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Deadline: May 20th



Hello, my name is Ariadna Alexandrescu and I'm a student at CNITV.
I like reading and hanging out with my friends. I live in Pipera in a house.
. I like it here because if I am bored I can go out and play with my neighbors. I also found out that a few colleagues live very close to my house.
In this area there are a few cars so the air is clean and children can play outside their gardens without worrying.
The place where I live is very convenient
for my parents as well because it doesn't take so long for them to arrive at their workplace.


I my country, when two people get married
they go to the church accompanied by their friends and family.
The bride wears a white dress and the groom wears a suit.
The dress symbolizes purity.
After the two swear faith and mutual help the
the fresh married pair goes to a restaurant with their guests (family and friends).
There, they eat and dance and at the end of the party the cook bring a wedding cake.
The pair cuts the first slice.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the clothes I bought online from your store.
I ordered them on the first of May and they arrived today, fourth of May.
When I opened the package I saw that the shirt had no bottoms although in the picture of it,
which was shown in the catalogue, it had bottoms.
I also ordered a pair of jeans.
When I wanted to try them, the zip broke.
The jeans aren't too small, they fit me perfectly, so I don't think that is the reason the zip broke.
I intend to return the products.
Do you think I could get a full refund or some discount coupons?
I look forward to hearing from you in the next weeks.

Yours truly,
Ariadna Alexandrescu

WRITING/pg 103
On the 31st of October, at CNITV there will take place a play.
Everyone is welcome, there is no price of admission.
The play begins at 19 o'clock but it will be a good idea if you come 30 minutes earlier to reserve a seat.
The actors are students at CNITV. The place is about a witch who is trying to learn how to fly.
She is helped by others witches who already know how to do this.
When she wants to give up a mysterious person appears in her life.
That person teaches the young which how to believe in herself and what true friendship is.
This place is appropriated for small children but also for teens and adults.

WRITING/pg 117

Q1: What is the proportion of water that covers the planet?
A1: The planet is 70% covered by water.

Q2: How many planets are there in the solar system?
A2: There are nine planets.

Q3: What is the percentage of water in the human body?
A3: It contains around 70% water.

Q4: How many bones do we have in our body?
A4: We have 206 bones.

Q5: What makes the plants green?

A5: The plants are green because they contain chlorophyll.



My name is Rebecca Andrei, I am 13 years old and I study at Tudor Vianu National High School.

I live in Bucharest, a large Romanian industrial city, next to Bazilescu Parc, in a peaceful neighbourhood that has conveniently close public transport, and boasts beautiful homes along with helpful residents. I adore the area in which I live, mostly because of how atypical it is compared to other neighbourhoods. In some urban areas, people complain of the lack of greenery, whereas we take a tremendous amount of pride in our abundance of it. Similarly, I have heard disgruntled parents mutter about the lack of space, near their homes, for their children to play in, but in my area, there are copious amounts of it.

As for myself, my favourite hobby is reading, but because of my general lack of time, I can rarely indulge in quality perusing of a book and have to settle for the rushed version.

A Traditional Wedding in Romania

When most Romanian people think of a traditional wedding, they think of white dresses, a lot of flowers and churches. It turns out, that although these elements are part of a typical wedding, they are not all there is to it.

One of the main characteristics of a traditional wedding that makes it so utterly appealing and specatcular are the superstitions that have been believed in for hundreds of years. The most popular of these is the kidnapping of the bride, something which many people say is the key to a truly sensational wedding. The groom is supposed to look after the bride at the wedding, and when he isn’t paying attention, the bride is stolen by some of the guests at the wedding reception. Afterwards, they demand ransom in order to allow her to return to her new husband. Another one is that two different brides must not see each other on their wedding day, otherwise they would both have bad marriages.

Superstitions are not all there is, though. There are also traditions that have been around for a long time. One of these is that the bride is supposed to step on the groom’s foot at the wedding to keep him wrapped around her finger for the rest of their lives. Another is that somebody is supposed to get out of the church with a bucket of water, in which the groom and bride will put money.

Having said that, traditional Romanian weddings are completely astounding for everyone involved.

A Letter of Complaint

To whomever it may concern,

I feel it is appropriate for me to write a letter to your company to express my dissatisfaction with your merchandise, that I purchased from a catalogue, and to also establish the consequences of the untruthful advertisement that your company practices.

Recently, I found myself perusing a catalogue that contained multiple articles about clothing and about how to order them, when two of your company’s productions caught my eye: a shirt and a pair of trousers. After a while of carefully considering whether I should buy them or not, I decided that I was quite enamoured with them, thus purchasing the clothing.

My troubles started the day after that one, when the items I had bought had arrived. I was feeling rather impressed with the fast delivery and thought that if I would ever find something to my liking from you, I would buy it, if only for the incredibly prompt delivery. That is, until I saw the products that I had purchased.

The first thing I noticed was the fact that the shirt had no buttons, even though in the advertisement it was written in bold letters, underneath the picture: “All buttons are included.”. Naturally I was appalled, but I decided to refrain from reporting this error, if only to spare myself the trouble that comes with dealing with bureaucracy. After a thorough scrutiny of the trousers, I decided to put them on, when the unthinkable happened: the zip snapped. The fact that they were so large for me that I had considered wearing a belt before I put them on is a testament and that it still broke is a testament to their poor quality.

Therefore, I decided to forego the normal procedures regarding filing a complaint and take the matter into my own hands, so to speak, by writing your company a letter. As such, I will return the purchased items and demand a full refund for them as it is my right. I expect a letter containing a formal apology from your company for your deceitful behaviour.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,
A disgruntled client,
Rebecca Andrei.

Concert: The First Rhapsody by George Enescu

Dates/Times: Saturday, 16:00 PM – 19:00 PM
Location: Street Ion Mincu, number 10
Admission: 15 lei adults, 10 lei children

The time for the much expected concert is finally here! The talented musicians of Tudor Vianu National High School will interpret the beloved, classically Romanian “The First Rhapsody” written by the widely acclaimed George Enescu. This concert isn’t just for the classical music lovers, but for everyone, as the rhapsody itself captivates the attention of the public, regardless of their musical preferences, or lack thereof. Afterwards, we, the organisation committee, invite you to attend the after-concert party, at which you can congratulate the performers on their, no doubt, brilliant performance in the concert.

Quiz Time!

