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Life is full of surprises. I woke up one morning and I found I could make myself invisible at will. On the first day, I was shocked. I did not know that I have powers like this. All my life I thought that I was just a simple boy. It was a Monday when I discovered my powers. I was scared and happy at the same time. I was scared because I did not know how did I get this power and I was happy because I was special. After a week I learned how to use my power, or this is what I believed. One day, while I was at school I turned invisible by mistake. I was scared and I could not change again in my normal form. I ran away, I ran how fast I could. I went back home and I tried to regain my body, but everything that I tried was pointless. I decided to go to school again, to see what happened to me, to see why I can not change my form anymore. When I arrived, I saw my brother. I went directly to him and I asked him if he can see me. He told me to go away, to disappear from this world. Then I heard:
„Do you bury me when I'm gone
Do you teach me while I'm here
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear”
I woke up. My phone was ringing. I was in my bed, in my bedroom. Everything was just a dream...


Hi John,
I was not expecting you to respond so quickly. The Spook is a great book, I hope you liked it. My favorite character from this book is the spook himself. In many situations, I thought how it would be to play the role of Thomas J. Ward, but I realized that the spook is a more interesting character. The spook is an old man, but he can find a solution to get out from every situation with calm and professionalism. He is doing this work for a long time, so he had enough time to learn every little thing that he must to do to help every man who needs his aid without violence. He can kill every bad spirit, ghost, witch or monster just with his intelligence. I am waiting to hear who is your favorite character from this book.
Andrei C.

Game review

Bioshock Infinite
Bioshock Infinite is my favorite game. In my opinion, it is not just a simple video game, it is an Oscar movie where you can play the role of the main character. If you are going to play this game, do not read this, there are spoilers.
In Bioshock Infinite the main character is Booker Dewitt. He starts an adventure in Columbia, a floating city that is working, thanks to quantum physics. Booker was sent in this world to find a girl named Elisabeth. He must take her and bring her to New York.("Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.").
Columbia is a great world where everything is painted with different beautiful colors. Everyone is happy and everything is good.
When Booker arrived in this extraordinary world, everything changed. "The Prophet", the King of Columbia, Zachary Hale Comstock, told everyone that Booker Dewitt is the "false shepherd", and he must be killed because he had come to Columbia to destroy the city.
After a long journey through Columbia, Booker saves Elisabeth and they learn a lot of important things about Elisabeth's past and why she had been kept in a tower. Elisabeth has strange powers. She can open "tears" anywhere she wants and she can travel through them. A "tear" is a portal.
When Booker manages to save Elisabeth and kill "The Prophet" he realizes the truth.
20 years ago, Booker sold his daughter and he can not forgive himself for doing that. One day, a man named Lutece told him that he can repair what he had done to his daughter.
("Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt."). The girl, Elisabeth is Booker's daughter, Anna Dewitt. The game's story is based on the idea of many universes that exist at the same time.
Bioshock Infinite is an awesome game, with a great storyline. It is not just a game, it is a theory of the world.







Life is full of surprises. I woke up one morning and found I could make myself invisible at will. On the first day I woke up, got dressed and went to school. But I forgot that it was Monday and that I had P.E. and of course, me, a horny 14 year old whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es barely entered puberty, had a great plan. I took of all my clothes, when every boy left the changing room, and made myself invisible. I took a milk carton with me because I was thirsty and walked towards the girls' changing room and slowly entered. What I saw next shocked me! All the girls were there talking about useless stuff, like make-up and shirts. I stood there waiting for them to change but they never quite did. At some point one of the girls began talking about me and so I paid more attention.
"Oh Mike? He doesn't know how to impose his points! But you know who knows? Alex."
I spat my milk everywhere due to the fact that I knew that Alex can't impose himself at all! But due to my reaction, every girl turned around.
"Who is there?" one of them asked.
I stood up and slowly said "Ciu ciu locomotor."
All of them screamed : "OH NO! THE GHOST IS COMPLETELY MENTALLY IMPAIRED!" and they ran away.
That was it. I didn't see anything impressive. I only made crap jokes, looked around and imposed myself. So basically a normal monday.

