


1) Review

A friend of mine came up with the idea to watch “The Brothers Grimsby”, directed by Louis Leterrier, as someone else had recommended it to him before.

The life as a “pirate” is easy when it comes to supplying with this sort of material, so we could start watching the film in no time, right from my humble abode.

The main characters and plot are presented quite rapidly and the events unfold at a moderately-fast pace, during no more than a week. The humoristic elements are ensured by the creator of “Borat”, Sacha Baron Cohen. As a result of that and being rich in innuendos and occasional strong language, this film is rated R.

Whilst the plot is rather common, it is embelished by Cohen's light-hearted jokes. Delivered thorugh a genuine cockney language and accent, it comes out to be a bitter-sweet odyssey of two separated brothers who happen to meet by chance after 30 years of living individual lives. One of them is an MI6 agent and the other grew up to be...well, not so fortunate. One shot to guess which one is played by Cohen!

Although definitely lacking a deeper plot or dramatic turns of events, this 2016 comedy is worth giving a try.

2) Formal letter of complaint

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to express my utmost dissatisfaction and disapproval regarding the faulty organisation of your language course in Britain. More accurately, I am refering to the poor conditions of accomodation which you have offered. Moreover, not only was the house inappropiate for such an activity, byt the family happened to be as cold and inhospitable as their residence.

The first problem I had encountered when arriving at the location was the extremely low temperature in my room. I found the careless attitude of the family towards me truly odd and surprising. They threw an odd-smelling blanket on top of a squeaky bed and did not even care to check whether the heating system was working properly.

Another inconvenience consisted of the poor meals, doubt-worthy in terms of quality and quantity. The greater unfortunate occurrence was that the house was entirely isolated from a bigger town. I was constrained to make an hour-long ride on the bike to reach the educational centre. This also implied the absence of any shop in the proximity of the house. For the first couple of days, the ride was not as unpleasant as one might think, but no many days later it turned into a nightmare; following some heavy rains, a good part of the road became muddy.

Hoping that I made my unpleasant experience well acknowledged, I would care making some suggestions. I don't know based on which criteria you select the accomodating families, but I hope you will review the policies which dictate your choices and actions. You have to fulfill the promises made as the well-being of students eager to learn is at stake here, after all.

Yours faithfully,

James Smith

3) Report

TO: International English Radio

FROM: Andrei Gheorghe

DATE: 13th January, 2017

SUBJECT: Status and opportunities of working women in Romania


This report presents the status and opportunities of working women in Romania.

Being a wife/mother and working

In 2009, 19% of women had no job, three times as many as men. This can be explained by the stereotipical distribution of tasks in family, which means that men are more likely to have a greater income, while women raise the children. My opinion is that this tipe of mentality is becoming obsolete and should be prone to change.

Urban vs. rural – some are more equal than the others

Romania's population is demographically divided as such: 55% is urban, while the other 45% is rural. In our country, this leads to notable variations in equality of status and oportunity for women. At a rate of almost 100% in the rural environment, these aspects are completely disregarded. Many women work as hard as or even harder than men. However, the urban environment is showing signs of attenuation concerning gender discrimination at workplace.

Multi-tasking - a women's sixth sense?

Most likely, no. Innate, yes. This augmented ability is in fact representative to women thanks to genetics, to put it in a simpler way. The part of the brain which deals with managing different activities at the same time is more developed than the same one in the male brain. Thus, it most oftenly leads to a favouritism towards women in what concerns office-type of jobs, like the position of a manager. Employers prefer to resort on hiring women, who have greater capacity of undergoing different tasks with a moderate chance of error, whilst the same capacity would be restrained in men, even though having greater accuracy in completing a small number of tasks.


To sum up, the situation in our country regarding this matter is serious. This subject is relatable to our society nowadays and its importance dictates an increase in further studies, increasing awareness and finding solutions.


I am writing this review aiming to offer useful information regarding the purchase of the vehicular soccer video game "Rocket League".

First of all, the transaction is easily and safely done using the digital distribution platform "Steam". Also, i consider the 12 euro price to be realistic in term of the content offered, that includes 12 online modes and one offline plus a training section which was recently developed to entertain even the higher quality players.

The complexity of the game mixed with the short 5 minutes matches that do not force the players to engage hours in a row are some pros that i have discovered during the 400 hours spend in the game.The monthly updates and patches are also consistent and diversify the gameplay.

In terms of the bad experiences i have had with the game i may list the cross platform delay, the speed up lag that happens when playing against someone with higher ping or some bugs that appear ocasionally after updates in the casual online mode.Sincerely, i found these issues to be similar to fifa 17 but i admit that they happen less often and they are adressed faster.

In conclusion, i believe that rocket league is a well structured fun game to play and very easy to afford, which is why i consider it to be a good acquisition and i highly recommend it.

2.Letter of complaint
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in order to adress some issues which i have been experiencing during the language course in Britain.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that i was promised good tuition and acommodation by the organization in charge yet the time i spent there was very unpleasant.

The first issue i have had to deal with was the family i lived at. The noise they produced together with the unproper furnished room in which i was placed occured severely in my learning process.

Another visible problem was the lack of possibilities to reach the school in a relatively short time or at least in convenient conditions. By the time i arrived i was already tired and disturbed by the very uncomfortable bus ride. The constant nervousness had very much influence on me as i was not able to process the information given, fact that i was acknowledged to even by the teachers.

However,the most disturbing part was having to deal with the view of all the poor buildings in the neighborhood. The constant feeling of hoping not to get hurt by fallen plaster was just to much for me as i felt my personal security was endangered.

Although i think the teachers were doing their job really well and they offered a beneficial environment for studying, i may suggest that in the future there will be more attention paid to the conditions and to the families in charge, so there won't be any more issues interfering with the learning experience.

Yours faithfully,

Oană Alexandru


To: International English Radio

From: Oană Alexandru

Subject: Equality in workplace in Romania

Date: 13th of January 2017

The report's aim is to reflect the current situation in my country regarding equality between men and women in the workplace. The information in the report has been extracted as a result of a survey which implied the oppinion and impressions of 1000 of women in Romania.
Equality as shown in people's oppinion:
A survey has been conducted all over the country including the most various regions in Romania to cover all the disparities between the opportunities of working women in certain places.The results have revealed the following:

-40% of the women were from the countryside and stated that they find nothing wrong with the report between men and women as it is the way it has always been.

-the other 20% were also from the countryside but they declared that equality between genders is highly disregardes as they feel so

-30% declared that the situation is improving from the previous years and they really believe it is a step forward towards normality

-the other 10% were women living in the city and they strongly sustained that men are still treated better getting higher rewards for a relatively simpler job

Factors influencing women's place in the actual society and regions with high opportunities for working women
Although there are signs of improvement, equality in the workplace in Romania is still a sensible topic as many cases of gender discrimination are reported every day.The problem seems to be major in the underdeveloped regions where not only most man treat women as inferior but some women are still used to be treated as they were in the past.In the most cities, women tend to feel more confident and actively involved in raising the economy.

Conclusion: I am aware of the progress that have been made over the past years in some parts of my country but i still think equality between genders is far from being a closed case as a high rate of women's rights are still disregarded in certain areas.



Assassin’s Creed, a movie directed by Justin Kurzel, portrays a man who is an descendant of an assassin getting captured and made to follow the steps of his ancestor in order to discover the cure to violence. The movie is adapted from the game series created by Ubisoft which is set in the XV century. The movie was released in January 2017.
The movie starts when the main character Callum Lynch (played by Michael Fassbender) gets home from a BMX ride and discovers that his mother was killed by his father who tells him to run because the government found them.He gets captured by the government and sent to a prison in which he is introduced to a project that will find the cure to violence. He is sent into The Animus which puts him in Aguilar shoes, a master assassin. The end is based on a major plot twist. I highly recommend this film if you are looking for a good action movie and if you familiar with the game series created by Ubisoft.

2)Letter of complaint

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with my accommodation during my attendance to the language course in Britain. The family I stayed with caused my experience to be a very discomfortable one.
As I am used to travelling long distances in order to attend my highschool, the fact that I had to take a hour long bus ride did not influenced my opinion about the accommodation. However, after the first night my back hurt which can be related to the uncomfortable bed in the room I had to sleep in. It also prevented me from sleeping properly my other nights in Britain which resulted in less information received from the courses I attended.
Another major issue during my stay is related to the guest family. They did not had child which can explain why they couldn not understand that I needed access to internet connection and proper lighting. This caused me to get tired and sleepy which made interrupt my studying regurarly.
I trust this matter will be dealt with as soon as possible so that the next people will be studying in better conditions than me.
Yours faithfully,
Ionut Paraschiv


To: International English Radio
From: Ionut Paraschiv
Date: 12.01.2017
Subject:Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?

