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Deadline: May 20th




To: Radja Nainggolan, Magazine editor

From: Bogdan Balcau, student

Subject: Changing Ambitions

Date: 18th April 2017

The aim of this report is to assess the difference between the ambitions people used to have twenty years ago and the ones that we have today or we will have in the future. Surely, one of the most important things that shows why we are nearly the same as the ones that had the young people’s ambitions about two decades ago is money. Everybody wants to have a lot of money.

Not a long time ago…
…Youngsters were dreaming about becoming rich and famous. Around 90% of the mass wanted to have at least 1 million dollars in the old currency, which meant a lot. But there was also a big difference between them and us, and it is regarding the jobs. The thing is that young people wanted to become doctors. This was the ideal job at that moment. Mothers with their children were walking down the roads talking with others about what their sons or daughters were doing to become a successful doctor.
The point is that, at that time everybody wanted to work hard to become something to help the state develop, but now everything changed.

…Youngsters are dreaming about becoming professional sportsmen, singers, actors, programmers and even doctors, still. Today is easy to make money from everything starting with a piece of a rock if you can manage a situation well, but most of us tend to skip the hard-work. Still, everyone wants to have a lot of money and to be famous.

In the future
Well, I think that a lot of things will be changed in the next few years. Maybe money won’t bring the power that is brought today. Maybe the fashion will change and we will have to get remarked by doing something different. I can say that young people’s ambitions will be piloting spaceships or controlling robots.

To sum up, the poisoned ambition that rotten our souls wasn’t and won’t be extinguished. Everybody needs to have the power, to have money…


It’s my firm belief that children today are given too much freedom, but that doesn’t have to be considered a bad thing because it can help them developing as a better human being. The thing is what “too much” means because a way lot too much freedom can persuade a strange behavior.

On the one hand, living the life on their own help the building of a teenager’s personality. The smoother and different the pieces made of experiences that a child lived, the softer the construction process will be. Letting the little ones to explore, to do what they want with a limit, improves their character. For example, a child to go to a party where there are no parents allowed, theoretically saying. If his mother tells him “No, you are not going.” or eventually decides something more drastic, the kid can feel anxious but he may understand and agreed about what his mom said. Imagine how he would feel if his mom said like “Do what you want, X. You are a big boy.” That will empower him with with the sense of responsibility and he will fell more confident.

On the other hand, “too much freedom” involves a lot of risks. When the parents say “You can do what you want” everybody tends to exaggerate, if the structure of the human being is not secured. A lack of misunderstanding in a situation can make us lose our mind and the entire building to fall. The harder your base is the stronger the parts that are coming will be. If you are a person that is capable of distinguishing between bad and good you can reach the maximum capacity. But that returns us to the first point of our essay, because you have to live a lot of experiences on your way to rise upon the difficult situations.

To conclude, it’s the kind of people that choose whether the “too much freedom” is a bad or a good thing, but I feel bound to say that without the “too much freedom” used in the best way you can easily fall to the “too much freedom” in the worst way.

The Torment

It was gloomy noon. While I was struggling to arrive home after a day at school full of hard work, some dark clouds were seeking for a place on the sky to start spreading the raindrops. The schoolbag was so heavy, I thought I was carrying rocks instead of books.
I was unpacking my bag when a huge lighting stroke the sky followed by a huge scary noise made by a thunder. I knew the war started when the sky started throwing with big pieces of ice. It was like someone form above wanted to ruin our city. Suddenly, the icy arrows broke the roof of my house and rain started pouring from the ceiling. Lightning bolts where igniting trees and lightning poles then threw them on the wet ground. The grass was swallowed by flames that were running to my house like a bunch of war horses do. I felt so scared. I was even alone. I shouted for help, but none was there. It was like no one was around, I was left for death there. Some time has passed and my mind flew away, I was dreaming about sunny places where there no clouds to be seen on the large sea that is above us, when I felt an unbearable pain, something hardly hit my head and I fell in a big black hole to agony. The torment that deep that could even hurt my entire being. I was falling and falling to nowhere, I couldn’t see anything, just a deep black that started to pale. I felt anxious, I felt trapped in myself and I didn’t know what to do to escape.
At a clap, I woke up in my bed. My soul’s torment went far away and the sun was shining in the middle of the majestic shade of blue. The schoolbag was still unpacked, but it fell on the glossy parquet. I still don’t know what happened then, but I’m happier than ever before to fell the sunshine on my skin.



TO: Michelle Williams, Magazine editor
FROM: Iulia Ciocaniu, student
SUBJECT: Children “Changing ambitions”
DATE: 21st April 2017


The aim of this report is to give an overview of young people’s ambitions nowadays compared to the ones they used to have twenty years ago. The main difference is between the concepts of will.

Several decades ago

…The concept meant the strong will of achieving something, completed by doing it.

While nowadays…

…The concept seems to be used only to express a strong desire. In other words, we tend to wish more and more and to do less in order to achieve a goal. The concept itself seems to be changed, in the sense of asking more from the others (parents, colleagues a.s.o.) while asking nothing from ourselves.
In the future…
...As far as I can tell, if we continue like that, “ambitions” will still be considered something that doesn’t depend on us, but on the others, becoming more and more unrealistic.
To sum up, “ambition”, the concept itself is the one that has changed dramatically during the last twenty years and if we keep on doing the same mistakes, this change will lead to poor self-confidence, poor self-respect and, finally, poor feelings of value. The solution would involve co-ordination between different layers of the society in order to help young generation.


It strikes me that children today are given too much freedom. Certainly, freedom is something we all wish, but for young people it could be overwhelming. Moreover, it could be a bad influence in children’s behavior due to the fact that they do not have the necessary life experience to handle it.

On the one hand, excessive freedom is the enemy of proper behavior owing to the fact that children should be given freedom according to their mental age. Children should be given freedom in small steps, instead of offering them “too much”. I think they ought to understand that freedom comes together with responsabilities, not only moral but legal.

On the other hand, as far as I can tell, a mistake often made by parents is that they try more and more to be the best friends of their children, changing their role and, at the same time, losing the main purpose of a parent: to educate his /her child in a proper manner.

Furthermore, giving “too much” of anything could be dangerous, especially for children, who are the most yielding and the most sensitive. Giving too much freedom is comparable to a domestic animal let in the wildness, being not only unsuitable, but also dangerous, as I have already pointed out.

All in all, all things considered lead me to the idea that, nowadays children dispose of way too much freedom, difficult to handle even for an adult, let alone for a young person, whose personality is not completely formed.


The Torment

It was a delightful summer day and I was prepared to leave the place where I have been spending the whole vacation. I was pensively, as I tend to be every time I have to leave a place which I am attached to, but this time…this wasn’t the only reason I was that sulky .I knew that day would be different, that in me will soon start a torment. I was concerned, thoroughly concerned because it was the first time I was leaving without my old-aged dog with which I have spent my entire life.

As I was getting ready to leave, I peered throughout the stack yard, glimpsing towards my beloved dog. Finally, after some minutes of hesitation I decided it was time to leave having the feeling that, my departure will unleash the disaster and the pain I was concerned about…and it was exactly how I thought it could be: just when I got home, I inexplicably felt as something within me was broken, as a torment mastered me without precisely knowing why. Two minutes later, I discovered the reason of this pain which was grinding me: my mother was pensively and I realized she does know something painful, which I was expecting to happen. She finally cleared me: my beloved dog…passed away. My reaction was…I cannot describe the reaction owing to the fact that I didn’t precisely have a reaction(I didn’t burst into tears, neither say something or ask if this was true because I knew it was).That moment I more like a stone, I was lifeless.

That was exactly the torment I was trying to prevent, however I knew it was impossible. A piece of that pain, that torment still remains in me since then and nobody can heal it.




Childhood entails attending school, as well as learning new facts, experimenting and meeting other students, being supported and advised by parents. As the aim of the parents is essential, their behavior in the relationship with children has always been discussed. I really consider that children need the freedom to make their own decisions in life.
On the one hand, children should be given freedom to make their own decision in what they want to do in their life. Thus, children will know how to manage any situation and how to solve problems which they will come up against in the future. Since all children in this world choose the best for themselves, the parents are the ones who should support and give the child chances to go along with anything that can lead him/her to succeed in life. For instance, teenagers can decide which university to follow and the parents may advise and support them.
Furthermore, children should have the freedom to choose their own friends as this will help them to communicate with the others despite the races or genders. Children know what they need in a friendship and parents are entitled to monitor their sons or daughters, in order to avoid them to take the wrong path in life. In this way, children will feel the control in their lives and the support of the parents. Therefore, the relationship parents-children will become much stronger.
On the other hand, children given too much freedom usually develop bad habits and adopt smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism. That is why parents must check and control, from time to time, their children. As a result, the young people' s misconduct and their habits are caused by too much freedom.
In conclusion, I feel bound to say freedom is a must in a children' s life. However, all in life needs balance.


To: Billy David, Magazine editor
From: Constantinescu Mirela
Subject: ”Changing ambitions”
Date: 20th of May 2017


It is often said with nostalgia that teenagers nowadays are very different from the ones in the past. Nothing today looks like yesterday, just as yesterday's reality doesn't remind us of the day before. The aim of this report is to highlight that the perception of adolescence is constantly changing, as well as the reference criteria, the ambitions, the purposes.

Influence of nowadays society:

The time we live in has a great impact, in particular, on teenagers. The modernity, the „fashion” calls for originality, for the expression of personality. Furthermore, the ambition is a strong desire to achieve something in life and in the nowadays society it is a real struggle to succeed. It needs continuous efforts. Notwithstanding, the influence and manipulation are very popular today. Thus, the ambition is now seen as an act of bravery and the adult should support his/her child, the teenager educated in the spirit of another society. That is why, the ambitions and the purposes vary from generation to generation.


In addition, the perception of education changed. The new vision propose freedom, the personal development of a child. However, the young man, allowed to develop in the sense of his nature, will become aggressive, selfish, with the lack of values the civilization brings. The aggression towards the one considered to be weaker and the pride of his achieved purposes are natural instincts. The balance in life, for instance in ambitions and priorities, is essential. The will to achieve what you want should be moderate.


The young people changed since they had to. The naive teenagers wouldn't had survived to the pettiness of the reality.
Katia was turning seventeen. In order to celebrate, her mother decided to take her in an exotic adventure. The daughter was very enthusiastic. She wanted to spend some time with her mother, experimenting and visiting new places. And...here' s the day! All was packed up and the journey was about to begin. Feeling nervous, Katia and her mother got on the plane. While travelling, Katia was listening to music and her mother fell asleep. Suddenly, the girl felt the air voids and saw an intense light... the plane was hit by a lightning and exploded. Katia was thrown away with her airplane seat. She woke up on the ground, feeling tired and exhausted. The safety belt was still tight. Her arm was broken, the left eye was swollen and her body was injured. She was the only one who survived, out of the ninety three people on the board. The girl, who wanted to become a biologist like her parents, was looking for her mother. Later on, she realized the death of one of her parents, although her mother was on the seat next to her. She tried to save herself. Thus, she went through the jungle, hoping to find someone who will help her. Katia remembered of the tips that her father told her. He said that where the water exists, there's a civilization. So, she continued walking near a stream's bed three days. The girl was starving and when she saw a cottage in the middle of nowhere, she fell down, smiling. The owner of the house found her hours later. The next morning, a helicopter took Katia at the hospital, where her father was waiting. That is how the torment of the girl to survive ended after a serious accident...Or, maybe, the torment was just beginning, losing her mother in the explosion.