1. How long does the american presidential campaign last?
  • A) 1 month
  • B) 4 months
  • C) 6 months
  • D) 10 months

2. In the 2011 movie “Thor” who starred as the villain, Loki?
  • A) Benedict Cumberbatch
  • B) Tom Hiddleston
  • C) Chris Hemsworth
  • D) Anthony Hopkins

3. J.K. Rowling is the writer of which successful book franchise?
  • A) Narnia
  • B) The Lord of the Rings
  • C) Harry Potter
  • D) Percy Jackson

4. How old was Napoleon Bonaparte at the beginning of the French Revolution?
  • A) 20 years old
  • B) 10 years old
  • C) 28 years old
  • D) 18 years old

5. What does the USSR stand for?
  • A) Union of Socialist Soviet Republic
  • B) Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
  • C) United Soviet States of Russia
  • D) United States of Sovereign Russia

6. What was Australia originally used as?
  • A) Farming ground
  • B) Prison
  • C) Private Vacation Area
  • D) Animal Breeding Ground

7. How much of Canada’s population lives on its outskirts?
  • A) 37%
  • B) 69%
  • C) 24%
  • D) 98%

8. From a theoretical point of view, what will kill you first in outer space, assuming that you do not possess the necessary equipment to survive?
  • A) Lack of Oxygen
  • B) The Cold
  • C) The Pressure
  • D) Exposure

9. In the previous hypothetical situation, what is the worst thing that you can do?
  • A) Hold Your Breath
  • B) Breathe
  • C) Struggle
  • D) Stand Still

10. In Greek Mythology, which form does Aphrodite take?
  • A) Of a Beautiful Maiden
  • B) Of a Handsome Young Man
  • C) Of What Most People Find Attractive
  • D) Her Form Changes Every Time She Meets Somebody

1.D; 2.B; 3.C; 4.A; 5. B; 6.B; 7.D; 8.C; 9.A; 10.D



About me

Hi !my name is Arsene Denisa, I am 13 years old and I live in Bucharest.I am a student at Tudor Vianu National High school.My favorite subjects are informatics and math.I live in a flat,close to a lot of parks like Tineretului or Carol,so weeklyI take my bike and I go with my parents in the park to breathe fresh air and to meet my friends.


A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage.Each country has its own traditions and customs. In Romania, the "Wedding Season" appears when the wine is old enough and in large quantity. No wedding can take place in the big post, during the 40 days before Christmas or Easter. Tradition requires that the husband's parents ask for the girl's hand from her parents. Their baptismal gods, or others, join the nuptial family at the church wedding and at the later reception, which will last for an entire night. In the past, the wedding party lasted three days and three nights.

Letter of complaint

Dear Sir/Madame,

It is my duty as a buyer to tell you the unpleasantness of your service so I will tell you what happened to me yesterday. I ordered a dress for a birthday online, the picture seemed perfect but when I unpacked the package I had the displeasure to find a dress without any zipper. I hope that in the future this will not happen again and that I will get an answer as soon as possible.

The biggest school event

Dates/Times: On children’s day

Location: C.N.I.T.V, Strada Ion Mincu 10, București 011358

Price of admission:It's free for everyone!!!

This will be the biggest school event, music bands of all genres will play at Tudor Vianu National High schoolon the children’s day, incredible music, free drinks, exceptional moments that you will not be able to miss.


  1. Which kind of waves are used to make and receive cellphone calls?

a)Radio waves

b)Visible light waves

c)Sound waves

d)Gravity waves

2. Denver, Colorado, is at a higher altitude than Los Angeles, California. Which of these statements is correct?

a) Water boils at a lower temperature in Denver than Los Angeles.

b) Water boils at a higher temperature in Denver than Los Angeles.

c) Water boils at the same temperature in both Denver and Los Angeles.

3. Which of these terms is defined as the study of how the positions of stars and planets can influence human behavior?

a) Astrology

b) Alchemy

c) Astronomy

d) Meteorology

4.Which chemical element carries the symbol 'Se'?





5.What nerve carried signals from the retina to the brain?

a)Sciatic nerve

b)Optic nerve

c)Synaptic nerve

d)Intermediate nerve


About me

Hello! My name is Raisa Axenie and I’m 12 years old. I study at “TUDOR VIANU” National High School of Computer Science and my favorite subjects are Physics and Informatics. I live in Bucharest, which is usually very crowded and polluted, but I live in the north in a peaceful neighborhood with a lot of green spaces.

Romanian Weddings

The Romanian weddings are very special moment in one’s life. In Romania, most of the couples get married on Saturdays or Sundays. They usually sign the legal papers at the city hall the Thursday or Friday before the wedding, but the religious ceremony, followed by a big party, is the real wedding.
The weddings are full of superstitions and traditions like: the bride and the groom have ceremonial crowns during the wedding ceremony, during the party the bride throws a bouquet and the woman who catches the flowers will be the next one to marry, it is also bad luck for two brides to see each other in their wedding days. You should come to see the uniqueness of the Romanian weddings!

Letter of complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m writing to complain about the products that I bought from your site.
I ordered a shirt and a pair of trousers on May 10th and the arrived on May 14th. When I looked at the shirt I realised that the shirt does not have buttons and it was completely different from the one I ordered. Also, when I tried the trousers, the zip broke when I tried them on, even though they were a bigger size.
I want to return the clothing and to change them or receive my money back.
Thank you,
Raisa Axenie

Students' Concert

Dates/ Times: May 19th, 5:00 pm
Location: “TUDOR VIANU” National High School of Computer Science
Admission: Free
This Friday, the students are putting on a special concert. This concert is held every year in May. This year’s theme is classical music, so the ‘musicians’ will sing at piano, flute, clarinet and violin. You will be amazed by the talent of those students!

Science quiz!!

1. What is the force that allows us to walk on Earth?
a)Tension Force b) Frictional Force c) Gravitational Force

2. What is the sixth planet in our Solar System?
a)Jupiter b) Uranus c)Saturn

3. Who is the inventor of the telephone?
a)Albert Einstein b) Graham Bell c)Thomas Edison
4. What is the longest bone in our body?
a)Femur b)Tibia c) Radius
5. What is the chemical formula of nitrate?
a) NaCl b) NO3 c) NO2
1.b) 2.c) 3.b) 4.a) 5.b)

About me

Hello! My name is Mădălina and I live in Bucharest, Romania. I live here with my parents and my brother. We have lived here for many years. I'm a student at Tudor Vianu Colage. Bucharest is a very crowded city. It is also very poluted, but it has many facilities. In Bucharest, there are many schools, markets, hospitals, theatres.
Although living in Bucharest is very exhausting, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Traditional wedding
Marry in Octomber if you wish
A special wedding to distinguish !