The purpose of this report is to study the equality in working or choosing a job between the two different genders. It is based on the interviews I took lately and my opinion about this subject.
The salary between genders
Nowadays, money are given by some criterias which can disregard some of the human wrights. In Northern Europe and other civilized countries around the world, there is no difference between the salaries of men and women. However, in the Middle East only some of the ‘lucky’ women have the chances to star their own businesses because the men are the hard-working people and the women are used to do the housework.
The ‘use’ of women in a office job
I went to some of the biggest companies in my country and asked what are women usually doing for them and their reply was always this: “They prepare coffee and get lunch for the rest of the employees”.
The obvious conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that there is irregularities regarding the equality of the genders in the workplace which will have to be fixed or where already fixed in civilized countries.



1. Review

The most recent film I have seen is Star Wars: Rogue One, directed by George Lucas in a collaboration with Disney. Actually, is the first time George Lucas is collaborating with Disney. In my opinion, this film has a very big importance in the Star Wars universe and I enjoyed watching it.

In the movie, Lucas wanted to show us how the most powerful weapon in the universe, Death Star was destroyed. In the sixth episode, Luke Skywalker, the main character of the series, manages to destroy the Death Star, with a simple shot. This fact, put the fans in a confusing situation, making Lucas to explain how Luke succeded.
The story is about one girl who steals the plans to the Death Star. This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to change the world’s system and to fight the dark side to save the other beings. I would say that a lot of people have seen it for the simple presence of a very popular character from the series, Darth Vader. When this character showed up, I totally forgot about the plot and I was so excited that I popcorn fell of my hand and I am not the only one who experienced this, I am sure about it.
I recommend this film for everyone who has seen the series. In my opinion, a small amount of knowledge about the plot of the series is needed before watching the movie. You will not understand too much if you watch it unprepared.

2. Letter of complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with the given accommodation.
First, I would like to inform you there is no complaint about the tuition. I am very thankful for helping me attending this language course in Britain.
On the other hand, the family who is supposed to take care of me doesn’t want to collaborate. Every time I come home, I see the house empty. Unfortunately, when I enter the kitchen, the same cold and dark atmosphere awaits me, making to feel lonely. There is no food on the table so I have to eat by the time they arrive home.
Furthermore, every morning I have to wake up at 7 o’clock and walk one hour because there is no bus near me and the school is way too far. Besides this, the weather in Britain is not so welcoming so I have to put on a lot of clothes to make myself warm enough to fight the cold wind. In addition, after the sun shows up, I have to take off all of my jackets and pullovers and carry them with me all day long.
Every day I have to stay strong and be focused. I cannot do that because of the noises from my host family’s house. The host couple has three kids and lucky me, my room is next to theirs. The eldest son is playing FIFA with his father every night screaming and arguing and my bathroom is infested with spiders and all sort of bugs. Whenever I take a shower I have to do all I can to avoid touching them.
I hope you will take some measures and solve this misunderstanding as fast as possible.

Yours faithfully,
David Popa

3. Report

To: International English Radio
From: Popa David
Date: 13.01.2017
Subject: Equality in The Workplace: Real or Imaginary

The aim of this report is to describe the situation for working women in Romania. The information was collected by interviewing women working in Bucharest.

The gender gap is the difference between men’s job opportunities and salary and the women’s opportunities and salary. This could be hard to believe, but even in 2016 men are paid better than women. If you look at our country’s parliament situation, you can see that 15% of our women are members. Due to their occupations and house keeping, women are often discriminated at work. After I interviewed both genders and analysed their situation at work, and, according to Eurostat, in 2011, 72.1% of men succeeded to get a job while 56.4% of women managed to get a job. As you can see, the employment rate is a way higher at men than women. This big difference is not met in other European countries such as Italy or Sweden this fact showing that in Romania it is a total discrimination between genders. Furthermore, there is a very big difference between salaries, as shown on “”. Each year, the difference varies between 10% and 40%. After I completed some researches and interviews, I discovered that a lot of Romanian women are not happy with their jobs due to the discrimination they are facing.


In my opinion, the employees should be taught to completely avoid discrimination and sexism and to respect all of their colleagues without making differences between genders. So everybody, including both women and men should be educated to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere.


In conclusion, in the future, the Romanian working places can be represented by equality, erasing the idea of discrimination and giving the same opportunities and the same salaries to both genders even if nowadays it exists a quite big difference between their rights at work.


1) Review
“Collateral Beauty” is the title of a movie that is now in cinemas. I watched it couple days ago and it left a good impression on me. If you like shorter films with a lot of meaning behind the action itself, this movie is for you.
The movie is about a successful man who owns an advertising firm (Will Smith) that loses his daughter and retreats from life. After 2 years, he writes 3 letters to the Love, the Truth and the Death, the main things that control our life, from his point of view. He receives some answers that he didn’t expect and they make him discover that life after a tragedy exists, helping him to have almost the same life as before. The end especially was unexpected, at least for me, and this made the movie even more interesting.
This movie contains a lot of philosophical ideas that can make you question a lot of things in your life. I enjoyed it and I think that it is worth watching because it can make you realize a lot of facts that are near you every day, but you don’t always see them easily.

2)Formal letter
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to express my disappointment regarding the language course in Britain. The organization that was running this course promised me good tuition and family accommodation. The tuition was good but the accommodation was not what I expected at all.
First of all, I think that the accommodation was too far from the school. The course was starting early in the morning and, in order for me to get to the school on time, I had to wake up very early. This thing annoyed me a little bit because I was expecting to stay near the school and also, I was late for the course in 2 days, thing that annoyed me and the teacher as well.
Second of all, I also think that the family that I stayed with was not a suitable one to place students with. The family was not interested in me and they did not take care of me at all. Also, the house was too small for all of us. It was enough for the family alone, but with one more person, it was way too crowded. The room that I had to sleep in was too little and I had to share it with one of the children from the family. This thing didn’t annoy me as much as the crowded house. The family itself was behaving nice, but they didn’t seem to see that I wasn’t feeling as I should have been.
I hope this matter will be dealt with as soon as possible because I do not wish other people will have to stay in the same conditions as I did and have the same complaints.
Yours faithfully,
Ilinca Rentea

To: International English Radio
From: Ilinca Rentea
Subject: Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?
Date: 13th January2017
The purpose of this report is to describe the situation for working women in my country, Romania. The information that is in this report was collected from observing the women that are working in several firms located in Bucharest and also from interviewing them about this topic.
General opinion
After interviewing more women and after observing myself what is happening in the workplaces I realized that most women, 80% of them, said that they are happy with the way they are treated in the workplace. They also said that in the last couple years, the equality between workers increased considerably, which makes me think that in the future this equality will be everywhere.
Complaints from some women
Some of the women that I interviewed shared with me some of their complaints in the workplace regarding equality. They said that some men still think, as they did in the past, that women are not as good, as strong and as smart as them, just because they are women. They have the wrong idea that a woman cannot be equal with a man. Also, another complaint is that they are not as well paid as men and that they are getting a job harder than men, which is annoying for them.
Conclusion and Recommendations
On the basis of the points mentioned above, it would seem that the equality in workplace has increased in the last years. I strongly believe that it will be everywhere in the next 10 years because women started to show what they can do more than ever. The recommendations that I collected from the women that I interviewed are for men to try to see women as they are, without any wrong impression. They should try to erase all the wrong ideas that women are not as good as them and see that women can do well a lot of things.


1) Review

Why everyone is talking about this Norwegian TV series

If you haven't heard about it, Skam, translated as 'shame', is a Norwegian young adult TV series about the daily life of the teenagers in Hartvig Nissen School and the inevitable struggles every person of their age encounters.

I am writing this review not because I believe this series is a masterpiece that deserves global recognition, but because I can see why people can enjoy it. In fact, I did as well.

I started watching 'Skam' after it had been recommended to me by several friends whose opinions I trust and since I had some time on my hands, I decided to give it a try.

The series was originally aired only on the website of NRK; the first clip of the series was posted online on 22 September 2015 and the first episode was made available online on 25 September. There are currently three seasons available and each one focuses on a different main character, with the supporting cast usually remaining the same.

I will start by drawing attention to a considerable trait of this show and, dare I say, the reason why everyone is so drawn to binge watch it: 'Skam' is relatable. Issues such as emotions during teenagehood and the awkwarness implied by it are greatly depicted in every episode. The accuracy of the problems the characters face can be a reason teens long to substitute the lack of intensity in their reality with the dynamic provided by the show.

Other than that, we get stunning actor performances, and the character development from all the deception, lies, shame and misunderstandings should not be overviewed. What I appreciate about the story is how it forces you to see relationships and life experiences in a different perspective - it remarks that our doings can be perceived totally different from what we originally intended.

Nicely directed and valuable for the high focus on details (really nice sountrack and fashion sense, by the way!), my strong belief is that 'Skam' is one of the best morally accurate dramas for teens out there and I can recommend it to anyone who has an activity-emptied weekend to spare.