Freedom , a real challenge

To my way of thinking, children today are really given too much freedom.
Nowadays , children defend themselves by saying they are still young and they should be allowed to do anything ,now as long as they still can .Initially I was thinking just as they do about this, but after I have met thousands of different personalities , I realized that everything comes from how much you are restriced in doing something .
One of the most interesting facts I have recently discovered is that if a child has behavior problems , they do because they were always restricted to several things .
Why not let them do anything they want , but show them the bad aspects of the ones you don’t want them to do, and in this way they will start making their own decisions ,and after that ,as a consequence, they will also win their self-respect .
For example at my age most teenagers, which you do not expect from, have serious problems related to how much they tend to drink or smoke when they are attending parties ,as far as I know , most of them were told by their parents “not to drink neither smoke “. In this case most teenagers do the restricted things just to become well known and win their “place” in their wanted groups .
Another good example is that nowadays , some teachers ,hardly ever get to control the students because the freedom that they are enjoying is bad understood , most of times transforming it into lack of education and manners .
To tell you the truth , I think that the basic education of everyone, comes from their family ,which defines every particular character .However some people believe that education must be learnt and developed at school whereas I think it is the place where you should be testing the educational principles acknowledged .
I found a quote that I think it describes the essence of freedom :
“It’s like eating cake. One piece of cake is good, but eating a whole cake at once, or having cake delivered every morning? No thanks.
Chris Guillebeau
The torment
Some times the things you want to do can be done easily , nonetheless there are some situations where in order to do what you have to , you must put so much effort into it that it can turn into a real torment .
For instance , few years ago , when I was fancying with the idea of performance in tennis , I had the chance of playing a game which would eventually turn into a torment.
It was a sunny hot day of August, and my match was due to begin at the middle of the day , 12 o’clock . Being at the beginning, and without experience I was considered a noob, and my opponent took advantage of this . He was leading the match by far when all of a sudden, I felt a extra force which gave me enough power to comeback and eventually win the first set of the match .
Feeling the pressure, my opponent called for a tactical timeout which was thought to get me out of my hand and temperate my energy .
After a long 15 minutes break , not only that I got out of my hand but I became angry and this way after 30 minutes I eventually lost the 2nd set without even feeling warmed up yet .
Somehow I managed to comeback and in the last set we went shoulder to shoulder playing every single point until exhaustion of both of us .
But the weather changed instantly and we had to stop the match until the rain will stop , and the courts will be proper for playing .
After 5 hours we started again , but guess what it started raining after 10 minutes and we had to postpone the match for the next day because it was already very late .
We resumed the game at 8 am , thinking that I am fresh enough to finish this intense match.
Unfortunately , after not managing to fructify a break point, which would eventually win me the match, I felt so much disappointment that my body became inert and of course .. I lost the match
It felt like so much torment for nothing … I learnt that not always the power comes from your hand , actually it comes from your head.

Changing ambitions

The aims of this report are to

  • Give an overview of the current situation , regarding young people’s ambitions
  • Comment on the cause of the changes in youth perspectives
  • Create an image of an eventual future in terms of ambitions
As preparation for this report , several teenagers aged from 16 to 20 , were asked about their long time ambitions and wishes .

Dual facts : Opportunities & Ambitions
As the world is becoming more and more connected, new opportunities are arising and so, naturally, people's ambitions change.
New and old generations
Young people are the most impacted by worldwide changes, as they are the most likely to take advantage of them. But what exactly is this impact I'm talking about? Nowadays, people are a lot more open-minded than before. That mainly because they know more about the external world. As a result, the world has broadened their choices.
A teenager's ambition in 2017 might be to become an United Nations Ambassador, an astronaut, or maybe to build a hospital in an underdeveloped part of Africa. Surprisingly, these all are much more likely to become true than twenty, or even ten years ago. The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. No one knows when this will stop, or if it will ever stop. However, the world is impatiently waiting for the day when us all will be able to "shoot for the stars", and maybe even reach them.

In my view , the youth is the most important advantage in front of the rapidity in which the society is changing and is developing in this new technology era.



TO: Nicolle Wintour, chief-editor

FROM: Lucia Costache

SUBJECT: Changing ambitions

DATE: May, 20 2017


This report outlines the change in people’s ambitions within the last two decades. For the record, people’ve been having plenty of ambitions in order to achieve their life goals, but a slight increase has already been seen in the amount of time these aims almost “have to” be reached, fact that directly affects the ambitions of each individual.


About twenty years ago, around the world a democratic movement was seen spreading further and further ( for example, political movements such as the communism were fading and loosing their power ), which led to the awareness of the modern man of the ‘90s. As technology was still slowly evolving, people were rather adapting to conditions than aiming for new ones.


Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, smart TV’s, these are just a few of the things that are beginning to anticipate or even already show off the great impact of the computer in our society, rather than the human brain itself. Thus, the ambitions changed. We see things that probably few years ago weren’t even possible to be built, so we consider that we can reach the impossible, the so-called perfection.


Despite the fact that the computer’s been taking over the human tasks, and people are therefore aiming for more, all these are mostly not only affecting, but actually coming from the youth. Full of creativity, they are the ones that actually do “transform” our society, no matter what. For example, if twenty years ago, a twenty-something years old would say that his/her ambition is to go to college, to accomplish their parents wishes, now we are practically wishing to change the world, to have an impact on the way arts, sciences and the technology evolves. We simply want to be important, our ambitions are simply more and more individualistic.


As everything changes everyday, and nothing tends to be constant, we can no longer predict the future. If for instance twenty years ago we couldn’t even think we will be in this position that we are now, without any influence of science fiction, so are today.

On the whole, it is safe to say that a major difference occurred when analyzing both twenty years ago and today’s ambitions and way of thinking, things caused by the new opportunities that come with the evolution.




To: Jean Philipp, Magazine editor

From: Dan Darmanescu, student

Subject : ”Changing ambitions”

Date: 20th of May 2017


Evolution is natural. Whether you are talking about the evolution of cellular organisms or the evolution of society, we must not be surprised by the way things change.


Some people say that mentalities cannot change, that they are nothing more than an evolved primal instict , with which the human race familiarized. This is not true. Mentalities can change, and as a proof we have the way young people think these days.

Back then and nowadays

Because young people today are far more ambitious than young people 20 years ago, and this is because of the capitalist system which exists in our country, Romania. Twenty years ago, our country was still communist. Every young man knew that, wether or not he would learn, he would still be accepted by the society, for whatever job he might have in the future. People these days want change. They want more. They need to be independent and they must proove to themselves especially that they ar good for something. They want high paid jobs and fame and they need to make a difference in the present society. They work as hard as they can, with the fear of not having enough, of not being enough. The fear of not being accepted or being judged by the society.


In conclusion, people these days work harder than young people did 20 years ago, to ensure a safe place in the society for themselves and their families.


Children these days are given too much freedom. Everybody wants and needs freedom but for young people it can be either bad or deadly in the long run. A teenager can be easily manipulated or influenced into consuming drugs or substances which can result in their degradation of their future. However, to grow up children have to experiment things and should have experiences on their own.
As a parent you should strongly check your child’s friends and see what kind of persons they are. You should see whether or not they come from good families or they are smart children which have goals for the future. Also, restricting them from going to parties and having fun will just make them angry and think that you’re too restrictive. Consequently, they will eventually try to get space and they won’t listen to you anymore. That’s why you must make them understand that there is a balance between having fun and learning. A man must know when to have fun and when to work hard. For example, when my parents don’t let me go somewhere I will just argue with them and go there without them knowing without understanding the risks.
Another problem which came along with the evolution of the technology is the social media. There is no thing such as “safety” online anymore. Anyone can contact you and steal your information or try to harass you to get something for you. Even though it’s hard, parents can control your profile and see if you are safe or not. For example, I have a friend who was harassed online and gave away his ID numbers without thinking that his future can be affected by this decision.
In conclusion, the art of growing up is learning how to balance thing and that freedom comes with responsibilities you must assume.


I am an inmate in a maximum security prison. I have been given a life sentence for killing a man's wife. I had no intention, but she threatened to kill my children. I could not allow this. I did not allow this. In fear and rage, I took a gun, went to her house, and shot her dead.

I always say to myself that it was worth it. She was worth it. That my children are now safe. But she still haunts me every night. It's like a ghost. An evil spirit who would not let me rest until I lose control of myself. But she is not. I cannot tell if she is really a ghost, or just a creation of my guilty consciousness. Either way, in 6 years since the incident, it never stopped.

I don't know how long can I resist. It feels like an endless torment. But if this is the price I have to pay to protect my children, then I will surrender one hundred lives to this pain


The aim of this report is to analyse the way people’s ambitions have changed during the last twenty years, as well as expressing may opinion about how it will change in the future.
The change
The last twenty years have been under a significant change due to the new inventions that have appeared and the media and therefore people have adapted to this change. Before their goals were to succeed in their job and to follow a family tradition, while nowadays as we can interact with people from all over the world, people’s ambitions have gradually increased and they even aim to become the best in a domain they do not have preparation for.
The future
We may never be sure about what will happen, not even when talking about the next hours, but there is a likelihood that these ambitions will increasingly rise until a point when people may even lose them.
People have changed their life goals a lot through the years and the evolution is good, but it has to be controlled as sometimes it may truly have bad consequences.

Nowadays there are many people debating on the subject that children, especially teenager, are given too much freedom, most of them believing that this amount of freedom makes them very independent and it does not teach them what life is, while the others think that this is exactly what children need in order to become good adults and that it also develops them essential skills. Personally, I agree with the statement and I truly believe that everything has some limits.
Firstly, there are many ways in which people can interpret the word freedom, from allowing a child to go out late to not even ask him about where he goes or what he does. Therefore, I am totally for allowing a teenager to go to a party on Saturday evening as this way parents can show them that they trust them and this gives them confidence. But there have to be rules and interdictions because otherwise they will not be able to make a difference between what is wright and what is wrong and they may also ignore things like school and studying, which is frequently happening these days.
Secondly, we live in a world in which everybody can know what other people do, or at least what to be seen as doing, because of the internet and social network. However, when accessing this apps we technically get into another world that has no rules or restrictions and gives everyone, especially to teenagers who are always checking them, an unlimited feeling of freedom. Furthermore, people who do not have access to this can’t know what is happening there and this is how it usually is with the parents.
To conclude, I believe that children are given a lot of freedom these days but I also think that is can be helpful as long as it has a limit.

The torment
It was a hot sunny day in the middle of august. The sky was clear blue and you couldn’t see any sign of rain or even feel a slight touch of the wind. It was a perfect day to stay in the house and waste your time.
While I was in my room, laying in bed, my dog came and started staring at me but I didn’t pay any attention to him. Suddenly I saw him coming next to me, taking something in his mouth and then run away, so I stood up and I was surprised to realize that my phone was missing. I rapidly went after him and searched him in the entire house, but he was nowhere. Soon I hear him barking and as I follow the sound I see that he is in the garden and that he didn’t have my phone anymore. I started to panic and I checked everywhere possible for it, under the table, behind the flowers and even in the swimming pool, but it wasn’t in any of these places. I went to him and tried to make him show me the way, but he didn’t even want to stand up. He was totally ignoring me. After a while I got tired so I went inside to get a glass of water and I was shocked to see that my phone was right there with my dog’s ball. When I grabbed the ball I heard him barking and then he started acting silly as this is want he wanted me to do.
Of course that after this long search I had to play with him because otherwise who knows what else he could hide from me.



ISTUDOR FLORIN a.k.a. Mister machinegun mlg pro CS source player


To: Hugh Mungous
From: Florin Istudor, 10th grader
Subject: Children "Changing Ambitions" in Romania

Changing Times

It is more than certain possibilities have changed beyond any belief in the last 20 years. If two decades ago you'd consider yourself lucky to even have a computer, nowadays everybody aims for the sky, that is, the almost impossible. Naturally, as society evolved and help is much easier to find, be it from people or from the web. Alltogether, these sources would make anyone believe they can do anything, especially impresionable kids. However, in contrary with everything, kids, especially highschool students, seem to lose more and more interest.

Why does it happen?

Even though we have both smart students and good teachers, the freedom given to this generation has made the children too unrespectful. This leads to a never-ending cycle, where the children blame the teacher for not doing their job, which can't be done because the children do not pay attention to the teacher. Furthermore, the lack of attention they get during classes makes teachers care less about teaching and more about doing their jobs. And this is exactly how good people are driven into working more for themselves instead of working with or for others.