A traditional wedding in Romania can be one of the most authentic way to combine the old and new traditions, joined together in time. Some traditions are kept by most of the young couples getting married: they go to the city hall in the morning to get legally married, then come back at home to get dressed up and in the evening they go to the church to get married in front of God. After that all go to the wedding party.
The most interesting custom at a Romanian wedding is to kidnap the bride around midnight. This tradition is from the eastern part of Europe, the bride is kidnapped by the groom’s friends, who ask for ransom. The bride is often taken to a bar, a club or in the park. They negociate on the phone and when they obtaine the agrrement, the bride is brought back to the wedding. The ransom is usually paid in fine wine bottles and it can also be a request for the groom to make a speech to show his love for the wife.
Another custom in Romanian wedding is to trade the wedding veil for a head scarf, while the orchestra sing a popular song: Ia-ti mireasa ziua buna, de la tata, de la muma”, (Say goodbye, dear bride, to your father and your mother). So, the godmother takes the veil and replaces it with a scarf. This gesture symbolises that the girl become a young married woman.
The groom comes to bride’s house to take her to the church. After the ritual, the couple, the parents and the godparents have a round dance around a middle church table.
At the wedding party, all the people bring gifts for the newly wed couple. In Romania, these gifts are mostly money in an envelope. The couple uses this money to pay for the wedding, the honeymoon or even a car or some percent of an apartment price.
During the party, the bride throws the bouquet and the young woman that catches will marry soon.
After the wedding cake is served, the wedding is almost finished. The bride and the godmother and all the ladies get together in a traditional dance named HORA. They dance together and if a man wants to dance with the bride, he has to pay money. These are the bride’s money, to do as she wishes.

Letter of Complaint

Dear Sir,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction about my order from your catalogue, order received yesterday. I have been your royal customer for many years and now I am so dissapointed.
I wish to inform you that the articles ordered have not been made according to quality requirements regarding fashion. A week ago, I visited your website and ordered a shirt and a pair of trousers from the new autumn catalogue. The package was delivered yesterday morning and there are several problems regarding my purchase.
Firstly, accorgind to the website, the shirt must look different from the one that I received, this one has no buttons. The buttons make it looks more interesting and modern.
Secondly, the trousers that I ordered looked like a scrap. When I tried on the trousers, the zip broke. In addition, the color of my trousers does not match the sample that I ordered from the online shop.
I am, therefore, writing to return this package. I have also to request an immediate refund of the money I paid.
I look forward to receiveing your prompt reply.

Special Event of my School

There is something very special about an end of year school concert. It’s a chance for pupils to show how much they have achieved and also a chance for parents to admire the achievements.
On behalf of her wonderful music students, our teacher would like to invite you to attend our concert where we will celebrate our growing talents and take the opportunity to practice our performance skills. We have been making good progress on our musical journey and we’d love you to come along and see how well we are doing.
Parents and performers are warmly invited to stay for this:

I am pleased to invite you to our CONCERT. The children have been working hard this year and have invested a lot of time in learning their instruments. They are eager to schow what they have accomplish.

The concert will take place on Wednesday, December 18th.

Parents are very much welcome to attend. Performing in the concert will be Mary, Tudor and Ana, our olimpics at piano but also the School Band “ZUZU” and the Beginning Band. This will be the first performance of our fifth grade band members and I am very pleased to have them perform this early in the year.
The price of admission as a donation is 10 RON.
We hope to see you at the concert !

Science quiz
- History -

  1. 1. The Romans spoke a language called:
a) Latin b) French c) German
  1. 2. Lancelot was the favourite knight of:
a) King Charles b) King Arthur c) King Alfonso
  1. 3. In ancient times, the best sailors of all were:
a) The Phoenicians b) the Greeks c) the Italians
  1. 4. Marco Polo is one of the most famous:
a) Singer b) knight c) explorer, of all time.
  1. 5. Genghis Khan was the greatest leader of the:
a) Mongol b) Syria c) Europe
  1. 6. In 1497, a Portuguese sailor finally sailed around the coast of Africa. His name was:
a) Bartolomeu Dias b) Vasco da Gama c) Cristopher Columb
  1. 7. « Conquistador » is a Spanish word that means :
a) King b) Conqueror c) Explorator
  1. 8. Viking traders rode on camels and carried their:
a) Cars b) Ships c) Weapons
  1. 9. Egyptian houses were made from:
a) Mud bricks dried in the sun b) Concrete c) Wood
  1. 10. In Egypt, who wore eye make-up:
a) Men b) Women c) men and women
Answers: 1-a; 2-b; 3-a; 4-c; 5-a; 6-b; 7-b; 8-b; 9-a; 10-c.


About me
HI! My name is Vlad and I live in a flat in Bucharest. I chose to live here because there is never a dull moment in a city like Bucharest. I absolutely love the hustle and bustle of the city. One thing I love about my city is the architecture. If you are a tourist you can admire it while sightseeing the Old Town. I think that a big city pretty much fits my lifestyle and if I had to choose between living in a city and living in the countryside I would definitely pick the city.

Wedding Article
The bride should cry before the weeding so she would be happy in her marriage
So says one Romanian wedding tradition which, like many others has its roots in ancient history, folklore and interesting superstitions! Even in these modern times, many couples try to include ancient customs in their wedding, in the hope that it will bring them luck and happiness. Here are some of the traditions that Romanian people follow on their wedding day.
Rain means luck in marriage
  • It is a good sign if a relative sneezes before the ceremony
  • On the wedding day, no woman should stay between the bride and the mirror. If this happens it means that the other woman could steal the groom’s heart
  • A spider found in the creases of the dress means good luck
  • To drop the wedding rings means death
  • No weddings are allowed in feasting time
  • It is really bad luck to see another bride on your wedding day
The most known tradition is kidnaping the bride on the wedding day. The groom must search the bride and bring her back. In order to bring her back, he must give a ransom to the kidnappers. If he succeeds, it means that he will have a happy marriage.
Letter of complaint
To: ABC Clothes Inc.
I am writing to complain about your products.
At first, I was pleased with the overall look of the products, but when I tried the clothes I realized they had major problems. The shirt that I ordered had absolutely no buttons. I told myself that it shouldn’t have buttons but when I tried the trousers, the zip broke. After all these unfortunate events, I decided to return the product and write a letter to you in order to express my disappointing. I expected much more from a company like you. I hope it was a mistake and it would never happen again.
From: Vlad Cainamisir
Romeo and Juliet
Dates/Times: Monday and Friday, 7:30PM
Location: C.N.I.”Tudor Vianu”, Ion Mincu Str., Bucharest 011358
Admission: Free for students, 10$ for Adults
William Shakespeare‘s amazing play, Romeo and Juliet is an absolute sensation. The High-School students give brilliant performances in this wonderfully entertaining musical comedy.
Quiz Time