2) Complaint letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to draw your attention to some problems I encountered during my attendance to the language course in Britain.

I feel I must inform you that despite the fact that I was promised good tuition and accommodation, the family I stayed with caused my experience to be a very a discomfortable one.

As I am used to commuting, the fact that I had to take a 40 minute bus ride to reach school was a minor inconvenience for me. However, I could not tolerate the living conditions within my designated room. I particularly found discomfort in the low quality mattress on my bed as it prevented me from resting properly and thus I was not able to properly assimilate the information I came all the way to Britain to receive.

Another major issue I encountered during my stay is related to my designated room as well. Although it was properly furnished with a large desk, my studying could not develop in a proper manner because of the poor lighting. The room only had one small window and a small ceiling lamp. The dim lighting caused me to get unusually tired and sleepy which eventually made me interrupt my studying process.

I encourage and I hope that the comittee which is charge of selecting the families to take the problems I encountered during my stay into consideration so that pupils can fully benefit from their experience.

Yours faithfully,
Corina Staicu

3) Report

To: International English Radio

From: Corina Staicu

Subject: Equality in the Workplace: Real or Imaginary?

Date: 12th of January 2017


This report has the aim of drawing attention to a global issue of great importance in today's society: equality between genders. The matter that I will be adressing is equality between the genders in the workplace in Romania.
The information provided in this report has been obtained through a series of studies led by Eurostat.

Equality: a Concept, Not Reality - Current Situation

Despite the EU's efforts to promote equality within every sphere of activity, inequality persists in causing imbalance both economically and socially.
Gender discrimination is undoubtedly an actual problem of great importance as it has recently been encountered in the workplace more frequently. According to Eurostat's studies, in 2011 the men's rate of employment was of 72.1%, 15% more than women's which was of 56.4%. The pay gap between the genders was reported to be of 12%, considerably higher than in the one in countries such as Poland or Italy where the difference varied between 2% and 6%.

Factors preventing gender equality from being regarded as a reasonable and logical movement and solutions.

Numerous signals and manifestations coming from employers have been proven to be the cause of workplace gender inequality both in the process of recruitment and selection of the employees, and during the work per se as well.
Discriminative behaviours confirmed by women throughout the years are: recruitment based on physical aspect, height or marital status or even solicitation of an agreement regarding future pregnancies.
Therefore, the employers can be both the main cause of workplace discrimination and the solution for it. Measures which I encourage to be taken include: proportional assignment of responsibilities within each family, development of entrepreneurial spirit for women and, especially, encouragement of continuous professional training.

I must state that gender equality should represent t the objective of every democratic society in which both men and women can fully benefit from the same opportunities, rights and obligations in any sphere of activity.

1. Review

One of the most recent films I saw in this holiday was X-men :Apocalypse. I could not say I am a fan of Marvel movies, but I was kind of impressed of this one.

The beginning of the action takes place in Egypt, somewhere is Cairo nowadays, in 3600 BC. En Sabar Nuh, a powerful mutant, who was believed to be the first of his kind, had ruled the Ancient Egypt until one day, when some of his slaves betrayed him and caught him in an enourmous trap, which was thought to be an Egyptian Pyramid. Awakeing in 1983, En Sabar Nuh is disappointed of the evolution of humanity, thinking it is less powerful and more upgraded with different gadgets than in his ages. From this impersonal shock, he decides to destroy this modern world by asking help from other mutants with different powers, such as Storm, Angel, Magneto and so on. In this superheroes movies, there can’t be only a team who wants to control the world by killing innocent people, so there are other mutants who try their best to stop the evilness of this leading. This team is compossed by Proffesor X, one of the biggest human being who has the ability to telepath with other people or animals, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Quicksilver and other ones. There is a long difficult battle between these forces, having almost the same power to fight, but only one of them will have the privilege to win this unusual War.

The plot of this film is captivating for some of us, on the other hand, the special effects such as the dynamics of the characters or the soundtrack could impress us more. Of course the elder movies are at least as great as this one, but the clarity of the images has been upgraded and caught your attention better.

I recommend this movie for every type of ages, it doesn’t have any forbidden content for minors, and the kids, especially boys, will be impressed of the story.

2.Formal letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my annoyance about the unsatisfied accommodation I have been experienced lately in Britain. I didn’t ask for things that not everyone has the possibility to reach them, but there shouldn’t be missed a sanitary check before I was supposed to come.

First of all, as I mentioned in the beginning of the letter, the conditions to live weren’t suitable for a foreign student, not even for the numerous family I stayed. This family is composed especially of four brothers and sisters, three of them aren’t even at secondary school. Their parents are lovable, helpful in each problem anyone has, who put their kids first before anything else. Besides this, they live in a poor district of the city, so the primary things like hot water and electrical current have been missed in the greatest part of the week. Because of the cold season that was and the heat that wasn’t even noticed, I was not able to sleep well and wasn’t prepared psihically the other day for my English courses. Also, I had been observed that the kids, especially the youngest ones, had a weak immunity, so they got sick really quickly. Their parents had been trying to take care of them as fast as they could, but it wasn’t enough time and patience for not making this a repetitive process. I had asked them why don’t they take the option of moving into another neighbourhood, but I could’t receive an answer before I left.

Second of all, because of the baldness of the district, there weren’t any means of transport that would come quickly. There was only one bus that left the passengers in the center of the city, and it came once in an hour. Because I had a morning schedule, I had to wake up two hours before the courses started. Thus, I didn’t have the sleeping programme that I was used to respect.

I hope that this misunderstand will be resolved as soon as possible, I don’t want any student to experience the unpleasant accommodation that I was supposed to endure.

Yours faithfully,
Agnes Talasman

3. Report

To: International English Radio
From: Agnes Talasman
Date: 12.01.2017
Subject: Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?

As requested, this is a report concerning about the equality in working and choosing a job, between human beings. In the following headings, there will be identified the result of some interviews that I have been made lately and some sentences which include my opinion about this subject.
The woman rights: disrespected until the 20th century
This is not a new fact that everybody finds about it right now, but I suppose the economy of the world grew in harmony when the power in choosing the working area had been given to women , even in foreign countries. As I said in the first heading, I took some interviews to some business women, specialised in different work applications. The result would be that women are absolutely satisfied about their workplace abroad, and more than half of them moved with their families. In addition, more than 80% of them compound with an easier life in foreign countries than in their origins, because the local people appreciate their wishes in doing something with their lifes in their country.
The salary between genders: A worldwide problem
Assorting money after some criterias it is considered an astonishing problem nowadays. As the people evaluate, they found a solution to this problem, in contrast not applying it in every area. In the Middle East, there is a small percentage of women who has the opportunity to start a business, as a result of “ The man is the owner of the house, none of women can control him”. In Northern Europe, there aren’t cases where the feminine gender has a lower salary than the other gender, by reason of thiking that it matters how much you work.
As a result, a business woman should be respected in a men’s world, because there are not so many human beings that could reach this part of their lifes, it should not matter who you are, but how you reach this point.



Last week, I installed a movie on my computer. I heard a lot of things about this movie, “Once upon a time in America”. I can strongly recommend this awesome film. It was worth the time. If you want to spend your time eating pizza or playing computer games, I can give you a better alternative.

The film is long, it’s a 3 hours and half movie. It’s very suitable for teenagers and adults, because this movie is educative too. The screenplay is based on a complex story. The director is Sergio Leone, a very good director, who made some great movies, such as “Once upon a time in the west”, or other western movies. The plot is based on the story of David Noodles. The film shows his life, from the moment of his childhood, to the moment of his old age. When he was young, he tried to become a gangster, during the prohibition. HE was very smart, so he find a good method to introduce alcohol into the country, without being caught. Obviously, there were another gangsters who tried to do the same things, so he had a lot of enemies. I won’t tell you more about this movie. I would like to mention that the soundtrack was made by Ennio Morricone and Gheorghe Zamfir .

In conclusion, I strongly recommend you to watch this movie twice, because the actors are very good(Robert de Niro) and the film is outstanding.

2. Letter of complaint

Dear organization,
I’m writing to you to complain about the language course in Britain. This language course was run by your organization. You promised good tuition and accommodation. The tuition was good and I learnt a lot of things. Nevertheless, I have complaints about the accommodation.
First of all, it was very poor. The room was very small. All we had was a bed and a night table. On the floor there wasn’t a carpet, it was stone. It was very cold there. I had to sleep during the night, dressed with a jacket, to avoid hypothermia. This is unacceptable. Also, the bathroom was unacceptable, because it wasn't hygiene there. There were some insects in the bathroom too. I wouldn’t repeat this experience. Secondly, it was very far from the school. I had to walk one hour. It was very uncomfortable when it was raining. As you know, in Britain the weather is rainy usually. I have some friends who returned ill into the country, because we didn’t have proper conditions. Excepting the bad accommodation, you should include a faster transport method, like a bus, or maybe a car. It’s very important for us to avoid wasting time as much as possible. You have to make major changes.
In conclusion, the accommodation isn’t suitable for this kind of activity. In conclusion, I trust you will make some changes, to avoid future complaints. I hope you will fix the problems very soon.
Your faithfully,
Tamirsi Cristian

3 Report

To: International English Radio
From: Tamirsi Cristian
Date: 12.01.2017
Subject: Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?