Hi John,
Thanks for answering so quickly! I never thought that someone else besides me was so intrested in Meinkraft Story Mode! Now to answer your question, my favourite character was Jessy. Due to the fact that I'm not sure of their gender, I'll use the correct forms named by wikipedia : Ze and Zir (yes, I checked it before, if you don't believe me, search gender queer pronouns). So, Ze is my favourite character because ze reminds me of my favourite Anime Character : Daniel of the Darned. Ze is really strong and in the same time really cute and nice. Ze is the perfect human/object/whatever these Gender Queers want to be called. I would love to met Zir in real life! Ze seems like a great entity! And I love Zir relationship between Ze and Thomas The Tank Engine. It's absolutely amazing chemistry! I can't wait for the next book! What about you? Who was your favourite character and why? Text me as soon as possible!
Thank you xoxo,
Andrei R.

Hello dear audience (and by that I mean teach, because I believe you are the only human that will have to endure my absolute trash texts), today I'll try to make my last text actual readable and serious. So here we go.
I had to pick a book, game or film to review but I thought that Shows count as Films aswell, so today I'll make a short review of one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. Bojack Horseman.
Bojack Horseman is a show about an old hollywood actor who is a horse and his name is, as you can see, Bojack. The show begins with a short intoduction of Bojack and his laziness. He is stuck inside this state of constant misery in which he keeps remembering of one of the old shows he played on "Horsing Around". "Horsing Around" was a sort-of Cosby show kind-of sit-com. I won't spoil too much for you because I want you to enjoy it for yourselves. The show is great on tackling philosophy and the psichology of humanity.
In a nutshell, Bojack Horseman is one of the greatest shows I've ever seen and I know I can't explain it well enough to make you understand.







1) Story

Life is full of surprises. I woke up one morning and found I could make myself invisible at will.
On the first day i made me invisible to be able missing from school. Everything was ok... at the first lesson we had geography and nobody felt me missing, but, at the last lesson, all the colleagues were asking were i am. We must take a test at informatics and I don’t want this because I weren’t know all the subject. In the end, I have decided to didn’t go to the lesson but I received an absence and the next day will be parents metting. I panicked so I was thinking and, in the end, I found a solution to this problem. Because I was invisible, I was able to go to the office of professor and I wiped my absence.
Nobody found out about my situation but, next lesson of informatics I gave the test and, of course, I didn’t know any exercise…….



1) Story

Life is full of surprises. I woke up one morning and found I could make myself invisible at will. On the first day I wanted to test if my supernatural ability works, testing on my family. So I could disappear and appear whenever I wanted to. Then, I thought I can go anywhere. I could go swimming, skating, running and so on and no one could ever see me. I could even go to a cinema without paying the ticket.
The first question was: “What to start with?”. Being a developing scientist, I decided to visit the Institute of Research from Magurele. The desire to know how, where and why made me get in the car and go looking for answers to my questions. As soon as I got there, I slipped through the door of the secret lab and discovered the power of science. For many years, scientists have been working on making a laser which would break down any alloy into its basic components, carbon atoms, oxygen, hydrogen. Thus, the particles could be transported , and, in a mathematical form, they could be glued together. Teleportation was inevitably close to mankind, we were the masters of the universe. When I touched the laser, the world around me changed. I was in a new world, inevitably unrecognizable, the world of Asimov. This writer predicted that, in the future, a great scientist would make a mistake on a simple math equation and destroy and whole country. It was a warning! Before I blew my chest, I teleported back to our world. I made myself visible again and I ran to the closest scientist on the camera. I warned him about my dream, but I was just a kid with no power. After the day spent on the Institute of Research, the question if the scientist were wrong stuck on my mind. A day before, I turned on the TV and I have seen the scientist I have met in the Institute saying that he found an error on the equations and they have to repair all the calculations. I felt like I saved the entire world! I don’t know how, but the scientist found my house and came to thank for my help. As a gift, he offered me a great scientist suit.
Making mistakes is humanly, but it is always important to recognize our mistakes and to take attitude. The mistake is the thing that best teaches us, representing a beginning of perfection. And to find the mistake we need a super mind, or supernatural powers.