  • 1.
I’m not really a coding language but actually a query language used to access and manipulate databases.
    • A. Java B. Python C. SQL D. C++ E. HTML
  • 2.
I’m not really used much these days except by new coders learning introductory programming skills.
    • A. ASP.NET B. CGI C. Teal D. Basic E.Visual Basic
  • 3.
I’m a proprietary Microsoft version of a well-established and respected language. I am generally considered friends with the .NET line of languages and products
A. C++ B. ActiveScript C. JavaScript D. C# E. FoxPro
  • 4.
I’m a cross-platform, object-oriented language that is perhaps best adapted to web applications. I am good friends with Sun Microsystems.
A. Basic B. ASP C. Perl D. PHP E. Java
  • 5.
I’m possibly the most popular current web scripting language. I am easy-to-learn, accessible, cross-platform, and adapted towards web functions. I love recursion!
A. Cold Fusion B. XML C. PHP D. CGI E. ActiveScript
Answers :



  • Article about my life
My name is Ana Cirligeanu and I live in Bucharest, Romania. My home is close to Piata Victoriei, and I like that because it’s close to school and there are many public transports nearby. There are some reasons I don’t like this place, but mainly because it’s very crowed sometimes. In my free time I like to draw, to listen to music and to watch the TV, movies or TV series.
A wedding in Romania
On the day of the wedding, before the church service, the groom and the bride prepare for the wedding. After, the guests and the new weds dance a traditional dance and the godmother breaks a sweet bread over the bride’s head and shares it with everybody. At the church the priest does the service and puts the wedding rings on the new weds’ fingers. In Romania, there are some traditions like the waltz of the bride, the kidnap of the bride or the bride throwing the bouquet, and a superstition says that the woman who catches it will marry to following year; another superstition is that the rain on the wedding day brings luck.
Dear Mr. or Mrs.,
I am writing you to express my complaint about the items I ordered from your shop last week. Last week, on Wednesday I ordered a shirt and a pair of trousers and their poor quality makes me feel deep disappointed. First of all, the shirt didn’t have any button, which made it impossible to wear. Secondly, when I tried the trousers, the zip broke and again, they’re impossible to wear. Also, the order didn’t arrive in four days, as you promised, but in three weeks.
I don’t want to change the items for new ones, as they are bad quality products. I wish to return these clothes and receive a full refund; otherwise I might take legal action.
Thank you and waiting for your reply,
Ana Cirligeanu
Date/Time: Friday, June 16th, Saturday, June 17th from 17 to 18
Location: The Big Hall of Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science (on Ion Mincu street nr. 10, sector 1)
Admission: 5 lei/children and 10 lei/adult
Every year, by the time school year ends, the high school’s band has two concerts. The high school’s band will play pop and soft rock music. This year, the light effects are going to be a great deal better than the last year and the sound equipment will be better as well. Don’t kiss this amazing event at our school!
Science quiz
1. What is the main gas in the Eagle Nebula?
  1. A. Hydrogen
  2. B. Oxygen
  3. C. Nitrogen
  4. D. Helium
2. How many known types of galaxies are yet discovered?
A. One
B. Four
C. Five
D. Seven
3. How long does the Moon take to pass through all its phases (full moon, new moon, first and last quarter, etc.)?
A. One year
B. Seven minutes
C. 29.3 days
D. 35.7 days
4. How hot is the Sun’s core?
A. 100,000,0000C
B. 14,000,0000C
C. 12,000,0000C
D. 15,000,0000C
5. Which of the following technological developments came first?
A. The telephone
B. The telegraph
C. The telescope
D. The teletype
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. C



City or country?
My name is Patrick Dan and I am a student at “Tudor Vianu” National College.I like studying and learning mathematics, informatics and English.I live in the capital of Romania, Bucharest.
Bucharest is a very nice town with lots of interesting monuments and old edificies to visit.It also has a historical centre, which is very beautifull.I personally live in an area of Bucharest , named “Vatra Luminoasa”.”Vatra Luminoasa “is near National Arena ,the country’s largest football pitch in which the most important matches are played.I like the fact that when a game is playes, I can leave my window open and I can hear what the commentator says about the game.
I’ve been living in this area since I was born and I’m not going to leave it very soon because I got used to people that live here, habits and other things that only people who leave in the same zone can understand.Although life here may seem boring or unhealthy, it isn’t and I love my livestyle and the place I’m living in.

TASK 2(Complaint)

Dear *director of the store*,
I recently bought a pair of trousers and a shirt from the store and I’m having problems with putting them on because they are broken.The shirt has no buttons and I can’t just stick it to my belly with glue.The pair of trousers has a broken zipper and they aren’t that comfortable because of that problem.I am used to buying clothing from your shop, but I have never faced a problem like this before.I am returning the clothing and I demand a full refund.If you do not want to pay a refund, then just find a shirt and a pair of trousers that aren’t broken.
I hope this will not happen again in the future,
Your devoted customer,


Weddings in my country
Weddings in my country are the perfect place to have fun , either if you are the man/woman who is marrying or just a guest.
Every wedding starts with a principal meal , when everybody is quiet and eats.Than, everybody gets up and begin to have fun.Some dance on the rhythm of the music , others just hang around and talk to other guests they now and others stay alone and enjoy the fun that the others are having,looking at them and drinking juice/wine.After the wedding cake is served and eaten by the hungry people, usualy 4-5 steal the bride and take her away from the wedding.When they are called by the husband, they ask for money to give the husband his wife back.Even though it may seem an unfriendly thing, it’s fun and the men always return the money.
Weddings in my country are a nice place to be happy!


Metallica concert
On the 13th of July , there will be a Metallica concert at 7P.M in the campus of “Tudor Vianu” Narional College, in Bucharest,Romania.It is a college situated in the centre of the town, near Piata Victoriei.
For the students that study here , there will be no admission price, but for the people that want to come to the concert and are comig from the exterior of the campus, the fee will be 500RON , equivalent to 100Euros.The concert will debute with other rock bands such as “The White Snakes”, followed by the masters of the metal, “Metallica” that will perform the songs in their newest album.
The great garden of the school will be a very nice place to hear rock-metal music that is being sung by such masters.Hope you are a fan of the rock music and we hope you will come!


1. What is the longest river that flows in the United States of America?
A.River Nile B.River Mississippi C.River Yukon
2. What does a light-year measure?
A.Distance B.Time C.Brightness level
3. What is the biggest state in America?
A.Texas B.Alaska C.California
4. Where did Shakespeare leave?
A.Stratford-upon Avon B.York C.New York
5. What is a fidget?
A.a nice person B.a nervous person C.a happy person


My life

Hi! I'm Dorobantu Sabina and I'm seventh grade.

I'm a student at the National College of Computer Science and I love to go to school and talk with my classmates.I live in Bucharest and I love this city just because it has beautiful places to visit and very interesting people.

I love my life so much and I'm so proud to be a Romanian.