The aim of this report is to provide information regarding the status and the opportunities for working women in Romania and in other countries too.
The women rights during the history
It’s known that during the history, women hadn’t any rights. If we talk about the Greek Democracy, women hadn’t the right to vote, like the men. Also, the women weren’t respected. She was seen as an object, who was able to take care of a house and educate the children. After some centuries, the women didn’t gain any advantage.Women were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law, which wasn’t fair, because a woman has the same abilities with a man. So, they were made totally dependent on men. Thanks to some people, things changed and women became more respected.

Current situation
Theoretically, nowadays, women are equal with men. Actually, stereotypes continue to exist and there are major differences between man and woman if you talk about work. Romania is last in the EU, according to statistics, concerning equality between genders. Women are preferred in underpaid branches and are paid less than men employed on the same position. In the Middle East, there is a small percentage of women who has the opportunity to start a business. In Northern Europe, there aren’t cases where the feminine gender has a lower salary than the other gender, by reason of thinking that it matters how much you work. Moreover, half of the female workforce in Romania has low paid jobs and only 12% of the Romanian Parliament members are women.

Conclusion and recommendation
In conclusion, in Romania, the situation isn’t ideal. In order to make things better, we should take the example of the northern Europe and give women more oportunities.


1. Review
Jon Krakauer’s book is a true travel essay portraying the adventurous quest of Chris McCandless, a young man who endeavours to live for a long period of time of the land, isolated from civilisation, trying to escape from the consumer society he despised. After two years of hitchhiking, kayaking and living at a farm and camping, he “walks alone upon the land to become lost in the wild”, in Alaska.
Krakauer uncovers the complexity of Chris’ character and his intense feelings which had led him to leave his family and wander across the country through revealing letters he had been sending to his friends, highlighted passages in his books, especialy written by Henry David Thoreau, Boris Pasternak and Jack London, whose idealistic visions on the society and the beauty of the wilderness Chris embraced.
The story is built on the letters, intensive investigation, police reports and discussions with McCandless’ family and friends he met during the journey, but Krakauer’s connection, as a climber who experienced a similar struggle many times, is what inspires the reader and makes him really understand the true motivation behind this apparent senselessness and madness of the young man.
All-embracing, I think that the passion and commitment of the author added to the plain facts, create an extremely inspiring and deeply moving tale.

2. Complaint letter
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the accommodation I was provided during the language course I am currently taking, as I think it is not suitable for me.
First of all, the flat is too far from the school and I spend a lot of time on the way to and from school. I have to wake up very early in the morning in order to arrive on time at classes and I arrive back home late in the evening, leaving me less time to work on my assignments and to rest or for other activities.
Secondly, the family that accommodates me is not suitable, because they enjoy sleeping until later in the morning and they often complain that I am disturbing them when I prepare for leaving to school. Also, they are extremely noisy at night and were very unsympathetic when I told them I am exhausted and I need more quietness.
I demand to move from here and to be provided accommodation closer to the school, with a familt that would have a similar schedule, so that this kind of dissension will not happen again.
I trust this matter will receive your immediate attention.
Yours faithfully,
Marius Udrescu

3. Report
To: International English Radio
From: Marius Udrescu
Subject: ‘Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?’
Date: 13th January 2017
As requested, this is a report regarding equality between man and women in the workplace. In this report, the results of more studies that have been made public in the last few years will be analyzed in order to give a neutral view and opinion on the subject.
Women’s rights through history
As from antiquity, women were considered inferior and had subordinate legal status, had no public voice, no public role and were regarded as weak, irrational and vulnerable. Authoritative people emphasized for female obedience towards their men. Rape was also seen as a crime against the father or husband.
Starting in the late 18th century and throughout the 19th century, movements emerged demanding rights for women. More amendments stating that man and woman are equal in rights were introduced in most civilized countries during the 19th and 20th century.
Current situation
Despite the fact that, legally, women are equal to men, in reality, they are not considered to be so. Certain stereotypes continue to exist and there are major differences between man and woman on the labour market. Altough Romania admits in the legislation the equality of chances, tradition still places woman inferior to man. Romania is last in the EU, according to statistics, concerning equality between genders. Women are preferred in undepaid branches and are paid less than men employed on the same position. Only 11.81% of the legislators in Romania are women and less than 18.18% of the ministers were women. However, everywhere throughout the world, progress is made.
To conclude, in Romania, there is a big gap between women and men on the labour market, but recently, this gap is attenuating slowly. My recommendation is that everyone should defend their rights and promote justness and equity, as this is the only way through which they can change the collective mindset that some people are superior.


1. Review

One of the most recent films I saw was „Everest”, a mountain adventure film directed by Baltasar Kormákur.

Based on real life events in 1996, this dramatic thriller tells the story of mountain-climber Rob Hall as he leads a group of mountaineering enthusiasts on an expedition to the peak of Mount Everest. Rob's clients include Beck Weathers, an experienced climber; Doug Hansen, a former mailman pursuing his dream; a climbing veteran Yasuko Namba, who hopes to complete her final Seven Summits climb and Outside Magazine’s journalist Jon Krakauer. After about 2 months of physical and mental preparation, on the morning of May 10, 1996, climbers start their final ascent toward the summit of Mount Everest. Unfortunatelly, a violent storm strikes the mountain, causing one of the fiercest blizzards ever encountered by man. Challenged by the harshest conditions imaginable, the adventurers must endure blistering winds and freezing temperatures in an epic battle to survive against nearly impossible odds.

This film combines stunning scenery, excitement, tension, a great cast and a beautifully captured tale of bravery, human spirit and a battle for survival, set against a gorgeous yet a merciless backdrop of the tallest mountain in the world.

I would recommend this movie for any group of ages, although the ending of the movie may be a bit harsh for children under 10.

2. Formal letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the accommodation provided by the family I stayed with during the language course I attended in Brittan. I strongly feel that the family I stayed with was not a suitable one to place students with.

First of all the neighborhood where the house was located was neither a very safe one and nor located well towards the school where the classes were held. There were no near bus station or any means of transport so I had to take a taxi or walk to the nearest station. Also, because of the neighborhood, I was afraid to walk on the street alone at night.

Secondly, the family I stayed with was also not appropriate. When I first met them they seemed nice but when we arrived home they told me to go in my room and not to bother them with anything. During my stay I had only seen them at breakfast and dinner, they didn’t let me join them while watching television and on the first day of classes they didn’t help me in any way to get to the school so I had to figure it out myself.

Therefore, I think it would be better for the next students who will attend the language course if this family will not be included in this program because it is not a suitable one to place students with.

I hope this problem will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Yours faithful,

Voicu Teodora.

3. Report

TO: John Smith, Researcher, International English Radio
FROM: Voicu Teodora
SUBJECT: ‘Equality in the workplace: Real Or Imaginary’
DATE: 8th January 2017

This is a report concerning the matter of working women in Romania. It is aimed to outline their status and opportunities in this country. The information in this report have been gathered from different articles including “The World Economic Forum’s statistics” and some surveys carried by the “National Institute of Statistics”.

Reducing the gender gap is considered an essential condition for economic and social development of a country. Throughout history, discrimination against women has led to imbalances that had negative impact on economic periods ahead. However, the modern world did not brought with it a complete equality between men and women, there are still many areas in the world where the woman is not considered equal to the man.
In the European Union, according to the latest report on gender equality (2016), although the gender gap is decreasing, progress is still slow. On average, women earn 16% less than men per hour worked and this threatens the economic independence of women, especially in situations where the woman is the sole breadwinner.

Over the past 50 years, the legal status of women has improved in Romania. Despite this progress, however, many challenges in addressing the vulnerabilities of women as a social group still persist.Although the Romanian law recognizes the equality of chances between men and women, the tradition still places the woman on a lower position than the man. The World Economic Forum’s statistics on equality of chances between men and women place Romania last in the European Union and 72nd worldwide.
In a survey carried by the National Council for Combating Discrimination on ‘Perceptions and attitudes of the Romanian population against the discrimination’, only 34% claimed that there is discrimination between men and women and 6% of those surveyed said that women are in a better position than men, but gender stereotypes restrict women's choices regarding both studies and career advancement. Also another survey shows us that almost 85 percent of the people from villages claimed that women should only take care of children and do housework.

On the basis of the findings above, in Romania, even though there is a movement of stopping the discrimination in the workplace, there are still plenty of misperceptions that put this country in the bottom when speaking about equality.