Did ambitions get higher?

With how many ways of learning there are today, if you want to focus on a specific subject you could learn it at home as good as or even better than at school. This, alongside the many goals that can be accomplished, make many children aim higher and higher with each passing day. Even though some may say being unrealistic is not profitable, each one of us already has more than money can buy: a only life that must be lived.


Freedom is something we all wish, but do we as adults really know how to use it to its fullest? If you hesitated in answering this question, then what would you say about a child half or a quarter of your age?
I consider that freedom is a very hard tool to use and it sadly is given to children, who do not know how to use it properly.
Firstly, too much freedom can lead any inexperienced person on a wrong road, but in the case of children, the risk is much higher. The hard part isn't recovering a child from a path he has taken, but stopping them from taking it again, without forcing them to follow strict rules or changing their lifestyle significantly. If you don't do this, you risk the children turning on you or even come to hate you.
Secondly, freedom brings great responsibility, one that under-aged children can't handle. Decisions are hard to make even when you are all grown-up, but for children it will usually be the least straining one. A few bad decisions won't affect anyone, but with a lot of freedom, there also is a lot of decision-making. And it's only a matter of time until a really bad one is made.
In the end, I say give anyone freedom, but not without teaching them how to use it first. If they listen and apply what they have learned, then you know they are ready to lead their own life.


"The soul. The most valuable essence in all the world. Cannot be created, cannot be destroyed, cannot be harvested. However, it can be contained. Two ways: through the body, a natural vessel, millions of souls seek vessels each moment, but only a few are given it. The rest of them reside in a limbo called "The Cairm". A place filled with an endless number of invaluable essence. A place where someone can meet their loved one, who passed away, one more time, a place where you can say something to someone dead one more time. However, the principle of equivalent exchange mentions that to obtain something, an object of equal value must be given. That is, you are given something invaluable, to talk to the dead. The dead should not be revived and should not meet the living. By entering the Cairm, you not only forfeit your place on Earth, but you forfeit your future aswell. As I said, equal to something invaluable is only something invaluable. An eternity of guarding, existing as what we call "A Soul Watcher". A shapeless being, with only one order: to stop anyone from entering the Cairm. By becoming one of the Abyss' watchdogs, you lose your soul and basically become one with the Cairm, making it impossible to leave. Your body still remains, hollow of any essence, and becomes the next watchdog. The previous one is granted passage and so shall the current one when the next comes. Until then, it serves. With body, mind and the soul of the Cairm, fighting anyone who is foolish enough to forfeit their humanity to see the dead. As I said, the dead should never meet the living. And I am the one who won't allow that, never again. . ."


To: Trump, Donald
From: Jula Razvan-Teodor
Subject: Changing Ambitions
Date: May 19th, 2017

The purpose of this report is to observe the way in which young people’s ambitions have changed during the last twenty years.
In my studies, I have asked middle-aged people in my neighborhood about their aspirations and hopes from their young age, and I have received interesting information: their wish was to help as much as possible the people around, and their only desire was the progress of the society.
Later, I have gone to the young part of my neighborhood’s population and asked what was their target in life. As I have expected, the answers were exactly the same: all they wanted was money, and their dreamjobs were businessmen and CEO-s.
On the whole, young people these days are interested only in money, unlike the older ones.

Children nowadays are more free to do whatever they want than they were twenty years ago for example, because of the spectacular evolution of technology.
Firstly, the main problem parents deal with is the child’s safety online. As the Internet evolved through the ages, more and more sites were created and a lot of them may be unsuitable for children. It would be very hard for a parent to track down every site his child visits, even if parental control software were created, they do not assure one hundred percent safety online.
Another problem is consumption of forbidden substances among teenagers. In Romania at least, there have been seen a lot of cases in which teens develop addictions for cigarettes or alcohol. The reason for all these is that sellers do not oppose when are asked by minors for alcoholic beverages or other things. They offer teens the freedom to consume alcohol and tobacco, and the explanation is that Romania’s economy is weak, and people do not respect the rules anymore if they are in need of money.
In conclusion, giving the teens too much freedom could be quite dangerous because they are not conscious of the harm they can do to themselves.

The Torment

We were at the end of our vacation in the island of Zakinthos, Greece in the last night. For me, it was the greatest summer vacation until then, because I had never seen such a blue and clean water, as in the Ionian Sea.
We were sitting on the beach admiring for the last time the sunset view, and we were feeling great. Even if it was sunset, it was a little too hot, and I realized that the heat was building up around us. Then, I looked at the forest behind the beach. As I was looking stunned and frightened at it, the flames were getting bigger and bigger. It a forest fire! Among the screaming people on the beach, we managed to get all our stuff and run to our hotel uninjured.
After that we found out why this had happened: it had been very hot in Greece in those days, and the forest behind us caught fire.
The next day, as we were driving towards the airport, we saw the remains of the forest: it had vanished, and instead there was only ash. As we were waiting for our plane, all the TVs were showing the same news about the fire. Outside was raining heavily, and as I was watching the news, I felt my legs getting wet: the airport had been flooded… And because of this problem, our flight had been delayed. The irony was that, we ran from the fire to get covered in water, with all the luggage.
That vacation was amazing, but just until the last day. We arrived home several hours later, with all our suitcases soaking wet. These last days were really a torment!



Opinion essay:

The Torment:



Nowadays it is strongly believed that children are given too much freedom by their parents and that they should be held under closer watch. While I believe there is truth to this statement I also consider it shouldn't be take out of proportion.

On the one hand, a child has no way of discerning right from wrong. It is a parent's duty to teach their children how to act in the society. A child has to understand some basic rules, he can't only be left to make his own decisions since, at this age, most of what he decides is not in accordance with what grown-ups consider to be right. And if his parents leave him without guidance there will no way for the child to understand the principles upon which our society runs.

On the other hand, parents should refrain from enforcing these rules and their opinions upon the child. The way I see it, their task is to merely present them to the child and let him realize on his own why these may be right or wrong. Otherwise, if parents force their children to take what they say for granted, in the future they will be unable to act or think on their own without having someone else tell them what to do.

In conclusion, I believe that children should have the freedom of figuring out on their own why something is right or wrong. When it comes to freedom, it is important to achieve a balance. You can't let them construct their own principles from such a young age since they lack knowledge about how the world works, but you can't enforce your opinions upon them either.

Changing ambitions


The aim of this report is to highlight the way young people's ambitions have changed over the course of the last 20 years and how I think they may continue in the future.


While some small aspects have changed over the core of every young man's ambitions have remained the same. Kids always dreamt of success. Whether for one success came in the form of fame as a singer or actor, money as a wealthy businessman or power as a dominant politician, success was always the one to govern young people's ambitions.

The future of ambitions

It is entirely possible that in the future success will come in more and new forms we can't even fathom, therefore changing the ambitions of young people, but the idea will remain. Success and acknowledgement is what anyone, of any age, desires, in the end.


In conclusion, I would like to sum up the key point of my report. Ambitions may change in the future with the change of society's values but at their core will always reside the ambition for success in life.

The Torment
There's something so...mystical about it tonight. Enchanting, really. Today of all days, when it was supposed to freeze me in place from fear. Wonderful work of art this Gallows Pole.

Half an hour till 5 o'clock. Looks like the guards are tying up the knot on that old, battered rope. Wonder whose turn it is today. I know they programmed me next but the guard that locked me up in the afternoon gave me the warmest smile I had since I got in here. They must've delayed my appointment with God for another day. Hell, why do they even gain from hanging me? Murderous little pricks these Englishmen. All I did was nick a few loafs of bread for my starving family! That enough to get you hanged these days? What, don't they family, kids, friends? Think it's easy to work the land all day to fill someone else's belly?

The key turns in its lock as the bell chimes in the distant background. So they haven't delayed anything after all, now habe they? Two brutes come charging thourgh my cell's door and start reading through all the thing's I've been accused of and ending with the much awaited "senteced to death". I wasn't paying attention though, couldn't make out the name. They must be informing me on whose turn it is tonight! Looks like they're also taking me to see him. Please, what have I done to deserve this? I'm just one poor Irish farmer who couldn't stand the site of his children starving! Is that not commendable? Don't I deserve something better, or at least an answer? Do I not deserve to live?

"God be with you!", I hear from an uknwon voice as I'm dragged even further along the hallway? God? Can't you see he's left me? He's left you? He's left all of us? I there was a God, I wouldn't be walking this filthy path! It's no use. Nothing I can do. Am I that useless? Why can't I fight? I'm gonna die anyway, why am I not struggling, why am I not fighting these two brutes alongisde me? What's stopping me? Have I always been this powerless? Was I ever in control of my destiny? My limbs are weary, can't take it anymore, can't it just be over with?

Yet, what if God really is out there? Maybe...maybe he's smilling upon me, holding his arms wide open, waiting to catch my soul? After all it was thorough man's judgement that I ended up here, maybe there's a spot in Heaven for me. This bloody pole. Desperation, anger, deceipt and now salvation of all things. The famine, the filthy Crown, they may stay here and rot in peace, I should consider myself lucky, I'm finally going to find out what's beyond man.

Farewell my sweetest guardians, farewell my dearest inmates. Until we meet again. Hallowed be thy name...

To:N'Golo Kante
From:Alex Moldovan
Subject:Changing ambitions
Date:20th may 2017

This article aims to highlight the difference between the ambitions that people had 20 years ago and the ambitions they have nowadays.

20 years ago
Due to the fact that 20 years ago life was not as easy as now and you couldn't not solve any problem with a simple call, people were forced to work hard to achieve certain goals that are now easy for us to do because of our parents.

Nowadays children have no desire for success so much so that parents try to give us everything they can and that is a big mistake because having everything we want we will not be so ambitious for to accomplish great achievements and not to try to overcome our parents, and we are satisfied woth the condition. Also, the ambitions are different, for example, 20 years ago, some jobs were very popular and sought like:a sailor or a seamstress.

In conclusion,I think that ambitions are changing every year because of the society that always wants something new.


I don’t totally agree with this statement because I think there are several types of children that enjoy this freedom.

First of all, there are children who enjoy this freedom but they don’t try to do anything constructive even if their parents allow them much more than they were allowed. Instead of doing something constructive, they are playing on the computer or on their phone for hours, which eventually leads to a false reality because games can be considered the things that keep children captive in this virtual world.

Secondly, there are children who do not enjoy this freedom. For example, children from the country with numerous members in their families who are not required to go to school because they have to help their parents in household chores and surprising for nowadays they can’t afford a smartphone or a TV to be up to date at things that happen around them.

Thirdly, there are children who use this freedom for constructive actions for example they search on internet for their homework or just for their general knowledge

In conclusion, this freedom is ultimately deceptive and children need to know how to handle it in their favor

The Torment

It was a sunny day of holiday. George with his parents he was going to the mountain, being very happy because of the good way he finished the school year, but didn’t know what will happen.
As he woke up, he began to pack his luggage and got up quickly in the car. He waited for his parents, who, as usual, werw arguing which totally disliked it, these arguments being for him an increasingly difficult torment for him.In the middle of the route his parents didn’t stop arguing, and even the conversation was getting worse until his mother hit his father who lost control of the steering wheel and entered the opposite part of the road and the accident happened.
Terrible moments lived this boy until he realized that it was actually a dream. He woke up in the car and told his parents what he dreamed. They realised what could happen and they stopped fighting and they continued the trip being happy and nothing let them disturb.


Essay: children today are given too much freedom

Children today are given too much freedom. Yes, it’s true, but it depends on who you mean. If we are talking about parents, I absolutely agree that they should be more restrictive.
In my opinion, the parents are divided in two groups: those who let their child do whatever he wants and those who insist that their child has to do everything.

Maybe the first category grew up with very restrictive parents and they want to give freedom to their child. Unfortunately, the world has changed. The technology dominates everything. Wherever you go, you see small spoiled children with the most recent smartphones, crying if someone has something that they don’t have. They have the permission to do whatever they want and eat whatever they want. They are staying hours and hours in front of the tv or playing computer games. They forgot how it is to run, to play, to have real friends, to talk to real people. They live their lives in the most boring way. They become impolite with their parents and grandparents.