A traditional wedding in Romania

In Romania, weddings are very important.

Traditions also are an important part of this process.The man must come and ask for her bride from her parents.I think this is a beautiful tradition just because the parent's opinion is must be calculated every time.I know that the bride must be stolen from her wedding and is very funny because the groom must pay for her bride.

At the end of the wedding, all of us eat cake and give to the pair a beautiful present.

The wedding is very important in someone's life because from that moment love will be known by everyone.

Romeo and Juliet

Dates/Times: every week, Sunday at 5:00 pm

Location: Jewish theater

Admission: 10 bucks

If you want an emotional moment of art, we invite you to watch the play, Romeo and Juliet.A beautiful love story with two lovers who fight for them till the end.

This Shakespeare artwork is played by students who love theater and in their free time, they came and repeat to make a perfect play for you.

Letter of complain

Hi! Today my shirt and pair of trousers arrived, and I realized that the shirt has no buttons and when I tried the trousers the zip broke. I ordered them on the first of August and they arrived today, fourth of July. I think that I want to return them because I'm not very happy with the conditions, also I want to ask if you can give me a full refund or some discount coupons for those items.Thanks!

Dorobantu Sabina


1: Who represented Romania at Eurovision in 2011?

Q:Hotel FM

2:What is the longest river in Eurovision?


3:What Thomas Edison invented?

Q:Incandescent bulb

4:What is the capital of Cameroon?


5:What is the capital of Ghana?






About me

My name is Mircea Luca Gavrizi, I am 13 years old and I study at Tudor Vianu National High school(CNITV). I live in Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the noisiest city of this country. I live in a flat with my family close to the triumphal arch and the Herastrau park. Even if is a crowded area, in my flat I do not hear the noise of the cars and the best thing is that I live close to my school and the places where I do private lessons.

Traditional weddings in Romania

In Romania, when two people get married, they follow some steps.

First, the bride and the groom go to the city hall accompanied by family and friends and they take vows in front of the mayor.Second, they are going to the church and there is the religious ceremony and they are married by the price. The bride is dressed with a white drees which represent purity. After this, the bride and the groom with family and friends go to a party when they eat, drink and dance all night.

Letter of Complaint

Dear sir/madame,

I want to express my dissatisfaction about some clothes that I bought online from your store. Today I received a pair of trousers and a shirt that I ordered online four days ago. I opened the box and I saw that the shirt had no buttons like I saw in the catalogue. After that, I tried the trousers but the zip broke.I intend to return the shirt and the trousers. I also intend to get my money back.
I am waiting for your answer as fast as possible.
Yours truly,
Mircea Gavrizi

Special event at my school

On the 20st of April, at Tudor Vianu National High school will take place a play. The play begins at 5 o’clock PM, in the big hall of CNITV and everyone can come there. The play is organized with the occasion of the National Olympiad of informatics. The actors are the students of the high school. In the play it’s about a big funny family so it is a comedy. Everyone can come at the play no matter what age you have. Enjoy!


1)What is the biggest planet in our solar system?

a)Saturn b)Jupiter c)Neptun

2) The bear is:

a)carnivore b)herbivorous c)omnivore

3) The highest mountain on earth is?

a)Mont Blanc b)Everest c)Aconcagua

4) The longest river in Africa is ?

a)Nile b)Amazon c)Mississippi

5)Albert Einstein was:

a)Romanian b)English c)German

6)What football team won the the world football championship in 2014?

a)Argentina b)Germany c)Spain

7)The language spoken is Brasil is:

a)Spanish b)English c)Portuguese

Answers: 1-b; 2-c; 3-b; 4-a; 5-c; 6-b; 7-c;


About me

Hello there! My name is Corvin and I’m 13 years old. I am a student at “Tudor Vianu” college and I am very passionate about mathematics. I live in Bucharest, one of the prettiest cities in the country. The north has some of the nicest skyscrapers, and the south has old buildings that resemble the Parisian architecture. I love the city for its monuments, however I despise the people that disrespect their country and don’t care about the place they live in.

Letter of complaint
May 13th, 2017

Customer service manager

7 Swan street, Sydney, Australia

Subject: Items of clothing

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the shirt and trousers, which have been purchased online on May 7th. When the order arrived, I was surprised to see no buttons on the shirt, and the trouser’s zipper broke on using them the first time.

I’m not considering myself guilty because of the lack of quality of these products. I think it is unacceptable to receive the items in such poor condition. I have ordered from this website before, and it is the first time I have received faulty products. Therefore, I am writing to ask for a full refund of the $19.99 shirt and $24.99 trousers.

I look forward to hearing from you withing the next two weeks.

Yours truly,

Corvin Ghita.

Romanian weddings

Romanian weddings are some of the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen! The traditions are essential and people always follow them, creating a unique experience that separates it from the others. The groom wears a luxurious tuxedo or a suit, but the bride is certainly the center of attention! Her dress is totally white, with fine details such as silk ornaments. The ceremony takes place in a christian church, and the pope is the one to announce the marriage. Afterwards there is a large party, where the glamorous cake is seen by all guests. The party usually lasts many hours, people leaving even in the morning!

School event
Musical: Mamma mia!

Dates/times: Monday-Friday, 6:30 pm

Location: Cinema City, College Avenue no.15

Admission: $15/person.

Phyllida Lloyd’s first musical has become one of the greatest hits of the year! The well-known actors, such as Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, come together and create one of the best musicals of all time! The performances are brilliant, and the entire soundtrack is from the legendary band ABBA. It certainly is a movie that can’t be missed!

Science Quiz
1. If you accidentally spill Sodium hydroxide on your arm, what is the best thing to do?
a). Call the police. b). Pour a soft acid to neutralize the substance.
c). Wash it with water.

2. How much of our body contains water?
a). 60%. b). 40%. c). 90%.

3. How many teeth does an adult have?
a). 35. b). 24. c). 32.

4. What is the force’s formula?
a). F = speed * time. b). F = mass * acceleration. c). F = mass / distance.

5. Sodium chloride is one of the most used substances in the kitchen. How is it called?
a). Salt. b). Sugar. c). Pepper.

Good luck!

1. b). 2. a). 3. c). 4. b). 5. a).