1. Review

One TV series I’ve watched recently is Yuuri!!! On Ice. Despite anime not being my cup of tea, I went along with the rather far-fetched decision of watching it, decision prompted, mostly, by me having no sense of self and being easily influenced whatsoever, and ended up loving it. Adoring it, even.

The main plot is centered on Yuuri Katsuki, a Japanese “dime in a dozen skater”, as he himself says. After he faces a pretty bad defeat at the Grand Prix final, he heads home, questioning whether or not there’s a point in continuing his career as a figure skater. But then a video of Yuuri skating Viktor Nikiforov’s, five time world champion as well as Yuuri’s idol, routine goes viral, and he wakes up to the Russian skater at his family’s hot spring resort offering to be his coach and help him win a Gran Prix gold medal, to the bewilderment of Yuri Plisetsky (fellow skater) and pretty much everyone.

Its themes are deep and emotional, the characters are complex and beautifully portrayed, the original soundtrack is very remarkable and the skating scenes are accurate (according to the professional figure skaters watching the show).

Two of this show’s highlights are the character and relationship development. Yuuri evolves as a person; from an anxious he becomes… still anxious, but more confident, more self-assured. He learns more about himself, too, about the things that motivate him. Same goes for Viktor, as well as pretty much every other character. Regarding the relationships, the main relationship is the one between Yuuri and Viktor. The show doesn’t only stands out as great representation of a healthy, supportive, supportive, supportive, gay relationship in a heavily censored Japan, but in the whole world (making a beautiful contrast with the tragedy always present in LGBT couples’ storylines from Western media). Yuuri said he had no name to describe this feeling and I think it captures the nature of their relationship really well. Calling it "love" is an wonderful way of putting it, but I think they already went above even that. It is a relationship where they push each other in the best direction, says Otsuka Manabu, series producer. Nonetheless, Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship isn’t the only complex, ever-evolving relationship within the show; just as every character is complex, three dimensional and evolves personally, so are their relationships, and it’s noticeable throughout the show.

In all honesty, everything about this show is well-built and I would strongly recommend Mitsurō Kubo’s Yuuri!!! On Ice to anyone, for it is an absolutely outstanding show.

2. Formal Letter
Dear Mr. _ ,

I am writing to express my utter dissatisfaction with the accommodation of the language course I had just attended, said accommodation being provided by your organization in a supposedly appropriate and acceptable manner.

The main cause of my discontent is represented by the location. While guaranteed the family I was going to stay at was within a five minute walk from the course’s location, I had the fairly unpleasant surprise of finding out the host family was located in the suburbs, in the exact opposite part of town. With no means of transport nearby, it took no less than fifteen minutes of walking to reach the nearest tube station and at least an hour and a half to get to the destination itself, adding up to a total of three hours and a half on commuting alone.

Moreover, I don’t think the family, per se, was suitable for placing students with. Even since the beginning they acted quite inhospitable and displayed what could be described as a cold facade. They refused to help me with as much as a piece of advice regarding the means of transport I could use. There really was not much conversation between us, other than them offering me a brief presentation of the part of their house that directly concerned me (more exactly my bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen); they didn’t even introduce themselves and, were it not for the information received prior, I would not have known as much as their last name.

I would suggest re-examining the procedure used when selecting host families, for other students not to find themselves in similar uncomfortable situations. Checking the address could also solve further misunderstandings regarding the actual distance between the provided accommodation’s and the course’s locations.

I hope my complaint will be taken into consideration and this problem will be dealt with.

Yours Sincerely,
David Gabriela

3. Report
To: International English Radio
From: David Gabriela
Subject: Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?
Date: 12.01.2017

This report has the purpose of addressing one of the greatest problems prevalent in today’s society: equality between genders; more specifically, equality between genders in the workplace in Romania. The following information has been acquired from studies led by the United Nations Development Programme.

Current Situation: The Gender Gap
In the workplace, the gender gap refers to the difference between women and men in regards to job opportunities and salary differences, and is a worldwide phenomenon. Statistics show that men are often paid more than women, and that applies to Romania, too: the gap between how much both genders earn is 8%. Furthermore, the two categories also face different treatments when it comes to training, professional development, effects of parental leave, sexual harassment and promotion. Moreover, half of the female workforce in Romania has low paid jobs and only 12% of the Romanian Parliament members are women.

Despite having laws that, in theory, prevent such inequalities, the discrimination is pretty much present; this is what places Romania last in the European Union and 72nd worldwide when it comes to equality of chances between women and men. Whereas there are numerous short term solutions that however applied only have actual effect for a few particular cases, there is only one way to eliminate inequality between genders: dismantling the patriarchy totally. As long as the society’s pillars are primarily composed of patriarchal values, achieving gender equality under capitalism is an impossible task.

Based on the facts given above, inequality in the workplace is a prevailing issue; there are many misconceptions that need to be destroyed and, essentially, plenty of progress to be made until complete (or at least partial) equality is reached. Nonetheless, a great start would be represented by raising awareness on the issue.



Recently ,I’ve watched the first movie of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” which is a fantasy movie, producted by David Heymann in 2001 and it’s based on the novel with the same title written by J.K.Rowling.

Harry Potter is the main character, he finds out at the age of eleven that he is the orphaned son of two powerful wizards and possesses unique magical powers of his own, he also finds that he has been accepted at the “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy”.

Even though is a fantasy movie, it’s very realistic and gives you the impression that those places do really exists. The movie was released in 2001 so it’s easy to understand why the sounds and the effects are worse comparing to the movies that are released nowadays, but back then they were impressing. There is a huge difference between the book and the movie, the book is more complex and there are more details which are giving a plus of fun to the action.

Beside all these facts, the movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” is a good one, I can rate it a 8 out of 10 and I truly recommend it to anyone, no matter the age, who likes the combination between magic, mystery and adventure.

2.Formal Letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the accommodation during the language course in Britan , I strongly feel that the family that I stayed with was not a suitable one to place students with and the accommodation was poor and too far from the school.

The apartment wasn’t big enough for all of us ,there were two little children and one baby, and only two bedrooms and one bathroom, one of the children had to go to stay during the night at his grandparents in order to have enough places to sleep. The apartment was located too far from the school, it was one hour walking and 30 minutes by public transport away from the school and there wasn’t any other alternative route.

Another aspects it represented by the fact that there was a lot of noise , because of the children that played with noisy toys and the baby that was crying all day long, so it was hard to focus on my work. In the nearby was a train station and it was almost impossible to take a decent sleep during the night due to the trains hooters.

I hope this matter will be dealt with as soon as possible, if this matter will be resolved I would really like to take part of the course next year too because the tuition was really good and I have nothing to reproach about it and I have learned a lot of new, interesting and useful things.

Yours faithfully,

Iulia Dorobantu

To: Internet English Radio
From: Iulia Dorobantu
Date: 12.02.2017
Subject: Equality in the Workplace: Real or Imaginary
The aim of this report is to present the status and opportunities of working women in a variety of countries. Nowadays many women are discriminated in the work and this represents one of the reasons why there are more unemployed females than unemployed males. The jobs are usually divided into “men tasks” and “women tasks”.
Current Situation__
A survey has shown that in Romania more women are working from home and only 13,4% of them have a tertiary education and just a few are working in what we use to call “men jobs”:
  • 20% in Engineering, manufacturing and construction
  • 36,5% in Agriculture and veterinary
  • 40% in Services
  • 43,8% in Social sciences, business and law
Also, in many jobs men are required to do more things than women and this is why they are also better paid and have the top positions in a company, this fact was inducted in our ways of thinking and that is the reason why we are most of the times amazed when a woman reaches a top position.
A method to make equality in the workplace between both genders would be to raise them the same way, to give both women and men the same type of tasks in order to make a possible way for women to reach the same positions in a job as males have.
In Romania this problem can be solved in the first row by trying to exclude this old concept of males being more powerful and able to do “hard jobs” than females are and to show women the possibility of being independent and confident in a job.



The last film I saw was Now you see me 2, and despite not having seen its predecessor before watching it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Four Horsemen, a group of highly-trained magicians as well as professional thieves, are recruited by the tech prodigy named Walter Mabry to steal for him a chip that can hack into the entire global network. After they've found out his evil intentions, Walter became subject of one of the greatest magic trick of all time, which was broadcasted to the whole world thanks to the chip.

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All in all, this movie really kept me on the edge of the seat throughout and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys action movies and solving puzzles. I can't wait to see the first "Now you see me" and I hope it's at least as brilliant as this one.

2.Formal letter

Dear Mr Higgins,

I'm writing to inform you of my extreme dissatisfaction with the family that hosted me as a student who attended the language course provided by your organisation at the University of Manchester.

First of all, the main cause behind my protesting about the conditions I had been studying in is the poor treatment I've received from certain family members. Ms Smith seemed to be especially careless about my accommodation, often refusing to prepare any food for the household and forcing me to buy my food from the grocery store nearby at my own expense, despite being assured by the program that all meals were free of additional charge.