The second group of parents is as bad as the first one. These kind of parents think that their child has to be a genius. He or she has to read a few books per week, play the piano, be a physicist and a mathematician. But come on parents! Is useless to know 5 foreign languages at 10 years if his heart is about to explode of obesity because you don’t let him do sport or just simply let the kid go and play with his friends. These children are too accustomed to adult life and have no free moment.

As I said, the freedom nowadays depends on who you mean. If we are talking about society, the children are kept in a cage. They can’t express their feelings and thoughts. They all have to be the same. The world is full of future genius who thinks they are idiots because they are not good enough in the things they were supposed to be.

To conclude, it is hard to change the society, but the parents should encourage their children because the values people learn as children are the values by which they live all their lives.

To: Adriana Voinescu, editor
From: Elena Necula
Subject: Changing Ambitions
Date: 20 may 2017

The purpose of this report is to present how young people’s ambitions have changed during the last 20 years.

20 years ago…
People had less opportunities and they had a different view of life, often limited by parents or social framework. they didn't live in an age dominated of technology and a lot of jobs didn't exist. They were doing their jobs in different ways in contrast to the youth who is determinated to find well-paid jobs, even if they don't like it, knowing that in this way, they'll have a good life


Despite the fact that the youth can’t be included in only one category, certainly, they are more open minded than the previous generation, and they have much more opportunities. Of course some people are less ambitions, but most of them very determinate and have big dreams.
Even if not necessarily in a better way, technology has had a great influence on these changes. I think they are stronger and they are able to adapt to change.


It is increasingly obvious that the ambitions of young people have changed, in many ways in a positive sense, but not only. Therefore, every generation has good and bad parts.

The torment
Over the years, haunted houses have inspired generation of writers, artists, and film-makers and captured the imagination of people of all ages, in every part of the world. But Wendy has always been skeptical and dismissive of the paranormal and supernatural.
Her story begins with her memories of how she and Hotowu married in San Jose, in 1965. Wendy and her husband have just moved into a new house but they didn't feel like they were the only residents in the house.
The house was really old so all the creaking floorboards and strange noises didn't bother Wendy. The living room has built in bookcases on one wall either side of the fireplace so she began placing the books on the shelves. She'd only put about four or five on the left shelf when decided to have a drink. But when Wendy came back to the living room the books were no longer on the left shelf but somehow they had gotten to the shelves on the right side of the fireplace. She left the cup of tea on the floor in the corner of the room to cool and after a couple of minutes it was gone.
Wendy went outside, in the garden and she noticed that the light in the newlyweds’ bedroom was on. Going up to turn it off, she found the room in darkness. She checked the house of intruders, locked the doors and windows and went to bed.
Wendy heard her bedroom door open, she heard shuffling and then felt someone sit on the bed, wrapping their arm around her. Naturally she thought it was Hotowu. But when she turned around to speak to him, nobody was there.
Stranger and stranger things have been happening around the house. On a night the couple could hear the kettle boiling downstairs and when they go down in the morning there are tea cups in the sink which we hadn't used. The TV turns itself on and DVD's end up in the DVD player.
Last evening, when Wendy went to the kitchen, there was a young guy looking in the fridge. When they called the police and they came to take their statements and asked her to describe the man and asked if anything had been taken. After many research, the police discovered that the man died years ago. He was originally owner of the house apparently perished there in a fire.
After many attempts of destroying the unwanted entity, Wendy and her husband decided to find a new home, getting rid of the torment.




It seems to me that nowadays, children are given too much freedom. They are being left to themselves by their parents and don't have anymore the notion of forbidden. Or maybe, they know that the world has its rules, but they choose not to respect them. Still, they feel as if they could do whatever they want without taking the consequences.
Today, you can't say anymore if children are really children or they became adult earlier. Actually, children wants to grow up faster and faster and become independent so they could do whatever they want without asking for permission. They are very curious about everything and they are atracted like magnets by forbidden things. For instance, they go to clubs which are 'adults only', they get drunk and smoke and they even drive without having the license. The more adults say to stay away from a thing, the more children would want to try that thing. They think that breaking the rules is a demonstration of rebellion. Someway, it's the parents's fault because they got them out of hand. Being busy all day long with work implies not having enough parent-child time.
In the past, parents were more strict and they wanted to keep a close watch on their children. Neither this is healthy because children need some freedom and privacy and they have to learn to cope alone. There need to be a friendship relation between parents and children. In this case, they could assess unitedly some limits that should be respected.
To conclude, children today have more freedom that should have and they are not mindful of dangers which they expose to. Despite the restrictions, children do a lot of things on the side and they hurry to grow up.


To: Richard Stengel, magazine editorFrom: Stefana Nevinglovschi, studentSubject: Changing ambitionsDate: 20th May 2017

The purpose of this report is to outline the way young people's ambitions have changed during the last twenty years. It is clearly that people always had ambitions, more or less achievable. But the difficulty of a goal didn't inhibite them to wish for success and to try their hardest.

Situation nowadays

I think that nowadays, young people have ambitions more vast than their predecessors. They allow themselves to dream big and they do their best to achieve their aims. They are very determined and don't scare if something didn't work from the first time. Contrariwise, a failure makes them stronger and they learn from their mistakes.
Situation in the past

In the past, young people didn't have so much opportunities like now and they were doing with what they had. At that time, not everyone could afford a college education and that reduced the chances to do well in life. Although there were some people which wished for more and believed in themselves so they worked really hard, pursuing their aims.
Significant changes in the future?

I thing that in the future, the ambitions of young people will be even larger because there is constantly a progress and there always come out new dreams and objects. As humankind discover new things, the dreams are bigger and bigger.
On the whole, it would be fair to conclude that today, young people have a lot of opportunities and courage so that nothing seems impossible. If they want something, they don't stop until they accomplish it.


'We are like brothers.' Matt and Damon used to exclaim all the time. Their friendship was special and unique and no one could break it. They didn't fight or argue once in all 16 years of friendship.
We could affirm that Matt and Damon meet each other from the day they were born. Their parents are also good friends and their moms wanted to give birth to their babies in the same hospital. Though they didn't expect the birth to happen in the same day. Well, that was even better. The boys were spending a lot of time playing together when they were little because their parents were coming by each other's houses very often.

Matt and Damon went to the same kindergarden, to the same primary school and then the same highschool. They consider each other sort of a twin from other parents. Everyone look up to their wonderful familiarity.

Everything was running smoothly until a terrible day when Damon gave Matt some horrible news. He was diagnosed with an incurable malady. But worst of all, he was going to live only a few months more. The hash came like an arrow in the heart. Matt could not imagine a world without his brother and could not accept that Damon was going to die.
During the last months of Damon, both went with their families in a journey away from home. It was the last wish of Damon to travel with his two families around some countries which he didn't get to visit. They swam in the river, went fishing and made a lot of pictures to capture the last moments together. Matt tryed to look strong for Damon, but he was crying his heart out when nobody was around.
After Damon passed away, Matt felt that a bit of his heart died too. He couldn't be the same person again. The lost of his brother scarred him for life.



TO: Tom William, Magazine Editor
FROM: Teodora Nevinglovschi, Student
SUBJECT: Changing ambitions
DATE: 20th May 2017

The intention of this report is to present the way in which young people's ambitions have changed during the last 20 years and also my point of view concerning a possible follow-up.
A so called democracy

In the last 20 years, our leaders tried to make us believe we are a democratic country, that we count, we are listened and we can express free. So, as a nation who went through a lot, people started thinking in perspective and outlining a great future for the new generation. More, they kept saying young people will take the inheritance and carry it away to the bounds.
More possibilities

Our parents taught us since we were in elementary school that we have to study and keep in mind our goals in order to achieve them. They said we should always keep our ears open and learn from everyone and everything. Generally, each one of us has been grown up encouraged by family and following the idea we have many opportunities in front of us. Mainly, we have been told that everything is possible if we work hard.
Changing perspectives

Young people's ambitions boost as they are now offered many options for the same purpose and they see every matter from different points of view. More, they developed with a mentality that there are no blocks impossible to climb, just obstacles you have to go by. Our society wants young people to be the change as everyone need it, so it is only in our hands if we want it too.

On the whole, along with the change produced in the society, young people's ambitions bettered dependent on the mentality they were raised up with. My opinion is that as long as people will not obscure their many options, the youngest will continue to dream bigger.

Children today are given too much freedom

In my opinion, children are not given too much freedom, but I do realize they are given more than before, like 20 years ago. The real issue, if it is up to me, consists of how you divide the freedom you give to your children.
First of all, in an era where more countries fight for civil rights and freedoms and an open society, I do not think you could restrict your child that much. As a fact, today children are more informed about what happens in the world because they heard about it everywhere. Especially in schools where rumors spread very quickly, they discuss and share with each other. Furthermore, popular figures among children are all starting to express liberal their opinions and to form various associations. Therefore, we have a very informed generation and even if you inhibit them to make a social media account, they will still do it because these are the ages of new.
Secondly, giving your child freedom, with some limits, means you let him to discover by himself how to puzzle out. You are not a bad parent if your child makes mistakes because he will learn from them. It is still your duty to guide them and not let him fall. However, a baby learns to walk by falling many times then raising up by themselves. In other words, the child will learn more about life if he is just directed and not restricted by a tone of rules. Obviously, you should always keep tabs on your children.
To conclude, I think it is healthy for every child to have liberties and a couple of rules too. The key is in how you grow him, how you educate him from the beginning. Also, the example you give him is yourself so it is important your own behavior because children will follow you. If your raise him to know that everything comes with consequences and that there is good and bad and not allowed and forbidden, he will not see freedom as something he need to acquire.


Have you ever experienced getting lost from your family? Well, I wish you didn't. I was like 6 years old when me and my family went to Tokyo. We took round-trip tickets for two entire weeks. I remember it was a bit hard for me to settle into the timezone, but I felt thrilled about the big city anyway.
When we arrived, we were all relieved that the flight ended. We took an apartment in a hotel closed to a tube station. Also, my mom wanted a beautiful view so we had the Rainbow Bridge to catch sight of. As soon as we registered, we unpacked and rest for a couple of hours. In the evening, we asked someone for a good restaurant where we could eat traditional food and we went there.
The next day is the one I could never forget. My parents wanted a visit to the Imperial Palace and then I asked them to go to Tokyo Disneyland. I was so happy about the Disneyland experience that I think this is the reason I got lost. After we made the tour of the Imperial Palace, we headed over to the tube station. It was incredibly crowded and I barely could follow about my parents. I was so diverted and when my parents got in the train, I didn't even see them. After the train passed, I realized I was in the middle of strangers, all alone. My first instinct was to cry and that's what I did. I felt panic and I got stiff. People elbowed me but I couldn't move. Back then, I felt like there were hours went by. My parents changed the train at the first stop and got back to me. They found me on the platform, exactly where they lost me.
Now, when I remember, I feel amused, but it was an awful feeling to find myself around such a crowd and nobody to know. After all, I was only 6.



To whomever is interested
From a humble studentWith a random subject On a random date

Is the "to much freedom" problem actually a problem?

In this day and age, I consider that people have the right to free speech and to be able to express themselves however they want. The only problem is that people usually overstep this boundry and that is why we need a set of rules and laws in every institution.

Pros and Cons of letting kids roam by themselves.

If I were asked about kids today, and I mean adolescents too ( until 18 you're a kid, deal with it ) , and their free outgoing personalities and the rights each son and daughter are granted by their parents and relatives, I would say it's ok for people to let them be free. Of course, the kids that don't realize that the permissions given to them are based on a relationship of trust between parents and offspring, with the goal not being the kids' self-destruction by starting to smoke or hang out with other bad kids and losing sight of their future. I think adults want to trust their kid until proven wrong and let them have a taste of being independent and developing a social sense that a kid which was helped too much would not have.

My humble opinion on parents granting freedom to the children.