Page 17:
I am Iasmina Ignuta-Ciuncanu, twelve years old and a nice place to live in, with my beloved family.
My natal town, Bucharest is one of the most desired places in Romania, because it means a lot of opportunities to both study and having fun.
With my brother and my parents, I live in a block of flats, near Herastrau. This is the place were I grew up, and a I like it a lot, because the neighbors are very warm, and the habitat is very quiet.
Bucharest is also my favorite town due to the fact that my school is here, I learnt most of the mathematics and sciences at Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science, and I also like my colleagues there.
All in all, Bucharest is a beautiful place, especially when you don't have to go by car, because the traffic is awful.
Page 65:
The legend says that after the founding of Rome, the population realized that they have to populate the new city. So they organized a party where they invited the Sabines tribe, known for their beautiful women. At the end of the banquet, taking advantage of the Sabines asleep, the Romanians kidnapped their daughters, sisters and wives and fled with them.
Even if the wake-ups, the sabers wandered over the kidnappers, those who demanded endure were even the sabins who, in the meantime, fell in love with them! From this myth, over the years, the bride's custom was celebrated on the wedding night.

Page 75:
A few days ago, I ordered a shirt and a pair of trousers form the catalogue of "Anastasia's Clothes". When I opened the package, I had the displeasure to notice that the shirt had not buttons and when I tried on the trousers, the zip was broken.
I paid this things by a credit card and I received the number 3469000012.
After all these, I want to return the shirt and the pair of trousers and I would like ask you to give me a full refund.

Page 103:

Date/Times: Monday-Saturday, 9 am - 10 pm
Location: "Tudor Vianu" National College of Computer Science, Ion Mincu Street, number 10, Bucharest
Admission: Free
Don't miss the "Book, our Friend" event. Here you can see a large variety of books of all kinds: crime novels, action books, science-fiction books, journals, poetry books, textbooks for school, etc. After you buy the books that you like, for the people who love music, they can go to the concert from the school yard, when many famous artist play (like Andra, Delia, Carla's Dreams and others). For your children, we have prepared a series of funny activities.
Come and have fun with your family and your friends!

Page 117:
  1. 1.Which is the highest waterfall in the world?
iv)Santo Angel J

  1. 2.What nationality had Hans Christian Andersen?
iv)Danish J

  1. 3.Who wrote "Guliver's travels"?
i)Charles Dickens
ii)Jonathan Swift J
iii)Mark Twain
iv)Ernest Hemingway

  1. 4.What is the capital of Guyana?
iii)Georgetown J

  1. 5.How much water does the human body contain?


Writing an article
My name is Ioana Jianu, and I am a student at “Tudor Vianu” National College. I live in Bucharest, in the neighborhood Bucurestii Noi. It is near the exiting of the city. Because of this, it isn’t overpopulated and noisy. It is actually quiet, as I live near the park too. There aren’t too much cars, either: I can play football or badminton on the street with my neighbors without worrying about cars. But, at the same time, I am not too isolated as I can reach school easily by tram or subway. I really like where I live!

A Traditional Romanian Wedding
Although the tradition says that the wedding should last 3 nights and 3 days, it is only practiced in some rural areas. In the urban areas, the party keeps all night till morning following as much as possible these habits:
The Bridal Waltz - The first special moment marking the opening of the party. After that, the godfathers enter the dance floor followed by the rest of the wedding guests. In some areas it is also used to dance bride-father and mother –groom.
Cutting the wedding cake- It is said to be the first task that the bride and groom do together as a family.
Throwing the bouquet - The bride will call all the unmarried girls on the ring and stand with her back at them. She will throw the bouquet over her head. The one who will catch it is said to be married soon.

A letter of complaint
Dear Sir or Madam:
I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the order I received today, May 20th. When I opened the package, the shirt had no buttons, and when I tried on the trousers, the zip broke.
I would like to return the items of clothing and receive a full refund: £20.99.
Yours truly,
Ioana Jianu

Date/Time: Thursday, 6:30 pm
Location: Our school
Admission: FREE!
Are you a fan of Shakespeare? Well, on Thursday, both the parents and the students are invited to the most famous play: Romeo and Juliet. Does it sound too dramatic do you? Well, worry-not! Random teachers will be invited on the stage to be part of the play. (Bonus: a good laugh guaranteed)

Science quiz
1. What percent of the human body does our blood weigh?
a) 50 % b) 8% c) 13%

2. Which of these pictures best illustrates what happens when light passes through a magnifying glass?
3. This picture shows an object in space that has an icy core with a tail of gas and dust extends millions of miles. What is this?sciencequiz_answer1.png
a) A comet b) An asteroid c) a star

4. What does a light-year measure?
a) Brightness b) time c) distance

5. What kind of waves is used to make and receive cellphone calls?
a) Radio waves b) sound waves c) gravity waves


About me

Hello! My name is Corina and I live in Bucharest. I live in a flat, with my parents and my older sister, Alexandra. I’m 14 years old. I am a student at “Tudor Vianu” college. I love my city, especialy old city. It has great monuments, like House of Parliament, History Museum, Atheneum. It also has same famous parks, like Cismigiu or Herastrau.Came and see!

Letter of complaint

May 15th, 2017
The manager Hair Shop
14 Abbey Gate,
London, UK

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m writing to complain about a hair drier I bought in your shop last week and about the treatment I received when I tried to return it a few days later.
I bought the hair drier-Philips X2000-on 5 of May. When I tried to use for the first time, the handle became hot and began to melt.
I turned it off immediately and returned to your shop on 7 of May.
I explained the situation to one of the assistants and asked for my money back but she was extremely rude to me. So I decided to write to you. Please help me and solve this situation, I want a full refund as soon as possible.

Your faithfully,
Corinne Miku

Romanian weddings
Romanian wedding traditions are kept today by most of the young couples getting married.
In Romania, weddings usually go like this: the couple goes to the city hall in the morning to get legally married, then back at home to get all dressed up and, in the evening, they go to church to get married in front of God. From the church, everybody goes to the wedding party.

One of the most interesting customs at a wedding is to kidnap te bride around midnight, the bride being kidnapped by the groom’s friends. The bride is most often taken to a bar, a club, in the city center or in a park. The guys who kidnapped the girl call the groom and demand a ransom. They negotiate on the phone and when they reach an agreement, the bride is brought back to the wedding. Usually, the ransom is either paid in whiskey or fine wine bottles for the friends of the groom to drink or it can also be a request for the groom to make a speech to declare his love to his wife.
Some Romanian superstitions for the wedding day:
  1. Rain means luck in marriage
  2. The bride should cry before the weeding so she would be happy in her marriage
  3. A spider found in the creases of the dress means good luck
  4. No weddings are allowed in feasting time
  5. It is really bad luck to see another bride on your wedding day.

School event
Chain of weaknesses

Dates/Times: Friday, 7:00PM
Location: C.N.I.”Tudor Vianu”, Ion Mincu Str., Bucharest 011358
Admission: Free for Vianu’s students, 5$ for the rest
Some of our students give brilliant performances in this social comedy, written by Ion Luca Caragiale.