Furthermore, the host family that was preselected for me was located on the exact opposite side of the city to the school campus. While the prepaid metro card provided for me by the program certainly didn't go unnoticed, spending 3 hours each day commuting back and forth through Manchester when I could be studying for the course was inconvenient, to say the least.

What I would advise in order to prevent these issues from ever happening to future attendees as well is that you implement on your website a rating system for the host families, which students could use to inform the organisers about their experience with them and whether it was positive or not. The distance between the candidates and the university should also be worth taking into consideration when appointing one of them as a host.

I demand that this matter is dealt with as soon as possible.
Gabriel Ionescu


To: The International English Radio

From: Ionescu Gabriel

Subject: Equality in the workplace: real or imaginary? (Romania)

Date: 13.01.2017


This report is intended to offer an insider perspective regarding the situation that working women face in Romania and whether or not it is comparable to that of men. I asked a number of Romanian workers (women and men) a couple of questions about their general status at their workplace and their opinion regarding the subject at hand.

The gender pay gap

A considerable amount of women have reported a salary difference between them and male individuals who occupy the same position as them and with the same qualifications. I have managed to find some interesting patterns among interviewees, namely that women with children were much more likely to have a lower salary than their male coworkers. Furthermore, I've found that age is also an indicator of such discrepancy. Women between the ages 35-40, which also make up the greatest female demographic in Romania, reported the largest earning difference.

Job opportunities

While the employers' gender preferences would be difficult to calculate and deduce from the declarations of our participants alone, we found that a large number of women interviewees were employed in jobs that involve education and humanities and that business and entrepreneurship were the areas in which they were faring the lowest. Another noticeable portion of them were appointed as low skilled workers, despite the educational gap between genders in Romania being relatively minimal. There were also some declarations regarding verbal harassment at work from their bosses, nearly all of which were made by women.


Despite Romania faring decently when it comes to gender equality in the working sector, many agree that progress still needs to be made. Aside the obvious solution that we should raise awareness on the issue, my personal suggestion would be to offer more economic opportunities that both men and women can have access to, especially aimed towards those who want to start their own businesses.


1. Review

Even though I don’t usually go to concerts, last month I chose to attend a charity concert, organized by a promising young NGO named Interact Atheneum București. I was swayed by the opportunity to do a good deed and to be entertained simultaneously, the latter being brilliantly done by the three heavy metal bands which played.

Ever since it was charity concert organized on a low budget, there weren’t renowned bands such as Iris or Vița de Vie. Nevertheless, Valak, Behind Gates and especially Fawkes’ did very well on their occasion to perform.

The first band I mentioned were the least known, as they simply were four enthusiastic high school students with not much experience or that remarkable of a repertoire. Valak made a good impression on me, as they covered a few popular songs and brought out some of their own instrumental work.

Behind Gates, a quiet, yet steadily rising alternative metal band, chose to show off with their heaviest songs which prompted headbanging and mosh pits.

Last, but not least, Fawkes’ proved its title as the hottest prospect in the alternative rock industry. They succeeded in being so elegant with their fine riffs and carefully picked power chords that the whole crowd kept silent throughout the ballads until the very end when the band enjoyed a standing ovation from the spectators.

All in all, I recommend all the three bands mentioned above, although a live performance given by Behind Gates would be dangerous for children under 13 because these young rock stars have some aggressive songs which can be harmful to the hearing of the very young.

2. Report

To: International English Radio Public Relations Department
From: Radu Minea
Date: 13.01.2027
Subject: Information for ‘Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?’


The aim of this report is to provide information regarding the status and the opportunities for working women in Romania. All the data have been collected from the 2026 annual report of the Ministry of Labor and a survey conducted by the Romanian Television.

Status quo

In the past few years, as the advances in technology have come unsynchronized, there have been some discrepancies left in the labor market. According to last year’s report of the Romanian Ministry of Labor, 70% of industry-related jobs have been taken by robots. Irrevocably, many men, the predominant force of the factories, have been left jobless.
Seeing the major shift from human workforce to a robotic one, the Romanian Television has conducted a survey which showed that 60% of women aged 25-55 are frightened by the prospect of becoming outcasts of this brave new world, regarding jobs. Fortunately, hitherto Romania’s female unemployment rate hasn’t gone up significantly, yet every country’s government is preparing solutions for the worst.

Job opportunities

  • Industry
As the industries have been taken over by the newest technological advancements, women can only hope to be engineers which perfect these newly fabrication techniques. Providentially, robotic engineers are intensely sought after, regardless of the candidate’s gender.
  • Arts
Bearing in mind that Romania has seen unrest among the population because of the government’s focus on technological development in the science field, artists of all sorts have been publicly invited last week by the Prime Minister of Romania, Radu Minion, to perpetuate the sense of elegance in thought and Latin imagination which once defined our nation.
  • Others
The only problem at the moment is that women who once were salesclerks at local markets, fast food restaurants and bakeries have no chance of retaining their workplaces. Otherwise, every field of the labor market is seemingly under control, as before the robot invasion, the Romanian Ministry of Labor has done a great job in providing workplaces for men as well as women and diminishing the once mighty pay gap between the two genders.
Recommendations and conclusion
In the future, the discovery of a new habitable planet and the massive migration of the population at risk not to have a job will most likely be the solution to the unemployment problem that every government is trying to find by inciting research centers all over the world to push for major scientific breakthroughs.

3. Formal letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in order to express my strong dissatisfaction with the accommodation which your organization offered me during the language course in Britain.

On one hand, the organization’s promises which enticed me were kept only in the respect of tuition. On the other hand, dismay and contempt are the words which would perfectly describe the way I feel regarding accommodation.

First of all, the distance I had to travel to the course center required a 40 minute hurried walk to the city through dusty streets which seemed to be long deprived of their pavement, as I was placed in a village nearby, another 15 minutes for getting to the closest bus station and yet another 30 minutes of waiting for the bus, travelling with the mean of transport itself and finally getting to the course center. Unsurprisingly, this trip agonized me on a daily basis. What exacerbated the whole situation was that the family I stayed with was at work when I had to leave for the learning sessions.

Speaking about the family, I firmly believe their house, as well as their personalities, weren’t suited for students.

Their semi-detached house had old crumbling bricks of which I was deeply afraid of not to fall on my head. The bed I slept had a tag on it which wrote „1899”, therefore it is redundant to say that my back was the one to suffer from the restless and rusty springs which kept on stinging me in my sleep.

As for their behavior, the family was very distant and cold towards me, refusing to at least show me around the place. It was my first time in Britain and I felt stranded, my only help being the ever-present Google Maps. Furthermore, whenever I mustered the courage to ask them something about Britain or any other topic they answered me by staring me in the eye for longer than comfortable and then saying the only sentence I only heard from them: ‚Find out for yourself, I don’t know.’

I trust this matter will be dealt with until the next courses session so that any other unpleasant situation of this kind is lost in oblivion. Otherwise, your organization may be making rapid steps towards the verge of being the one lost in oblivion, as the dismayed customers will pile up until they will all fall onto your heads, just like the bricks from the family’s house tried to do to my on my first day in Britain. The only difference between these two occurrences will be that the bricks narrowly missed.

Yours faithfully,

Radu Minea




As I live with my grandmother, I know that she is a big fan of the reality show “Mireasa pentru fiul meu”. I always have to be in touch with the show otherwise my grandmother will not have anyone to talk to about it and she will get sad…who wants a sad granny?

It all started…sorry but I can’t remember, this show is too old for me to remember. I find it annoying and irritating, maybe because of the grammatical errors. But my grandmother loves it! as she has nothing else to do.

The show is based on men and women, mainly of poor education (this was my taught because of their grammar) , who come and wish to meet their “soul mate”. Of course, I strongly believe that very few of them really achieve such thing…but that is another story ;).

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So, if you find yourself down in the mouth or you had a surgery and you have to stay in bed, I’m sure this show will entertain you, not with the subjects, but with the pathetic participants and the overall mediocrity.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction regarding the arrangements. I recently attended a language course in Britain, which was run by your organization which promised me good tuition and family accommodation. I have no complaints about the tuition but the accommodation was poor and too far from the school and I strongly feel that the family I stayed with was not a suitable one to place students with.

First of all, I have to say that the location of the accommodation was not a safe one by far, especially in the night. Another problem which I faced was the long distance between the accommodation and the school. The waste of time going from one place to another is surely a big inconvenient. Exhaustion and stress overtake me and I believe these should not interfere with my everyday lifestyle because of such reasons.

On the other hand, I think that the family election(?) was the worst choice of all. It was not suitable at all as they were too old to take care of students. This was the thing that upset me the most. The house had an absolutely awful smell, the furniture was dusty and floor was quite dirty as the couple was not able to clean it well. I am not mad on the family, I even feel sorry for them, but on the organization and their arrangements.