Then again, this subject is still going through a thorough debate and each household has it's own view on it and acts accordingly, but if I were asked by a parent what would I consider is best, I would still say that freedom is one of the basic human rights and socializing is a skill oh so necessary in today's society.


To whomever is interested a second time

From a modest student

With a random subject but different than the last

On a random date that is the same as the last

Aim Changing,

As the title would suggest, this discussion is about people changing aims in life. But then again this is completely normal considering that people haven't been pursuing the same goals since antiquity. If we would have, we would still be using stone tools and lighting fires in the woods with nothing but pelts on us.

It has some good parts ...

As such, people changing targets in the last 20 years is a normal change considering our exponential growth provided to us by televisions, satellites, phones, mass media, computers and so on it is normal to be focusing on other goals that are yet to be completed. Due to this highly productive society we are living in things are progressing insanely fast due to countries wanting power, companies wanting money, and the race to space progressing forever forward, we are forced to live things fast with deadlines in our mind and clocks in every place possible.

… and it's bad parts ...

People changing ambitions isn't necessarily bad, as explained above, but is indeed troublesome to what our aims are changing to. For people to be going crazy over the new things called fidget spinners or because one monkey died when a kid fell into his pit and then was voted with over 2000 votes on national election day in America. It makes you wonder how did 2000 people change into their clothes, waited a lot at a line and then, instead of making their vote count, they wrote something like "RIP Harambe" just so they can tell a story after … about how Trump won cause they voted a dead monkey.

… but after all, it is what kept us all going forward and standing where we are today.

What I want to say is that people should change their aims for greater things such as space exploration, world peace and curing all diseases. And it might be possible because of the people who think ahead and do something with their time, focus on one aim and achieve it in one's lifetime without needing 300 years and 4 brilliant scientists for one problem. Everyone can do it. Including you!


She will be there, she is always there, always on time. Perfectly on time as the clock hit the half-hour mark, we were waiting for the scourge to start. Afraid of even the slightest sound, we heard the footsteps outside. We could distinguish them from every other sound that was roaring behind the door.

Our dry throats were in misery due to us gulping over and over in hope they would finally stop feeling like Sahara in summer on a hot day… but, of course, it was useless. Our hands couldn’t stop shaking just like our minds wouldn’t stop grieving about what was going to happen in the next hour.

Quietly, patiently waiting, she finally stepped in. Without a moment to spare, she quickly stepped in, closing the door after her. For her it was just a job, unaware of what would be going to our minds.

She sat in front of us, opening her bag and pulling the torture devices. They were wrapped in plastic, stained with our own blue blood, each being especially created for each one of us. It was exactly like telling somebody you’re scared of chainsaws and then seeing them pull out one from their bag with a big smile and noticing they have a t-shirt with “I love chainsaws” on them right now!

But it still was nothing compared to what was to come.

The real torment was about to begin.

She sat down quietly and then it started.
The grading on our maths final test (thesis) was about to begin.



To: Jarosław Jarząbkowski, Magazine Editor
From: Pascu Andrei, Student
Subject: Changing Ambitions
Date: 15th of March 2017


The aim of this report is to analyze and compare young people's ambitions during the last twenty years up until now, to examine whether or not teens nowadays have no longer interest in their future. This report will conclude on what ambitions young people could have in the future.

Twenty years ago

Some 20 years ago, young people of their generation were focused more on building a worldwide community and helping the world. Great examples are that of the Internet – a worldwide place for people to interact and to distribute ideas – or Facebook, an international society where people can become friends with anyone in the world.

Today’s situation

Teens of today live in a society which encourages them to think of themselves, of their own ambition, but not of society or any other communities. People are becoming more selfish with one another and have stopped creating things which unify us.


To conclude, young people had ambitions to make the world a better place, but nowadays those ambitions have transformed into selfishness. The future lies in the hands of the young people of tomorrow.

Essay: Children of today are given too much freedom.

Freedom is the power to determine an action or choose freely without any restraint from anyone. In my opinion, children nowadays are given more freedom than they should have, mainly due to common mistakes made by most parents.
Firstly, many parents allow their children to do things that are not appropriate for their age under the pretext of giving their children freedom. For instance, most children disregard the age rating of a movie or a videogame, which is made to advice parents on the appropriateness of the content. By ignoring this, they see and experience scenes of violence and bad language which model them into becoming rude and having bad behavior.
Secondly, children are given too much money. They are allowed to spend it on whatever they like, as long as their parents agree. The problem here is that most of the time parents purchase or allow their children to buy what they wish. Consequently, there comes a time when children won’t even ask their parents whether they are given permission or not to purchase something.
Furthermore, parents don’t seem to take any action to this situation. While it is true that children are to be given the chance to decide their own fate, they must be guided through the roughness, unpredictability and unfairness of life. Without the proper care of a loving parent, children will almost surely deviate from the right track.
To conclude, children of today should be given just the right amount of liberty, so they can still be able to choose their own path, while parents nudge them in the right direction.

The torment

On a random day, in a random place, in a random world, a dark fog came over my head. I could not remember my past, nor my present; but my future.
Unaware of anything, I started going straight. I soon realized that I could not see neither on what I was stepping or where I was going. Everything was unveiled in darkness, but for the trail I left behind while I was stepping forward. Even more, I noticed that my watch wouldn’t work while I was standing still, and when I started to walk, it would start going counter-clockwise. The faster I walked, the faster time passed. It didn’t make any sense. Slowly, I started to figure out what was happening. I tried going backwards as hard as I could, yet strangely enough I found it impossible to do so. I could only go on a straight line, but behind me where a seemingly infinite amount of roads, each one of them leading to a different situation.
I started running for no reason whatsoever, constantly looking at my watch. I noticed that I was witnessing things I already had lived. For what seemed like an eternity, I arrived at the date of my birth. I realized that I was running in slow-motion, and the closer I came to the hour of my birth, the slower I ran. No matter how hard I tried running, I was incapable to go past my exact time of birth.
On a Monday, in my room, in our universe, I suddenly was awake. The experience made me feel the torment, the agony of not being able to choose a path, while looking back to see the infinite amount of possibilities, and the realization that I could only go back in time up to a certain point.


Children today are given too much freedom: a lie or a truth of the society?

A child is constantly shaped and influenced by his experiences. His behavior and actions are strongly connected to the way he has been raised by his parents. I believe that every parent wishes for his child to be capable of making a living and to be happy, and the freedom they grant him in order to achieve these things or the lack of it certainly affects the young one’s life. Therefore, it can be deduced whether children today are given too much freedom or not by analyzing the aspects of their life, which tend to incline the balance in the favor of freedom.
On the one hand, most of the children nowadays can freely express what they like and what they are attracted to. They can show their parents their talents and what they’re good at and usually be supported by them. The adults encourage them to discover their own abilities and, in the majority of cases, children have permission to select by themselves the domains in which they would like to study. Also, parents today rarely force their children to accomplish something that is beyond their reach. The fact that a child has permission to make some kind of decisions for himself, regardless of their rightness or wrongness, certainly shows that they are given freedom of choice.
On the other hand, some children today have to spend a big part of the day without their parents, who have jobs that require a lot of work and time. Moreover, there are parents who wouldn’t communicate with their child even if they’re at home. Only this thing alone demonstrates how much freedom can have a child to do whatever he wants to. A lot of children end up excessively playing video games for the best. There are multiple situations in which they become addicted to different things. In most of the cases, the parents are not conscious of their child activities until something bad happens, all of it because of the freedom they have given him.
Furthermore, the freedom of an adult is not equivalent to a child’s freedom. I think that the concept of freedom should be regarded more carefully. Children should not be allowed that much freedom of thought and of choice as an adult, because they’re not fully grown and capable to clearly discern what is good and bad yet. Nevertheless, the excess of freedom influences a child behavior and mentality, as can be seen today in children who are either all alone or always surrounded by strangers.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that children today are given too much freedom. Even if being free represents a necessity for any human being, the excess of freedom may prove itself to be extremely harmful for a child.

To: Vincent Phantomhive
From: Maria Petre
Subject: Changing Ambitions
Date: 20th May 2017
The purpose of this report is to comment on the way in which young people’s ambitions have changed during the last twenty years and to make assumptions based on the changes that would occur in the future.
Conquering the world
In the first place, today’s young adults have quite a different perception about life than the previous generation. Now, people are much more cosmopolitan. As a result, they do not feel connected to the society in which they live as strong as their parents. I am confident in the fact that the majority of them aspires to travel around the world so that they could find their ideal job or place to live. Young people tend to be open minded about careers that require a lot of traveling and encountering different cultures and ideas. Moreover, they’re more able to adapt to new places. I think that this attitude towards living and finding a career in a completely different place than the one you were born will develop quickly throughout the following years.
The influence of technology
Secondly, technology has a great influence over young people now. They are far more receptive to any kind of technical progress than their elders. Many people chose carriers that are connected with computer science, which is an extremely well paid domain. In this way, young people’s ambitions may be to advance in different areas of technology. I am convinced that in the future technology will be even more vital to our world than it is now.
The generational shift in attitude
Finally, today’s young people expect their life to resolve around vacation time rather than work. Attitudes about work and leisure have changed in the last twenty years, especially when it comes to people’s free time. Today, most of the students and high school seniors would agree that work is nothing more than making a living and would try to obtain a job where they can have more than 2 weeks vacation. This mentality is quite the opposite of the one of the elders, who expected work to be a central part of their life and found it normal to work overtime.
To sum up, I believe that during the last twenty years young people became less carrier ambitious. However, they are certainly more open minded than their elders and ready to excel in any domain that catches their attention.