Math Quiz

1. What is the square root of 49?
  • A. 16
  • B. 45
  • C. 12
  • D. 7
  • E. 10
2. Difference is the:
A. Answer to a multiplication problem
B. Answer to a division problem
C. Answer to a subtraction problem
D. Answer to an addition problem
E. I have no idea

3. When I add -9 and 7 together my answer is going to be
A. Positive
B. Negative
C. Over 100
D. Zero

4.Pick the correct symbol: 576.889 576.800
A. <
B. >
C. =
Good luck!


1) D; 2) B; 3) C; 4) B.


Article about the town I live in

My name is Tudor Mihalcea and I am 13 years old. I study at National High of Informatics. I live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It's a very big city, but it provides all the means of transport, so you can arrive from the north of the city to the south of it in no more than half an hour. However, there are lots of traffic congestions. This is one reason why I don't like this city.
Bucharest has lots of large shopping centres. Unfortunately, like i mentioned above, even in the underground parking there is a traffic congestion. However, there are some game shops, that's why I like these shopping centers. Whenever I go in one of these, I always make a stop at one particular shop.
You might think Bucharest is a horrible city, but if I put in their cars all the people that love this city, I am sure i will make a big traffic congestion!

Traditional wedding in Romania

In Romania, most of the couples get married on Saturdays or Sundays.
Besides the bridesmaids and the best man, the bride and the groom must choose the godparents. These two must be married and they participate at the religious ceremony.
It is forbidden for two brides to see each other in their wedding day because it means bad luck and divorce.
Another funny tradition is the kidnapping of the bride.
These traditions are different from region to region in our country.

Review for the school concert

Last Wednesday, at around 3:30 pm, I took part at the school's annual concert. The best singers formed two bands. One was a rock band and the other one was singing classic music. I am not getting impressed easily, but i must admit that I was quite surprised when I heard the bands singing. The rock band, H@rdr0ck4lyf3 was the most amazing moment I've seen in my life. The atmosphere was exactly like an ordinary concert, but this one had some more advantages. There was a bar from where you could buy some stuff for free and also some CHAIRS, which are very important if your feet fall asleep.
After the bands, some children tried their luck and started to sing karaoke and play Guitar Hero. The best 2 singers received from the bands a rock guitar and a classic guitar.
I forgot to say that even if it is a school concert, it does exist an admission fee: for the parents of students it's 5 pounds, and for the students that not learn at this school it's 10 pounds.
If you like what happened this year, make sure to participate next year. I promise it'll be way more better than this one!

Science quiz

Easy mode:

1. What's the symbol of Magnesyum?
a) Mn b) Mg c) M
2. What's the atomic mass of Copper?
a) 24 b) 67 c) 64
3. What's the atomic number of Helium?
a) 4 b) 1 c) 2
4. Which one of the following is the first element of the Periodic Table?
a) Hydrogen b) Nitrogen c) Oxygen

Medium mode:

5. What's the formula of sulfuric acid?
a) HSO4 b) HSO4 c) H2SO4
6. What's Magnesyum's position in the Table?
a) period 1 b) period 2 c) period 3

group 2 group 2 group 2
7. What's the symbol for Iron?
a) Fe b) Ir c) In
8. Which is the only element that does not have a normal atomic mass?
a) Chlorine b) Berilyum c) Oxygen

Hard mode:

9. Who invented the filter glass?
a) Erlenmeyer b) Berzelius c) Einstein
10. Except the filter glass, what else do you need to filter?
a) another b) a sheet c) nothing
glass of paper

Answers: 1b 2c 3b 4a 5b 6c 7a 8a 9b 10b

Letter of complain
Dear Sir,
On 20th May, I bought a shirt and a pair of trousers. I have discovered that both of them have the following problems: The shirt had no buttons and the trousers' zip broken. I am entitled by the consumer's rights act to have them replaced or a full refund. I would request that we will do this within 14 days after this letter. I look forward to receive your satisfactory proposal for settlement of my claim within 7 days after this letter.
Your sincerely,
Tudor Mihalcea


Hello, my name is Andreea Patarlageanu. On March 6th, I ordered a shirt and a pair of trousers from Zara’s catalogue. My order arrived one day later. When I opened the packet, I realised that the shirt has no buttons and when I tried on the trousers, I observed that their zip is broken. I am willing every day to come at your shop to return my clothes, but I want you to give me a full refund. You can contact me at the phone number 0725270456, or at the email adress Please, respond me as soon as you can!

Traditional wedding in Maramures
The weddings in Maramures are very special, thanks to their traditions. The bride has a beautiful white costume, composed by a shirt with beautifully colored decorations and a skirt. She has some accessorices too, like: a flower crown, a while veil on her head and a bunch of flowers. The groom has a similar costume, but he weares long white trousers and a black hat on his head.
The wedding cake must be decorated by the wedded pair, and during the wedding, the bride must be „stolen” by a group of friends. They will take her to another place, where she can have more fun.
In the end, the wedded pair will say goodbye to their families, and they will live the rest of their lifes in their house, near their children.

  1. 1. How many major races are in the world?
    1. a. 2 races b. 3 races c. 5 races
  2. 2. How many bones has the human skeleton?
    1. a. 206 bones b. 103 bones c. 220 bones
  3. 3. Which is the largest continent in the world?
    1. a. Asia b. Australia c. North America
  4. 4. Who wrote „Great Expectations”?
    1. a. Charles Dickens b. W. Shakespeare c. Mark Twain
  5. 5. Who wrote „The Great Gatsby”?
    1. a. F. Scott Fitzerland b. Paulo Coelho c. Lewis Carroll
  6. 6. By whom is Gibraltar controlled?
    1. a. Great Britain b. Spain c. France
  7. 7. Which is the tallest animal on Earth?
    1. a. The African Elephant b. The giraffe c. The blue whale
  8. 8. Which are the most important aliments we must eat every day?
    1. a. Fruits b. Vegetables c. Meat
  9. 9. Which is the most important vitamin?
    1. a. Vitamin D b. Vitamin C c. Vitamin A
  10. 10. Which is the most populated country in the world?
    1. a. Mexico b. India c. China

I’m Andreea Patarlageanu, a teenage girl who lives in Bucharest, which is dirty and very crowded. Fortunately, my parents bought an apartement in the green area of this city, so there are lots of parks where I can go, when I want to relax. I really like to ride my bicycle with my dad in this parks. I usually go with my friends too and we play badminton. It’s a very pleasant sensation, especially when it’s spring and it isn’t very hot outside.
I like the place where I live, because it’s more beautiful then the rest of the capital, where there aren’t trees and big parks where you can go with your family, but there are lots of cars and a disturbing noise.