I hope this matter will receive your immediate attention and be resolved as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Andra Pasarin

To: International English Radio

From: Andra Pasarin

Date: 13.01.2017

Subject: “Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?”


The aim of this report is to describe the situation for working women in my country, Romania, including opinions on any future changes.

Current situation

Although the Romanian law recognizes the equality of chances between men and women, the tradition still places the woman on a lower position than the man. The World Economic Forum’s statistics on equality of chances between men and women place Romania last in the European Union and 72nd worldwide.

Moreover, although Romania’s Government has a total of 44 ministers, only 2 of them are women. The situation is similar at the Constitutional Court, where only 2 of the Court’s 9 judges are women.

Additionally, the existence of "typical" female fields of study as well as "typical" male fields of study is observable, with women predominantly engaged in fields of education, healthcare and humanities. Especially "teaching, training and education science" has one of the highest values in the EU. Nevertheless, the picture is more diverse than in many other EU countries: Romanian women are strongly engaged in the typically male fields of study such as "Science, math and computing" and "Engineering, manufacturing and construction".

  • The gap between employment rates (for 15-64 years) by gender had an increasing trend in the recent years, from 13.2 percentage points in 2009 to 14.2 percentage points in 2013.
  • The highest discrepancy by gender is noticed among employers, the number of women in this category being by 2.6 times lower than men.
  • Unemployment rate is lower in case of women compared to men!!!


On the basis of the points mentioned above, it would seem that women are hard workers, but because of most people’s mentality the gender gap is still an issue.



Two weeks ago i heard some classmates talking about a new video game. I found it at a very low price so i gave a shot. The developers had the ingenius ideea to combine two of the most enjoyed creations known to men. Football and cars form "Rocket League", the game that kept me and my friends busy this winter holiday.

The principle of this game is simple. You are placed in a closed arena with 2 teams made up of 2, 3 or 4 players and you have to use your car to push the ball into the enemy goal. It may seem an easy task, but there is another detail that gives this game his signature. The cars have a rocket attached to their back, allowing players to make diferent tricks in the air. This is the reason people spend an absourd amount of time in improving their gameplay. What i like the most about this game is that it offers the posibility of playing alongside your friends and have a good football game while standing at your desk.

Rocket League is an addicting game and i recomend it if you dont have anything to do fridays night and you want to have a good laugh with your friends.

2.Letter of complaint:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to expres my dissatisfaction with the accomodation offered by your organisation during the language course in Britain.

First of all, the house was located far from all the transport services offered in this city. It was very expensive and time consuming any movement to the school and backwards. Despite the long distance i had to travel, the cold weather during the winter time was no favorable for my health, as i caught a cold. This ungrateful event was preventing me to concentrate on the main purpose of the course, that was learning.

Furthermore, the family was not a suitable one to place students with. The parents tried to offer a good accomodation . However, the four small children were a tremendous source of noise and they required a lot of attention that would disturb me from my studies. Their sleeping schedule was different from mine, as they kept me awake until 2:00 AM, an unfavorable hour to sleep as a student .

I hope this matter will be dealt with as soon as posible by your organisation and no other students will face the problems that i encountered.

Yours faithfully,

Stefan Petrescu


To: International English Radio

From: Stefan Petrescu

Subject: Equality In The Workplace:Real or Imaginary

Date: 13th January 2017


The purpose of this report is to provide information about the status and opportunities of working women in Romania. I will also state my opinion and comment on future changes.

Women rights through history

Since the birth of our comunity , women were considered inferiour and weeker than man. They had no legal rights and no voice whatsoever.During the 19th and 20th century, women started asking for rights. The fight for equality continues even today, as we aproach to a world were men and women are seen almost the same. In Romania the traditional thinking in still ongoing, as in the rural areas women still "walk behind the man". In the urban areas there are many situations where men are paid better with no real reason, but this situation will transfrom as time goes on.

Gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is a well known issue that must be considered when talking about gender inequality. In 2010 the average female employee in Romania earned 12.5% less than the average male employee, which is a smaller gap than the overall Europe average of 16.4%. However, in comparison to the year 2006 (-7.8%), the gender pay gap increased substantially by 5.7 %. This negative trend is contrary to the Europe tendencies of reducing the gender pay gap.


To conclude, on the basis points mentioned above it would seem that Romania has more to change at the equality betweeen genders subject, as the traditional thinking is still in place. In my opinion, employers should and will start to offer the payment by their work and not by the person in a society where we are all the same on paper, but we differentiate by the way we think.




This thought-provoking sci-fi drama TV series is unarguably HBOs latest flagship, which debuted in October 2016. Nolan, this time Jonathan not his well-distinguished brother Christopher, and Lisa Joy which co-produced Burn Notice set out to create a strong, confident plot based on a movie by Michael Crichton also the writer of Jurassic Park, which aired back in 1973.

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All in all, I think you would enjoy this indie kind of experience, so even if the TV landscape is pretty busy, I would recommend watching this as it will definitely leave a deep mark on you, a good chilly one.

2.Formal Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am regretfully writing this letter to express my thorough dissatisfaction regarding my accommodation during the mid-autumn language course in Britain. Even if the course overall was pleasant and educational, I was deeply upset with the fact that the family I had been staying with did not manage to create a living environment for a student like me, or if I had to think twice I would say for any student whatsoever.

First of all, I felt the place I stayed during the course was too far away from the school. I found myself in the disappointing and infamous situation where I changed between the public transport lines so many times that I turned out to be late in three out of all five course days. In order to avoid that I unpleasantly had to wake up earlier and hurry up to the school in a dishonorable manner.

Another complaint I feel like I should state and draw your attention to is represented by the place where the family that hosted me are living. I personally feel that their home was habitable and normal in every aspect. However, it was not suited for another person other than the family members themselves, as the room I slept in was very cramped: the bed was small and narrow; the room itself was so small that only the bed and a single chair could fit in and I felt quite claustrophobic.

Having taken everything into consideration, a feeling of sadness engulfs me as I recall the condition I had to endure and I hope the matter will be dealt with so no other students should be placed there against anyones will.

Yours faithfully,
Gabriel Sivache


To: The International English Radio

From: Gabriel Sivache

Date: the Twelfth of January, 2017

Subject: Equality in the Workplace: Real or Imaginary?


As requested, the aims of this report are to evaluate the current condition of the female workers in Romania in contrast to their opposing gender, the possible gap in the employment area of interest and to give recommendations on how it could be improved. I personally conducted studies and took interviews of both men and women, asking them a few questions regarding the matter.

Current situation

During my work, I learned that the gap between men and women at work is strongly influenced by whether their employer represents the state or is part of a private company. Most of the women I asked (more than 75%) felt that in a private company men are easily more favored, as companies are trying to avoid the payment of the legal benefits related to maternity leave. Furthermore, as a result of the studies women with children tend to occupy lower positions in a company and more than 50% of the interviewees reported that men with similar duties are paid significantly more.

Unemployment and retirement age

Another factor I found important for the matter of equality in the workplace was the unemployment gap between the genders. A shocking huge percentage (82%) of those surveyed expressed their approval of the fact that in Romania unemployment affects more women than men and that the job opportunities are such that women tend to work in positions which do not require much skill. Also, I asked people about their opinion on the retirement age and yet again, a very high percentage of the women interviewed (88%) strongly believed that the age at they should retire(63) is way too high compared to the mens(65) because, as almost all of them agreed, they work more compared to men at home.


Having taken every aspect of my studies into account, I would suggest, in order to avoid the gap and increase equality between genders, an adoption of specific regulations at work that aim to make women feel as privileged as men.