The torment
Words contain power in its rawest form. They are able to break the boundaries between the material world and the spiritual one, they transcend sound and air, light and darkness, muscle and bone and blood, they pass by a wonder of synapses and slither right into one’s soul. But the strongest of words, the most powerful ones, they fight their way into that piece of immortality and remain there, unfaltering. They keep whispering to you, they never leave you. They are your inner voice.
Yogi was driving like a madman. I think this is why I liked him. He was one of my mother’s many colleagues from work. After all, there was much need for the police in Las Vegas. I was killing my time with him because he always seemed to forget that he is a cop. Not even thirty minutes ago, we were storming with the police car past some casinos and encountered a robbing. Yogi was about to get out of the car and do his duty, when he turned around to me:
“You know what, Mihael?! It is only fair that this casino is getting robbed. These rich people have robbed the middle class, boy! “, he yelled, turning the car so suddenly that I hit my head in the window.
“Yogi, please, my mother will put you in jail if she hears about-“, I started saying.
“That’s why I trust you so much not to tell her. You won’t tell her, will you?”
“No, but…there are plenty of other sources…”, I murmured.
“Yeah, the pavement surely knows how to speak”, he said.
With that, we returned to our usual activity of driving past casinos and illegal-looking places just to “scare them all with our never-sleeping justice that’s still beautiful and full of energy!”. When I returned home, the sun was already setting down. From the window of me and my mom’s flat, I could see all that blinding lights of Las Vegas. So blinding that I could barely catch some glimpses of the actual stars on the night sky. I was getting bored of this place.
When I arrived here some years ago, all I could think of was how many wondrous things and interesting people I would encounter. Time passed and I started to realize that everybody here had more or less the same story. And the city, the lights…they were beautiful indeed, but not inspiring anymore. My mother came here to find a job that would require all her concentration, all her time, in order to forget her past life, the life we had before father passed away. I couldn’t really blame her for that, but I certainly blamed her for forgetting me in her pain. She wanted me to become a policeman because she thought that was a noble job. The problem was that I didn’t want this for my future.
Tonight, as many other nights, I was spending my time reading. My mind was traveling far away from this city, to places I would probably never set foot in. I wanted more for my life. I wanted to actually go and see all the things I was reading about, to escape from this reality. Every time I was thinking about leaving this place, every time I remembered the words of my beloved characters from my books, my mother’s voice rings through my head, shouting at me to grow up already, to focus on real things and not some bed-time tales. On important and reachable things, like she knew perfectly what were those. I couldn’t. I’ve been reading too much, I’ve been forming too many thoughts. My books destroyed me because their words have managed to chain themselves to my heart.
These days, there was a rumor that some band of motorcyclists was running in the city. Apparently, the mafia has already stolen some money and goods from different casinos… These rumors were pretty much confirmed for me, as my mother was coming home from work very late. Somehow, I succeeded to gather some documents from her. The band was called “The torment”.
Some weeks passed, and one night, as I was walking on a less populated street, I suddenly heard the sound of many engines. I whipped my head and saw some motorcycles approaching. Immediately, I found a place in which I could remain unseen, in the shadows, as I observed how those people got off their motorcycles, covered them with ladders and went in some kind of basement.
I didn’t know if I should have acted surprised when one of them caught me from behind my back. Well, at least there was some action in my monotone life. Of course that I didn’t see him departing his group to catch intruders like me. I didn’t put up a fight . I obediently followed him into their headquarters.
To my own surprise, they didn’t seem very bad at all. They questioned me and I told them the simple truth that I was just wandering the streets. All of them were behaving like a big family and were laughing at jokes. They were not worrying that I could sell their location the next day, because they were switching locations every now and then. I actually found out that they were not spending the stolen money. Their purpose was to find out where that money had came from and to bring it back to their owners, to the people who are really working for them. The Torment was traveling the world to do this.
“Take me with you”, I told them.
At this, all of them stopped their activities and looked at me like I was crazy. Not entirely false, as I was sure I had questionable morals. But I’ve been waiting too long to get out of this place and this was my chance. To join the mafia. I said as much. They were reticent about my idea.
But they didn’t have time to answer, because in that moment the door was trampled down by the police, with my mother in the lead. The torment acted quickly and evacuated the room in no time at all, receiving minor shots from their guns. Outside, they were getting on their motorcycles and running away. The ones who remained defended the rest, making sure they transported all the money. I could hear nothing apart from the blazing of the guns. I was trying to get to my mother, to tell them to stop, when I saw her falling on the ground. She simply fell and did not rise, did not move. I was frozen into place too.
After they saw their leader being shot, the police forces retreated, fearing the same fate. They took her body with them. I was left with the band. One member of The Torment started searching in my clothes until he found a tracking device. So I had been followed here by my mother when she couldn’t see me at home on the cameras. She has been monitoring me because in all her frenzy, she still cared about me. She may have been controlling and narrow minded, but she died thinking she was doing the right thing, trying to save me even if I wasn’t in danger.
I ended up joining The Torment. To the police, I was dead and my body could not be retrieved. My imagination and my need for adventure have driven me here. My mother was buried at the outskirts of the city. It was night when I came to say goodbye. There were so many stars on the black sky…I hated death. Not because it was taking people away, that was a law of nature, but because it was making them better persons, it made you see their qualities and forgive their sins. It made your heart unsteady when you were thinking about them.
The grave was simple and there were some flowers lining it. I placed two bouquets and a small picture of myself next to my mother’s picture.
“Your child, Mihael, died with you. When the sun raises again, there will be only a whisper of him. When the day comes, fear no pain”.
The bright rays of the sun embraced the earth. They were glinting in the glass of the tall buildings, they were covering every car, every human, everything moving and unmoving. They were letting their warmth be swept away by the dark and unforgiving metal of the motorcycles that were storming out of the city, along with their riders clad in black leather. One of them stopped for a moment and got off his motorcycle. He looked around himself, back to the city, to the life, he was leaving behind. There was a strange emotion sparkling in his eyes for a second, then it was gone. He threw his still burning cigarette on the ground and joined his comrades. He didn’t look to see that his cigarette has fallen on a picture of a young boy, igniting the paper into flames.



To: John Sorrow
From: Ana-Smaranda Popescu, student
Subject: Changing Ambitions
Date: 18th May 2017

The aim of this report

This is a report regarding the way in which young people's ambitions have changed during the last two decades.


It is obvious that in the last 20 years, the development of technology has made a lot of changes in young people’s life. Using the internet and mobile phones keeps teenagers connected, therefore they can be influenced very easily.
Despite the fact that socializing and learning with the help of internet is a positive aspect in young people’s life since year 2000, having very much access to information makes it a lot easier for teenagers to give up their ambitions.
Studies were made and found that the most entrepreneurial of all the generations is the one starting in 2001.The research was commissioned by the National Citizen Service discovered that 8/10 teenagers want, most of all, to have a successful career.

Final opinion

The survey clearly shows that while technology improves and becomes our main way of communication, teenagers, being in a very sensible period, in which they form themselves, their ambitions are influenced by the media .


I believe that people are given too much freedom nowadays.

In the first place, childhood is a very sensible period of life, in which children are constantly changing. Their parents try to help them create a strong personality, because how can they have a powerful one if they can not make decisions by themselves? The biggest advantange of making decisions as a child is the fact that they can create themselves and learn from their mistakes, while their parents keep en eye on them. Children have the right, like the adults, to have an opinion and to express it. It is generally claimed that nowadays, parents are a lot more indifferent to their children than they were years ago. The connection between generations seems to be shallow now, more than ever. Why? Because when children have so much freedom, they take it for granted, they make bad decisions, they start talking back to their parents when they see their child is out of control, etc..

In the second place, if their parents or tutores don’t set restrictions for them, they won’t and nobody won’t. Kids will never say “no” to an impulse that implies entertainment of any way. The internet becomes our main way of communicating due to the development in technology, so why would they say “no” and abuse of it?

Taking everything into account, kids need parents to restrict their freedom and help them create a balanced life.


This is a large, sprawling city built predominantly of black stone and defended by a standing army. It is well known for its series of elaborate fountains. This vast city is not crowded. It is mainly constructed of concrete and its most noteworthy feature is the imposing bell tower which I am so attached to.

I turned around to get a better view of the place I am at, the sun was shining among people but the sky seemed cold and distant, keeping the atmosphere unpleasant.

Seconds later I hear quick footsteps right behind me. For a moment I thought I was being chased, only to see four strange man standing at the end of the main alley. I had a strange feeling in my gut. I wanted to start running away from them, but I couldn’t move, my legs weren’t coping with my mind at that very moment. Each of them drew out a gun from their right pocket. I heard a loud sound that cut through the peace in the alley and immediately there was a spark of light on the floor in front of me. One of them shot a bullet. I started screaming and craws were flying by, one of them cutting my face with its black wings. I covered my eyes and looked down only to see my legs drenched in blood, bad enough it wasn’t the craw. I was injuried.

All of a sudden, I find myself laying down on something very soft. I look around and see the oh-so-familiar blue walls. I was back in my hotel room. It was just a dream.. I rise my right hand to put it under my cheek and feel a sticky liquid. I feel the bed under me crumbling when I see the intense red liquid covering my fingers.



To: Jane Smith, editor of the college magazine

From: Sabina Radu, 10th grader

Subject: Children „Changing Ambitions” in Romania

Date: 20th May 2017

The purpose of this report is to show how important are relationships between schools and employers, in order to give young people enough information to allow them to make proper decisions about their futures.

Missing qualifications

Less than a quarter of romanian young people working in the field for who were prepared, and almost all have problems to employment due to the level of experience required by employers, result from the study "Youth and employment", which shows that 7 out of 10 young people want to have their own business. Almost all young people who are looking for a job (9 of 10) state the fact that they have problems caused by the lack of a level of experience required by the employer, and 4 in 10 believe that the jobs market does not present enough deals in conjunction with their preparation. The study has also shown that only 40 percent of respondents are declared confident in a professional and efficient future for the next five years, according to Mediafax.

More than half of young people looking for jobs in Romania (55 percent) would be willing to work outside the country, while the other 27 percent have not decided in this regard, and only 19 percent of those surveyed would not leave to work abroad. In contrast, eight in ten of the respondents would choose an official post abroad for a higher salary.

The effects of the economic and financial crisis had repercussions including young people’slife. Most come from faculties with humanist,legal and economic profile Although in recent years employers have traditionally focused priorities obviously on technical segment, growth trends in the number of candidates does not exceed technical parameters. So is and explains why young engineers are in demand on the labor market even after the economic crisis affected Romania.

Lack of advice

This „misalignment” could mean long-term problems for young people, the report says, because they are making decisions about qualifications and subjects with little awareness of the labor market ahead of them. And the report warns it can be dificult in later years to catch up with missing qualifications, highlighting the link between social mobility and acces to career advice and work experience.

It is obvoius that in a world in a permanent change, people change ambitions because perceptions change, views change, priorities change.

Essay: Children are given too much freedom nowadays

There are many reasons why children need parents. They need parents to love them, teach them, support them, take them to places and buy them stuff.
But children need parents to restrict their freedom. To live in a world with few external restrictions, you need to have the ability to say „no” to your momentary impulses and passions. And children, except for the most conscientious kids, do not have that ability. Left to their own desires, many children will choose to eat a devouring dessert over a healthy meal for dinner, not many would choose to do homework rather than indulge in video games or sleep too late at night. You may think you are really lucky if you have total freedom, but if you are unable to create a viable balance between freedom and restraint, you are not lucky at all. Witness: all the grossly obese people, the crazy-in-debt people, the addicted people. And theese are adults who should have more control over their impulses than children.
To sum up, I firmly believe that parents should give children chances to go along with their life and their hobbies or anything that can lead them to manage their life, to choose their own friends. Also, parents need to monitor their children to avoid them to take a wrong way in their life, but not shacle their life.


Here's an event that has tormented my childhood, but now I carry a smile whenever I recall it:
It was a wonderful summer day, when my family decided to go to the forest, at a lakeside picnic, with my uncle, aunt and two cousins.
I was very excited, even though I was sitting in the back seat of the car, and follow closely the manoeuvres that my dad perform carefully.
Reaching the place chosen by the parents, I was elated: green grass, clean water and rustling of the forest nearby, the joyful song of birds, I filled the soul of peace that it made me run around, dripping like a butterfly.
I mean, I've assisted my parents how I managed, to install those required, and soon mywill good has caught on all.
The others soon arrived, everything was perfect, but the discussions and preparations made me lose a little of my enthusiasm.Running beside the car, I decided to walk around and search on the buttons of the board, looking for a more fast-paced song. I do not know how and what I clicked, but the car began moving slowly with me, captive in it! ...
An unimaginable scary covered me, I saw my parents, my uncle and my aunt and cousins jumping and running after me, gesticulating in their hands and yelling, increase: -Pull the handbrake! As if I could understand something, with that fear who had paralyzed me... Suddenly, I remembered my father's maneuver, when he lift the lever located between his seat and the one my mother sitting, when he were joking with us: -Ready! Up here you paid the driver!
Like magic, I raised the lever, and the car has stopped before catching speed in a easy slope. Extremely happy, the parents were removed me from the car, all squeezing me in their arms and congratulated me for my determined action. I was happy that I got away well and the car was in good condition! Of course, the fun went all day until the sun has sunk.


Essay: Children are given too much freedom nowadays

As our society advances, many questions related to rights and moral values are arising. One particular issue has been debated for a long time is based on the question whether children are given too much freedom or not. To my way of thinking, it is definitely true that parents do not restrict their children’s freedom as much as they should do.

Firstly, an analysis of the changes in modern societies should be made to prove this statement. Freedom as a value has been constantly revaluated in the past century. From women’s right to vote to the gay liberation, many have struggled to give others freedom of expression no matter the consequences. As a result of an exaggerated freedom, “bad” parents who punish their children are not allowed to educate them anymore. They cannot scold them for bad marks, tell them to eat healthier food or stop them from going out with their friends when they have an important exam the next day. For example, a Canadian girl sued her father for not allowing her to go to a party. The girl won the trial since childcare organisations firmly state that children should be “independent” and “make their own choices in life”.

Secondly, an element of high importance for the development of the society must be taken into consideration and that is the internet. People from all over the world can now access various information at the distance of a click. Nevertheless, the children are more exposed to violent, hateful content more than ever. While their parents are busy at work, they use the internet in a way in which they hide from the real world. For instance, a certain game called the “Blue Whale” caused some children to mutilate themselves and even commit suicide. It is regrettable that such terrible things happen due to some parents who do not understand that a child needs someone who can openly talk to about their problems and frustrations.