Mr. Goe - a play which will make your day better

Dates/Times: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, 7 pm
Location: In the festivities hall, “Tudor Vianu” National High School of Computer Science, Ion Mincu (architect) street, 10, Bucharest
Admission: £8 for adults, £5 for children
If you have a bad day and you want to relax and to hear some good jokes, come to see “Mr. Goe”, a play in which our talented students perform. Grandma, mom and auntie have a memorable adventure with their naughty and darling child, Mr. Goe. Their words and their adventure will make you laugh and for a half an hour you will forget about your problems. If you really liked the play, we invite you to come next day to see another special play, called “Bubico”! Good laugh and good time guaranteed!




I live in the center of my city: a crowded and noisy area, but, luckly my small street is more quiet and calm than the big boulevards that are around it. I stay in a spacious, welcoming and comfortable house. Around me there are a lot of things to do: shops, restaurants, museums and many memorial houses- that’s the perk of living in the city center! I love my neighborhood: it combines the loud life of a moder city and the calming atmosphere and beautiful architecture of old Bucharest.


Just like in most countries, in Romania the wedding is one of the most important moment in one’s life. Interesting and special about romanians’ weddings are the traditions here. For people trading the veil for a head scarf which symbolizes the transfer from a girl to a married woman. Another one of them is the moment when the bride-before the ceremony- sits on a chair and the grandmother breaks sweet bread above her head for good luck. You ‘re welcome to come and see. It is an unique mix of old and new.


Dear “Best Shop” 18 th may of 2017

I am writing to complain about the problems that I found at the products I bought from your company:

The shirt I bought has no buttons and when I tried on the pants, the zip broke.

I would appreciate if you could accept them back and give a full refund or to change as soon as possible. What action you propose to take I look forward to hearing it from you within the next 5 days.

Thank you,

Alexandra Popoiu


1. What is the biggest planet in our solar system?

a)Earth b)uranus c) jupiter

2. Pure water has a pH level of a around?

a)1 b)7 c)20

3. The fear of what animal is known as ‘arachnophobia’?

a)spiders b) elephants c)snakes

4. What is the name of the part of the human skeleton which protects our brain?

a)humerus b)skull c)sacrum

5. What famous scientist was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics?

a)Albert Einstein b)Nikola Tesla c)Marie Curie


On Friday 13 th july « Tudor Vianu « music department was pleased to be able to organize the “Vianu Summer Concert”.

With updated sound equipement and natural light source was full of families, teachers and members of the local community all of whom had an enjoyable and entertaining evening ,at an acceptable price- only 15 lei , watching the wealth of talent demonstrated by the groups “ArenaX” and “T.A.L.”. Those 2 performed a challenging repertory of old songs with some shinig solo performances.

“ArenaX” conducted by Tomesc Adrian demonstrated a high level of knowledge performing some classical rock. They showed a level of skill and musicalitythat is rarely found in school groups.

I was pleased to see a high standard of solo and smaller performances froma wide range of instruments.



Page 17:

My name is Serban Mario , I live in Bucharest and I am 13 years old.I am a student at“Tudor Vianu” National College. Living in Bucharest is a real challenge, due to the city being really crowded and polluted, but at the same time it gives you the most opportunities and the best chances to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Page 65:

In Romania the wedding is a really important part of someone’s life. It starts with the Church formal ceremony and then the party starts. A wedding party can last up to even 16 hours and can have as many as 7 kinds of food. In Ardeal for example the church ceremony starts at 12 and ends at 14 and then the real party starts ,with good music and food .

Page 75:

Dear Sir/Madam,

On 1st of January I ordered a pair of trousers and a shirt from your site. The delivery was realy fast to be honest and when I opened the box everything looked pretty nice but then is saw that the shirt had no buttons and when I tried on the trousers ,the zip broke. As I am not responsible for these problems I expect to receive a full refund and a sincere apology.

Thanks in advance,

Serban Mario

Page 103:

School Event

Movie: Fast and Furious 8
Price: 25 Lei
Location: Grand Cinema,Baneasa Shopping Center
Date:20th of May , 18:30

The new movie from the Fast and Furious franchise has just hit the big screens.With amazing reviews from the critics , this movie is not one you’d want to miss.

Page 117:


1.What is the biggest planet in our solar system?

a.Saturn b.Venus c.Uranus d.Jupiter

2. What is the name of the long appendage that hangs from an elephants face?

a. Trunk b.Face Leg c.Front Tail d.Portable Speaker

3.What is the 7th element on the periodic table of elements?

a. Oxigen b.Iron c.Nitrogen d.Helium

4. What famous scientist was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics?

a.Albert Einstein b.Nikola Tesla c.Stephen Hawking d.Napoleon Bonaparte


About me

Hi! My name is Tudorache Stefan and I live in Bucharest,Romania.I live in a flat near a stadium.It is a beautiful area with lots of trees and space where me and my neighbours can play or do whatever we want. I live here with my father,mother and my elder sister.

I am a student and I like school very much.My favourite subjects are Inforamtics and English.

I like living here because it is a peaceful place and there aren’t too many cars.

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!!!

-page 17-

A wedding is a special moment for two people(a man and a woman),who love each other.There are some traditions in our country.
First of all, the groom,wearing a suit goes to the bride’s house to take her to the church.The bride wears a beautiful dress and looks like a princess.Together with their god parents they go to the church and then to the reastaurant to dance and to have fun with their guests.
To the end of the night a huge cake is served everybody goes home tired after a long,but beautiful night.For the bride and groom this is a night to remember
-page 65

Letter of complaint
Dear Sir/Madam,
I want to complain about a shirt and a pair of trousers which I ordered from a catalogue.The picture there showed a beautiful green shirt and black trousers which matched perfectly.When I opened the parcel I realised that the shirt had no buttons and it was light green and not that beautiful green from the catalogue.Regarding the trousersI asked an L but when I tried them on the zip broke.
Therefore, I am returning the clothing and I wouldwant a full refund!
Your sincerely,Stefan Tudorache
-page 75-

Comedy nights
,,A lost letter’’
Dates/Times:Fri-Sun 6.30pm
A beautiful night to remember! The students of the highschool, all members of the acting club, have been trying for weeks to revive the old play.
If it is a success then they will continue with the other plays by Caragiale.
So do not miss it!
-page 103-

1.What is the capital of Turkey?

2.What is the national animal of China?
A.Giant Panda

3.What is the noisiest city in the world?
C.New York

4.Wich is the seventh planet from Sun?

5.What is the capital of Australia?
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About me
Hello there! My name is Corvin and I’m 13 years old. I am a student at “Tudor Vianu” college and I am very passionate about mathematics. I live in Bucharest, one of the prettiest cities in the country. The north has some of the nicest skyscrapers, and the south has old buildings that resemble the Parisian architecture. I love the city for its monuments, however I despise the people that disrespect their country and don’t care about the place they live in.