2) Favorite book

I like to talk with the book. I feel every familiar word and close to my soul. It seems like it’s normal to talk to foreign thoughts and to create an imaginative world full of refractions and symbols that make up the sublime contour of creation. The confession with the book overwhelms me, and the moment of creation conquers me completely, and I read…. I find personalities. I discover even myself in the ruins of a loner, in which it makes its altar – the book.
Many masterpieces have been written, and many of them found value in other epochs, in other generations, but always in different hands the book equates differently. Someone follows the drawings, someone estimates it by thickness and number of pages, and someone looks only at the cover, while the true price of creation is estimated in the message that is transmitted by the creator. Not the reader chooses the book, but the reader’s book.
Recently, it has chosen me – and has done well – an excellent book. The title “Red Pyramid” has intrigued me from the beginning. Will it be a mystery, a treasure, or simply an adventure book? The 41 chapters have swept me through the realm of the magic, the world beyond the real world, into the world where the gods of Egypt and their armies reign eternally, where everything is possible, and where things can get a great turn. The protagonists turned out to be two brothers who, after their father was captured by the god of death, have to save him.
One evening, in London, Egyptologist Julius Kane visits British Museum with his two children, Carter and Sadie, to conduct a mysterious scientific experiment. Unfortunately, he fails and Julius Kane is captured by Set, the Egyptian god of death, chaos and violence, while Sadie and Carter are forced to run away.
Soon, the two brothers discovered that behind ancient beings or things hide ancient deities or magical forces that come to their aid or which are capable of destroying them. To defeat Set’s evil plans, they will take part in a stunning journey across the continents, where surprising sympathy and battle scenes continually disputed their primacy at a sustained pace. And what they will find out about their own family is an old millenary secret that will transform their opinions and personalities.
I was reading and reading without stopping. The climax held me with frozen blood in the veins. It seems like everything has stopped. The laws of physics were rewritten! The final battle with Set, which was to decide not only the fate of Julius, Carter and Sadie, but also the fate of the earthly world, was really a test in which the already mature character and the hard work of some former children decided the fate of the whole universe. The despondency restarted my heart. The family was now reintroduced, but something told me not for a long time.
My experience metamorphosed, I did not think a simple reading could change me so much. I realized that if you want, you can achieve everything you want in life, and excuses are just a pretext to quit. I recommended the book to all who want to rediscover and grow inside. I intend to continue to read other books of same author, such as “The Throne of Fire”.

3) Informal letter

Hi John,
The character that impressed me the most was Robinson Crusoe. His perseverance in spending months making a canoe, and in practicing pottery making until he gets it right, is praiseworthy. Additionally, his resourcefulness in building a home, dairy, grape arbor, country house, and goat stable from practically nothing is clearly remarkable. Crusoe’s business instincts are just as considerable as his survival instincts: he manages to make a fortune in Brazil despite a twenty-eight-year absence and even leaves his island with a nice collection of gold. Moreover, Crusoe is never interested in portraying himself as a hero in his own narration. He does not boast of his courage in quelling the mutiny, and he is always ready to admit unheroic feelings of fear or panic, as when he finds the footprint on the beach. Crusoe prefers to depict himself as an ordinary sensible man, never as an exceptional hero. But Crusoe’s admirable qualities must be weighed against the flaws in his character. Crusoe seems incapable of deep feelings, as shown by his cold account of leaving his family—he worries about the religious consequences of disobeying his father, but never displays any emotion about leaving. Though he is generous toward people, as when he gives gifts to his sisters and the captain, Crusoe reveals very little tender or sincere affection in his dealings with them. In my opinion, I think that Robinson Crusoe thus demonstrates an ability to see both perspectives of the issue, finally using the positive aspect to give him strength to face the day and carry on with his life.
Looking forward for your answer,