Finally, I am convinced that parents must stand up despite the efforts of the society who tries to separate them from their children. By restricting their freedom, parents would teach them an important lesson – that life has its limits and you cannot always do what you want. Moreover, I think it is high time we let children truly be children. The internet somehow has managed to steal their innocence. Therefore, parents must be careful when it comes to how kids spend their free time.


To: John Smith, Editor-In-Chief
From: Stefan Stefanidis, student
Subject: Changing Ambitions
Date: 18th April 2017


This report contains relevant information concerning the changes of young people’s ambitions which you requested. The information below not only summarises the events that took place in the Romanian society in the last twenty years, but also describes the current situation and predicts future changes.

Twenty years ago
It is of outmost importance to state that twenty years ago, eight years after the revolution, the young democratic republic was struggling. Young people’s ambitions were strongly related to the rights they had been deprived of in the communist period. Namely, a private property and the opportunity to start a business of your own were two of the main rights everybody hoped for since in the good old days the state was the absolute owner. The struggle, which was mentioned earlier, meant to stabilise the country, was futile. The economic problems became overwhelming as the political corruption grew stronger. Consequently, many looked at the West to find a well-paid job.

Current situation

Nowadays, young people have the same ambition to start a new life abroad. Nevertheless, they do not know the hard times of the past generations and do not experience something similar. I do not suggest that young people leave the country only for more money and higher standards of living. Many of them do it so that their children would live a better, happier life. However, the future of the country is unstable since the number of emigrants is increasing. Another aspiration that appeared in the last twenty years would be the desire to have a job in the IT domain, which, again, is at least three times better paid abroad.


The poor situation in which the state is continues to make people abandon it. Nonetheless, the hope for the better which existed twenty years ago may appear again today as the country slowly advances with European help. Moreover, it is questionable if the life between people who will always consider you a stronger is a happier one. Some have already experienced such a situation and they returned home. The future seems a little bit brighter than the gloomy past.

The Torment

I was in a city with no name on a day that I do not remember well. At first glance, the city seemed majestic. It reminded me of the northern Italian cities I had visited in my teenage years. Houses, true architectural monuments, alongside the road with artesian wells showed the prosperity of the people living in them. One small “palace” captured my attention. The golden roof was shining in the sun and the perfectly aligned white columns made it a royal residence. I could not resist the temptation and I entered it. I was taken aback by what I saw. There were no floors, doors or anything. A huge, empty, ashen cube. Such beauty on the exterior, such misery on the interior. Suddenly, the wind started howling and the sky became darker. A timid melody, in the background, “Siegfried’s funeral”, by Wagner. Total emptiness.

After staring at the eternal abyss that appeared as if it wanted to devour everything, I decided to leave the “palace”. I had not met people until then, when I heard voices coming from the back of that building. There, thousands of dirty crowded houses appeared in front of my eyes. It seemed like an entire world had risen from the ashes, totally different from the one that I saw earlier as this was a world condemned to return to the ashes. I saw two men next to a carriage with two ashen horses: a physically strong and wealthy aristocrat and a humble, poor old man. The latter seemed to be the former’s servant.

“Why isn’t the carriage ready?” the aristocrat asked indignantly.
“Forgive me, master, but today is Sunday and I had to go to the church with my family. The sermon ended one hour ago and I rushed as much as I could…”
“You had to”, the master smiled maliciously, “you had to go you say…” Then, he continued seriously: “This is the thing that separates us the masters, the “overmen” from you, the slaves, the “herd”. We do not obey to any form of ideals. Pity, kindness, and humbleness, those values are specific to you. We, however, are proud of our condition, our lustful desires, and our ambitions. Pity only deprivers us of our strength”.

After his horrible “speech” which made me feel resentful, the aristocrat took a whip used for the horses and struck the old man with it, demanding him to never defy him again. The evil smile appeared once more on the master’s face, while the servant was sobbing on the ground. Such power the strike had.
“Forgive me!” the servant cried.
“Turn the other cheek.” the aristocrat responded sadistically.
Infuriated, he raised his strong arm again, ready to give the final blow. I rushed to the old man and I put my arms around him in despair. As I felt the terrible strike on my back, one of the ashen horses reared up in front of me and neighed menacingly.

All of a sudden, I woke up frightened, covered in sweat. Soon, I realised it was just a nightmare, a torment, yet I was still worried about something. I had so many questions. Were the overmen as cruel as in my nightmare and if so why did Nietzsche prefer such people to raise above others? I tried to help the old man as I felt pity for him. Nietzsche tried to save a horse that was brutally beaten with a whip in the middle of the road in Turin. If the overmen cannot show mercy and the help they give to those weaker than then is only derived from an “impulse born from the abundance of their power”, then what was in Nietzsche’s mind when he did such a thing? Questions beyond good and evil.

I slept at my desk with the head on the book which I had to read for my course at the Faculty of Philosophy. My eyes fell upon two highlighted phrases: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” I closed the book.



Are children given too much freedom?

The ever changing world we live in is challenging us to teach the children how to adapt to countless situations of the everyday life. In order to do this, there are two prevalent methods that parents use: showing their children how to get things done, based on a step by step process, or providing them with the materials and a few pieces of advice that are needed for having a basic understanding of what is going on and letting them discover personal and unique means of accomplishing certain tasks. But is the latter scheme an efficient one? It may seem that the most of us would disagree with it and the arguments regarding this children’s freedom are to be developed below.

Firstly, since we live in the era of technology, children gain access to smartphones and computers from a very small age, sometimes even before they go to school. Offering these devices without any parental control gives them total freedom to do whatever they please, without actually being aware of the aftermath. Children do not always know the risks of clicking on an attractive advertisement which could potentially redirect them to malicious websites. Moreover, if the parents allow their kids to make an online purchase for just a few pounds, they may forget their card details on the youngsters’ phones, which could lead to more expensive purchases, so they will end up with no money at all several weeks later. This is a pretty widespread event and some sly and ill-intentioned people particularly design attractive adverts to get others’ money.

Secondly, children are also given much freedom when they are left alone at home. Their parents would rather work more for some financial bonuses than stay at home and spend the so-called family time. This is not an entirely blamable aspect, as long as they also keep an eye on their offspring’s behavioural and educational situation. All the time spent alone makes a boy or a girl turn away from their mother and father, which represents only the first step in the journey of a hectic teenage. If the parents do not take enough care of this matter, the children will definitely act up sooner or later.

All in all, I believe that children are given too much freedom for their age. This is the period in which they have to acquire the notions of manners, respect and general knowledge. It is the only time when their parents can mould their needs, their responsibilities and, ultimately, their characters. Although it may sound a bit harsh, parents have to be more attentive with their kids by imposing some clear rules and show them what is good and what is not.

To: Stephen Fletcher, Magazine editor
From: Matei Tanase, Student
Subject: Changing ambitions of the society
Date: April 20th 2017


Over the past 20 years, many changes have occurred, mainly in the field of technology, with inventions like smartphones, smartwatches, virtual reality simulators or 3D televisions. The aim of this report is to assess the major differences in what regards people’s ambitions over the course of the last two decades.

Technology – related breakthroughs

Firstly, the field in which discoveries and innovations are the most numerous is the one of technology. If it were to name just a few improvements, some thought filtering would be necessary. In this regard, I will give the most relevant example – the evolution of cellphones. This is how we got to transmit our ideas and stories with just a few taps on a screen. Also, we can virtually see people that may be living thousands of kilometers away from us, covering the same process mentioned above. Thus, there is an obvious tendency to ease the human interaction, regardless of time, place and language. We started from making a call, waiting for a central unit to intercept it and redirect it to another one, from another county or country, and waiting again to establish the connection with the other person at the other end, all of that in the nineties. Talking about the present, all this struggle has been dramatically reduced and it is for everyone’s good.

Human development

These paragraphs have the purpose of having a brief view regarding mankind’s will to do better, build bigger and break more limits.
Taking them one by one, I will firstly refer to the Olympic Games and how each record has been broken at least twice in the past 20 years, which shows some strong spirits who do not step back when facing greater challenges than ever before.

When talking about building bigger, I am emphasizing our awareness of the pollution caused by the lack of plants that can filter the air. Thus, instead of building around the cities, on the outskirts, and expanding into the neighboring forests, we have chosen to build upwards in order to have the same housing space and protect the environment.

Lastly, space exploration has evolved a lot recently and is it thrusted by the need to gather more resources that are becoming scarcer or Earth. This is why there are such private companies as SpaceX that are working on improving time travelling and making it feasible, so that they could transport resources and potential colonists between Earth and other planets from the Solar System.


To sum everything up, I am of the opinion that people’s ambitions change under the influence of the environment and will to thrive. Without these factors, there would be no competition of any kind, be it a sport competition or the race to creating smaller and more powerful devices, and we would pretty much live without any remorse when thinking that we are the ones who bring major changes to the ecosystem and do nothing to preserve it.

The Torment

A few more hours and it’s going to be all over. He knows this and he wishes those hours were just some minutes until the grand finale. The snowy weather outside makes the snowflakes fall through the grating and onto his bare knees, causing the old man to shiver. Georgewald Lecter’s long grey hair is the only thing that is keeping him somewhat warm, apart from a stigmatizing long white T-shirt.

But why is Georgewald Lecter imprisoned and what makes him long for the end of this period?

Also known as Doctor Georgewald, Lecter is a sixty year old psychiatrist who’s been staying in the miserable prison of Shincliffe for two weeks, waiting to serve his death sentence this Friday, in the central market of the town. The reasons are still unclear to the press, but rumours say he has killed two innocent children who might have been related to him.

Now, Lecter is trying to stand up to finish his wall drawing, scratching his bleeding knuckles against the enclosure. The one week macabre scene depicts his blazing funerals, with fiery demons flying out of his coffin. This whole picture has cost the prisoner six knuckles so far and he doesn’t seem to give up against the pain, a phenomenon that no one can justify. When the guards first tried to stop him from doing this, he jumped at one of them and fiercely bit his arm, only to resume his painting afterwards.

All the poor feeding and extreme weather conditions have totally changed the looks of a well built and cheerful physician who once enjoyed studying and helping his mad patients. Now he’s just a slender figure. Any traces of life are long gone, but he is yet to walk in front of the crowd and wait for the executioner to do his job. Maybe he is not afraid of this, but the long awaiting has certainly driven him crazy. This is the only possible explanation why he cries at the end of each day, after the evening prayer. He just can’t bear the thought that his two beloved daughters are now dead and he is the one to blame for this. He wants to join them and love them and protect them more than he did while he was alive.

As Georgewald Lecter is finishing his drawing by writing the date of his last day on this world – 6.06.1806– two guards step into his cell and cuff him. With a mischievous smile, the man slowly walks out of his prison cell – the torment is now over.


The Torment

JJ's love for Kristen was nothing more than a torment for him. The unrequited love that he didn't manage to testify for all his high school years was making him sick. He always thought of himself as a coward for not being able to man up and tell Kristen how much he loved her.
But things didn't get better. After finishing high school , he went to the University of London to study law. Him and Kristen have previously discussed about which University they will go. At first they both wanted to go to a University in Manchester, but after months of thinking, JJ chose London instead. To his surprise, JJ met her in the university's diner, he was totally baffled.

What was he supposed to do now? Just ignore her for another 5 years or just tell her the truth. Kristen was becoming very popular, year after year, while JJ was focusing heavily on school, and not on the love for Kristen. Four years passed. But one day they both went to a party of a common friend. JJ was very excited, as he thought that he could maybe finally speak to her in a more casual environment. But his hopes have been crushed by one of his colleagues, which appeared to be in a relationship with Kristen. JJ rudely left the party, leaving the
host in a bad mood. Kristen ran outside towards him and asked him what happened. He calmly said that he just isn't in the mood for partying. Kristen insisted on inviting him back, and he was not having it. She told her that she loved her for all those years but couldn't manage to tell her. Kristen was at first surprised, but that she started crying. JJ wanted to comfort her by putting his hand by her shoulders, but his hand was instantly pushed. Kristen ran back in without saying a thing. JJ left.