I have recently finished reading “Ion” which is a novel by Liviu Rebreanu and was published first in 20th November 1920 in Romania.
The action is set in a Romanian village called “Pripas” which then was under the soverignity of Hungary. As the it emerge from the title, the main character is Ion, a young man who comes from a poor family, but who has great expectations from his life. He seeks any opportunities that will bring him among the most important people in Pripas.
My favourite character is Titu, the son of the village’s teacher, who is a poet and also a patriot, I liked him because he always use to think in essence about the meaning of the life.
The characters feel real as the story clearly shows the life in a Romanian villagers. The story grips the readers and keep them turning the pages.
I think “Ion” is a great novel and can easily be framed in the universal literature. I would compare it with “Crime and punishment” by Feodor Dostoievsky and I recommend it to anyone.
2. Letter of complaint
Dear Sirs,
I am writing to draw your attention to the problem of the accommodation I have received from your organization.
I am thankful for the tuition as there is no issue, but the accommodation your organization gave me was not the most suitable for a student as it has a lot of downsides.
Although I tried to do my best and live with that family, the house was anyways to far away from the college and there is no public transport in that area. However, after a month I could not resist to stay in that home anymore as there are two little babies who cry everynight , so I could not sleep at all.
I decided to stay at a friend hoping that you can give me another accommodation that fits best my needs.I trust that this matter will be resolved as soon as possible.
Yours faithfully,
Cosmin Tamas
Equality In The Workplace In Romania
The aim of this report is to provide a description of the equality in the workplace in Romania, It draws on statistics provided by oral interviews conducted with employees from ten companies that work in Romania. The final section provides recommandations on how the situation could be improved.
Current situation:
In regards with the equality in the workplace, Romania is not a country that struggles with racism or misogyny , but as everywhere exists exceptions , there were some cases that employees have faced issues at their workplace or at applying for a job. Comments made by 100 employees of the private and state companies at the end of the questionnaire reveal that 2 of 10 women face misogyny while 3 of 8 people with dark skin face racism.
Deterring factors:
Even though there are few people who report their struggles, cases of discriminations exist:
  • Mary, employee at a factory says that her boss always humiliates her in front of the men that work there.
  • Mark, a Costa Rican that came in Romania to find a workplace reveals that some employers prefer not to give a job to a person with a different skin color.
  • John, a person with disabilities claims that he wanted to work for an IT company, but the employer told him that there isn’t room for people with disabilities at his firm.
Clearly more could be done to improve Romania’s image about equality in the workplace as the comments made at the end of the survey show:
  • ØThe authorities should make more controls concerning employers
  • ØEmployees should report any form of discrimination without any fear
  • ØThere should be new laws that urge employers not to discriminate and the punishments should be harder.
If the recommendations are implemented, the situations bound to improve.


1. Formal letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to express my strong dissatisfaction with the accommodation which your organization provided for me during the language course I attended recently in Britain.

When I first found out about your language course, I was intrigued by what it was promising me: good tuition and family accommodation. While the tuition was just as good as I was hoping it would be, I do have to say that the accommodation was not quite up to what I expected, to put it kindly.

First of all, the accommodation was too far away from the school where the course was taking place. The journey from the house I was staying in to the school involved walking approximately 15 minutes to the nearest bus station, waiting, depending on one’s luck, between 15 to 20 minutes for the bus to arrive to take me to the nearest subway station, where one had to either be lucky enough to catch the subway on time or wait another 10 minutes for the next one to arrive. As you imagine, there were often the times when I was late for the course. Of course, the journey could’ve been made shorter had the family I was living with been willing to drive me at least to the bus station.

In addition, the family I was living with is one that I do not think is suited to house students. For the duration of my stay, they were rather rude and unwelcoming. More often than not, they refused to help me when I needed it, they acted as if my stay with them was a very unpleasant chore rather than something they had volunteered for, and overall they were very unpleasant themselves.

I trust the matter of the accommodation will be resolved in a timely fashion, as I think that no other student should have to deal with such unsatisfactory accommodation during the duration of the course. Otherwise, I fear your organization will only start losing its clients.

Yours faithfully,

Clara Tudor

2. Review

The last movie I saw was “Collateral Beauty”, directed by David Frankel and starring well-known actors such as Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Kiera Knightley and Kate Winslet. The plot is pretty simple and straightforward. Howard (Will Smith) has just lost his six-year-old daughter Olivia to a rare form of cancer, and two years after that tragic event, he is divorced and trying, though not successfully, to cope with the grief by writing letters to three abstract concepts: Love, Time and Death.

Despite the plot seeming quite unremarkable, the movie was, in my opinion, a masterpiece. In its essence, it is a discussion about life and death, losing people you love and dealing with the grief, family and second chances. With remarkable characters, each with their own struggles as they try to navigate through the hardships life throws at them, this is the kind of movie that will make you cry almost the entire time. It is also very thought provoking and powerful. It ends on a relatively hopeful note for the characters, but I can assure you, you’ll be thinking about it long after you’ve seen it.

I recommend it for everyone. It is genuinely one of the best movies I’ve seen in quite a while, and I think there’s something in it for everybody to enjoy.

3. Report

To: International English Radio

From: Clara Tudor

Subject: Equality In The Workplace: Real Or Imaginary?

Date: 13th January 2017


The purpose of this report is to examine the status and opportunities of working women in Romania and to determine whether gender equality is a pure fiction or real. The data that was used for this report was collected from the 100 women who kindly sat down with my team and let us interview them. After all, we believe the working women themselves are the most reliable source when discussing such a crucial topic.

Current situation

The women interviewed have all talked about how the gap between men of women in al various lines of work is greatly influenced by the mentality which is sadly still poisoning our society that women are inferior and therefore should just “stick to house chores”, as we often hear men say. As a consequence, there are still great discrepancies between the salaries and the opportunities. 35,5% of the women interviewed have stated that the difference in salaries does not bother them, because the difference is almost unnoticeable. However, the remaining 64,5% have said that they would be better able to manage the finances of their households if they had the extra money their male colleagues do. In regards to opportunities, 94,6% of the women have said that in their line of work, big positions such as CEO are not open to women. Despite all this, all of the women interviewed believe that the situation is improving, as things are definitely better now than they were 5 or 10 or even 15 years ago.


Unfortunately, there is not much to be done but to hope that the next generation to come is far more educated and open-minded than the one that is currently in charge of things and that they will create a brighter future for themselves and all the women of our society. The one thing we can do at the moment is to educate our young, so they can create a community that sees women as capable and intelligent and worthy of respect.

Equality in the work place is, unfortunately, only a figment of imagination. We still live in a society that treats women as something less, and while we can't deny that progress has been made in the right direction in the last few years in Romania, our country is nowhere near its highest potential as a community fit for the 21st century.


1. Review

I recently finished reading the book "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and I am profoundly fascinated by its plot and pshychology.
The book is all about an ex-student who kills an old lady he planed to rob. After the perfect murder, the plot follows the way Raskolnikov, the main character, is trying to live with what he have done.
The reason I enjoyed reading this book is the way Dostoyevsky is making a capital crime seem like nothing as it really is, and he is realeasing a new question. Is a person entilted to perform an act that is forbbiden not only by every law, but by every religion, if it is for the good of more people? Is Raskolnikov, a respectable young man with a bright future ahead, but poor, allowed to kill an old lady, that was sooner or later going to die, that was mean and violent, if it is for his own good?
In conclusion, I believe "Crime and Punishment" is a book everyone should read, and I sincerly recommend it.
2. Letter of complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with the purpose of informing you about my dissatisfaction regarding my accommodation during the language course that was run by your ogranisation.
First of all, I want to draw the attention to the fact that I was expecting good tuition and family accommodation, and even though I have no complaint about the teachers and the courses, I strongly feel that the family I stayed with was not suitible for my purpose there. I believe the family members were clearly too loud; every night there were get-togethers, parties, and beside the fact I was not able to properly study, I could not sleep either.
Another complaint I have to state is represented by the fact that the accommodation was too far away from the school; it has been a real challenge for me to uncomfortably ride the bus for exactly one hour in a town I was stranger with.
In hope that you will take in consideration my complaints, I must sincerly thank you for this opportunity.

Yours faithfully,
Zadorojnai Iuna

3. Report

To: The International English Radio
From: Iuna Zadorojnai
Subject: Equality In The Workplace In Romania
Date: The 13th of January


The aim of this report is to evaluate the current condition of the possible inequality in the workplaces in Romania based between men and women, make a statement based on this issue and give recommendations on how it could be improved. I personally collected the information by taking interwies of employed men and women.

Current Situation

During the interviews, I realised every single woman I talked to believed in this inequality. There is also a salary difference between male and female employees that have same qualifications. The number of male employees in clearly bigger, and females with kids have even less chances of obtaining a job that a man also applied to.


In my opinion, every company should take in consideration that women feel unprivileged and should always employ people based oh their qualifications, not gender.


Even though I don’t usually go to concerts, last month I chose to attend a charity concert, organized by a promising young NGO named Interact Atheneum București. I was swayed by the opportunity to do a good deed and to be entertained simultaneously, the latter being brilliantly done by the three heavy metal bands which played.
Ever since it was charity concert organized on a low budget, there weren’t renowned bands such as Iris or Vița de Vie. Nevertheless, Valak, Behind Gates and especially Fawkes’ did very well on their occasion to perform.
The first band I mentioned were the least known, as they simply were four enthusiastic high school students with not much experience or that remarkable of a repertoire. Valak made a good impression on me, as they covered a few popular songs brought out some of their own instrumental work.
Behind Gates, a quiet, yet steadily rising alternative metal band, chose to show off with their heaviest songs which prompted headbanging and mosh pits.
Last, but not least, Fawkes’ proved its title as the hottest prospect in the alternative rock industry. They succeeded in being so elegant with their fine riffs and carefully picked power chords that the whole crowd kept silent throughout the ballads until the very end, when the band enjoyed a standing ovation from the spectators.
All in all, I recommend all the three bands mentioned above, although a live performance given by Behind Gates would be dangerous for children under 13, because these young rockstars, even though they are magnificent, have some aggressive songs which can be harmful for the hearing of the very young.