"What a weird night that was!" he told to himself. He didn't know what to thing about the strange encounter. Why did Kristen cry?
Now that he had a more private moment with Kristen, he loved her even more, feeling that he got closer to her...he was wrong.He once again met Kristen at the diner but she only said a dull "Hi...". This time, JJ asked what happened and he got an answer he never would have thought he would get: Kristen used to like him back in the senior year but didn't tell him because she was shy. JJ was destroyed. He only had 6 months to do something and the finals were getting closer.

The following months JJ couldn't study. He lost weight but barely passed his finals. Kristen didn't. She didn't even come to the exam. A news article showed up that morning. Kristen was ran over by a passing car. The driver was drunk. JJ rushed to the hospital. Torment.


Children today are given to much freedom

In my opinion the children today are given to much freedom ,because the adults of our century are being more and more busy with their work ,forcing them to spend less and less more time with their kids.

Firstly ,this thing can be observed on internet and social media where children can visit any type of site and make their own accounts even though they have age restrictions. Unfortunately these kind of unsupervised actions often lead to tragical results, many kids being bullied ,ofensed or even worse.

Secondly, another problem regarding children freedom is that a lot of these youngsters start having bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or doing drugs. These often lead to addictions that the kids will have to face years later when they grow up .

Thirdly ,I am convinced that by offering a lot of freedom to children, they will not focus it on learning and education and so they will start having worse grades and hating school for that, just because not every child has motivation and self-belief to concentrate on education.

Fourthly ,my opposing viewpoint is represented by the fact that freedom can also mean letting the kid choose his own road in life, in this way he being able to develop social skills and self-guidance skills that will help him in his adult life.

In conclusion i strongly believe that children should not be given too much freedom because in many cases it would do more harm that good.

Changing ambitions

To: CNITV magazine director

From: Truica Paul Rares

Subject: Changing Ambitions

Date:18th of May

The purpose of this report is to asses the advisability of how the ambitions of the young people have changed over the last 20 years and how they will change in the future.

I firmly believe that the goals and aspirations of our generation are very different from what they used to be. For example, in the past, being a teacher or an engineer were the main jobs a teenager would take in consider ,however in our time these kind of careers seem to be forgotten, jobs like programmers or graphic designers succeeding to show more and more interest in young people.

It is clear that the ambitions of teenagers will change once a new generation comes in and they will evolve into better things that will help this world change step by step.

As a whole, this report expresses an overall view of how the goals of youngsters have changed over the decades and how they will change again over the coming years.

The Torment

It was a rainy Tuesday and I was asking myself if I should learn the history lesson or not because i had class that day. Finally, little time left I decided not to learn thinking that i am a lucky guy and i will not be chosen out of the 32 students of our class.
When I arrived to school everybody was talking about it, "Did you learn the lesson for history class?","what are we going to do?",I felt a little bit nervous but very confident on my luck and the fact that it was almost impossible to learn now. As my last class was the history one I stayed calm until sports when the emotions really got to me, everyone was learning and not even one guy played football ,it was at this moment when I said:"I have to go for the impossible ."Picked up my notebook but couldn't memorate a thing as the torment of not learning was tougher .After ten minutes of remembering only the title of the lesson i was heading to our class with prayers on my mind and promising that this will be the last time i will not learn the lesson. The teacher walked in ,a cold hearted man with a terrifying look that scared me more than any horror movie. He opened his classbook and start picking students randomly same as a lion which picks his next prey ,my torment reached sky high grounds as my heart beat ten times faster than normal.
In the end ,the teacher picked my colleague Traian which is one number lower than me and i left home with a big smile on my face but with a lesson to learn that I should never let this happen again


The Torment
Everything Andy loved was her teddy-bear, a very dirty disgusting toy no other kid would have ever wanted to play with. But it was all she had, all she’d ever had. She loved her toy, even if it was missing an ear and an eye, it was her best friend during her worst time in life, the childhood.
Maybe you wonder why. How can the childhood be the worst part of someone’s life? Her mother was a heroin addict, and her father an abusivealcoholic. They locked her in the attic. For days, they wouldn’t even give her food and when they did, it was only the leftovers from some old pre-cooked food. So all she could do was to sit alone hugging her only friend, her teddy-bear until the daily torment started. She could hear her parents fighting downstairs. That was the moment when she was going in the corner of the room, taking her friend in her little arms and wait for the inevitable. When the noises stopped downstairs, she knew that was it. Again… one of her parents came to beat her to unleash their endless anger at her. What did she do wrong? She did nothing, she only was born in the wrong family.
One day, she suddenly heard some footsteps around her door. She thought it was her lucky day, someone came to help her. No... it was her mother who was very angry at the fact that she had an altercation with the police that day. This is why she took a knife from the kitchen and went upstairs at Andy who was laying on the floor as always. But, it wasn’t Andy’s lucky day. It was the unluckiest. The mother beat her, making more and more bruises on Andy’s little body then took the knife and stabbed her in the stomach: “I don’t want to see you ever again! I hate you!” she said to her child and then left the room and locked the door.
Andy lay down on the floor in pain, took her teddy-bear in her arms for one last time. A tear went down on her bruised and full of scars face. Then she closed her eyes… Then she closed her eyes… thinking:” I don’t want to die. Help me, my friend”.
A few hours later, the police came to find drugs in the house. While checking the house, they broke in the attic to find Andy’s little body. She was rushed to a hospital and after recovering, she was adopted by a loving and caring family, getting away of her childhood torment.

Generally speaking, freedom is defined to be that state of not being imprisoned or enslaved and the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants.
In a person life, childhood is believed to be the happiest and worriless period. Nowadays, many people consider that children are given too much freedom: to enjoy their life, to do what they want.
What gives children such power? Well, there are various factors: first of all, the lack of quality time devoted by parents to look after their children, to know and talk to them. This provides full freedom to children. Having no restriction from anyone they plan their life as they wish: watching TV, playing games, hanging out with friends until late, or worst: becoming addicted - net addiction or drug addiction. How many of us don’t desire to spend more time doing what we want and not to obey any rules that family, school or society made for us?
Furthermore, parents who have too much confidence in their children’s judgement and don’t intervene, allowing them to make their choices regarding the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the lifestyle and personal life as well. Children are given total freedom to act, to speak, to behave. Their impulsiveness can damage them a lot.
I know a family whose only child was so spoiled from his birth, that at the age of 8 nobody could control him anymore: he did only what he wanted, and as a result soon he became net addicted, having serious behavior problems. His parents instead of trying to educate him, they were very proud and said: “Our boy is very smart. He knows everything, he’s very keen on computers”.
On the other hand, there are parents who are overprotective and put many restrictions on their children life, as a result these children become fearful and distrustful in their own forces. One of my cousins, even she is 14 years old, she is afraid to stay home alone or to do anything by herself, because my aunt didn’t allow her when she was younger.
Everyone needs freedom, but family should watch their children, to avoid them getting diverted to wrong ways. Parents should be responsible and keep an eye on their children and, if there a problem appears, they should try to solve it together.

To: John Smith, Editor-In-Chief
From: Alexandra Udrescu, student
Subject: Changing Ambitions
Date: 19th April 2017

This report presents the results of a survey on how young people’s ambitions have changed during the last 20 years and it also presents the possible future changes that might occur.

People from 90’s
Generally speaking, young people always desired to overcome obstacles and live a better life than their parents. The question that rises is what people do to accomplish these desires. Twenty years ago, youngers were determined to learn, school was a priority for them. Being apart from the Communist Party and being able to feel the taste of freedom, their ambitions to build their own world broke out and they succeeded through education, hard work and perseverance.

Youngers from today
Nowadays, unfortunately, there are many young people who seem to be disoriented. It looks like they lost their purpose in life. There is only one aim: to have money and do nothing. Somehow, for them, the ambition to learn and have good jobs - therefore many opportunities in life - got lost. They do little but they have great expectations from the others. If they continue this way of living, they can ruin their lives.

To sum up, the changes are huge. The difference in thought and education must alarm us, but, as long as there are still young people who desire to do better in life through education, responsibility and hard work, there is hope for a better future for all of us. In addition to this, the mentality of our society must change, only through learning and hard work a person can succeed.



To: Eulcie Sutcac, Bitul Liber
From: Adriana Voinescu, intern at F. Reud Masters
Subject: Changing ambitions
Date: 19th May 2017


The purpose of this report is to outline the imminent change of ambitions among the young people during the last twenty years, based on my own sources of research .


What is the difference between the 10 years old kids from 1997 and the ones from present day? Everyone has dreams and ambitions since they are young, but nowadays this age can be challenging, due to the changed conception about life in general. This evolution- if we can call it like that- determined little kids to take a turnover of their desires. If you were to ask children what they want to do in life, about 20 years ago, you would get a standard answer, which involved building a happy family, buying a house and get a well-paid job.

Present and future changes

Nowadays, teenagers aspire to get important functions in the technology domain, which is taking over the labor market. This was quite rare among the ‘90’s kids, who aspired to be a good doctor for example. Although the urge to leave his native country was always in one’s head, the number of kids yearning to emmigrate is increasing. With all these changes, who knows what the future holds in?


The choices made by young people these days are certainly different compared to their predecessors’ of the same age. Even if it is assigned to the conflict between generations or simply the outburst of the IT domain, it is still a major change for this age category.


Let's make childhood great again

In the long run, kids are gaining more and more power over their parents. Why is that? Even if scientists state it’s genetic for the babies to be more intelligent than their creators, kids these days can be more persuasive and mean compared with their 12 years old mother and father. In my opinion, giving children the power to distinguish what is good and what is bad for them comes with a great responsability and cannot be done at such a young age.

First of all, the number of parents who choose to give their kids freedom is raising dangerously, making it harder to tell a kid ‘no’. Even if every child is educated differently, it’s only getting more difficult to try and change his mind once it is common for him to do what he wants.

Second of all, allowing your kid to do what he wants can make him indolent and disobedient. As time goes by, he may come to believe that all of his decisions are right, even if some of them are incorrect.This can be fixed, but how is he going to listen to you if he’s on his own?

On the contrary, letting a kid make decisions by himself allows him to take responsability for what is about to happen and fix what goes wrong.

To sum it all up, modern parents are a little too permisive with their children. I strongly believe they are given too much freedom and that being independent as a kid can’t be handled well by all teenagers.

Story - The torment

Finally, the big day had come, and I was excited about it. So many preparations made for this wedding! All of my relatives were gathered in this small room to see me before the transformation, raving and cheering me up. Even if the excitement was not showing up on my face, I had accelerated moves and my heart rate was up. There were three hours left and the seconds were passing so slow! I looked at the bride dress again and tried to calm down once again.

When the time finally came, my relatives went to their cars and arranged to meet me at the church. I was relieved to have some moments alone and started to think about all of this situation. Focused on doing everything right, I had to take a break. I decided to call my mom and seek for some serenity before the wedding, so I had her make me calm down, just as she always manages to do.
I can’t describe exactly how I felt on the way to the church. My future husband and I were facing the priest now, holding hands and barely listening to everyone else. This magical moment was interrupted when I realized he was nervous and his hand was sweaty. I was looking at him, trying to get something from his facial expression, but he continued holding my hand just as if nothing happened. FInally, when we had to put on our rings, he stood up and turned to the crowd, flusterred and mumbling some words, until I finally understood. He didn’t have the rings! As soon as the guests all got it, I expected them to be disappointed, but they started laughing like nothing was wrong. We were embarassed, so the priest took our hands and continued the ceremony.
Outside, the guests congratulated us with smiles on their faces, telling us it was a very ‘special’ ceremony. My husband apologized, but we were still tormented about the situation. After all, I came to consider it a funny experience and I even manage to smile when people remind me of it. But I will never forget what agony that day brought to our minds!