The questionable jollity of Christmas eve
Filip Dutescu - Tragic Scenario

Down came a red sled, bearing a boy who seemed all smile and sunshine, so white were his teeth, so golden was his hair, so bright and happy his whole air.

But at a closer look his smile turned out to be a terrified expression, the air around him filled with screams. All of this was because he was chased by a bear and his eyes were blurred by the snow. A few minutes ago he ran by a cave and, being curious since he was young, he went exploring. But it wasn't much later he ran from it, screaming with a bear after him. And know, praying to all known gods, he was trying to outrun the bear.

But suddenly he sled over a bump, flew into the air and crashed into a fin layer of snow hiding a thick layer of ice. The inevitable happened: the bear reached him!

But a miracle happened: after smelling the boy the bear went back to the cave. Since he was unconscious, the bear mistook the boy for a corpse. But now in the desert of crystals, surrounded by freezing wind the boy was in great danger.

Right then a bright light shined down covering the boy. With a blinding sudden burst the boy disappeared.

10 minutes later, dressed up in a black trench coat, with a hat, a man walked up right to the place were the boy passed out. He climbed right up to the cave. Then he morphed into the little boy and,with a tear, he walked in the cave and so the scenario repeated. The boy was stuck in time, forced by an unknown being to relive the moment of his death forever.

Down came a red sled, bearing a boy who seemed all smile and sunshine, so white were his teeth, so golden was his hair, so bright and happy his whole air.

He was riding full speed from the highest hilltop that led to his town. It had taken him hours to get there, just for one ride down… He was feeling the adrenaline rush through his veins, laughing so hard at the thought that he could vanish in a second. He could just disappear and no one would know…
But who cared, anyway? He hasn’t seen his parents in 14 years. They had died in a snow slide when he was 3.

They were going to cut down a fir-tree to make the Christmas spirit feel welcome in their home and they had left him with his grandmother. Three hours later a policeman had turned up at their doorstep, delivering the awful news.
He had cried so much, but at least, back then, he had his grandmother to hold him. Now…she was gone too.

All the other kids in town thought he was cursed, so they didn’t even want to come near him… so, when you only matter to nobody, what’s it to you if you live or die?

Tears flooding his eyes, yes, a boy who seemed all smile and sunshine, but his smile was sad, so golden his hair, but his eyes were mad, so bright and happy his whole air, but, boy, did he want to fall and crash his head...

- Anna Sîrbu

Raluca Oprea
Family Strings

Down came a red sled, bearing a boy who seemed all smile and sunshine, so white were his teeth, so golden was his hair, so bright and happy his whole air. His refined features were a little portentous for a plough boy, and his clothes looked abnormal for that time. Bland feathery snowflakes were gently covering the bottom of his dead nose, bringing him a side-splitting face. Nevertheless, as soon as he caught sight of me, he cooled down taking a strained adult attitude and said:
- “Hey, ma’am! My name is Tony and I was wondering if you are Beth Thompson, mother of James Thompson, grandmother of Dean Thompson and great grandmother of Ben Thompson.”
I must admit that I was totally taken aback and I was wondering who this little boy, who knew both my name and my son’s, was. And also, who were the other people going by my name? I asked him where he knew me from, and he said that one day, while he was burrowing into his attic, he found a bracelet with my initials graved on it. When touching it, he was soon brought 130 years back, to meet me, his great-great grandmother.
- “I know that you will probably laugh the matter off, but I’m serious! Now I’m trapped in here and I have no idea how to get back home, especially when tomorrow I turn 8…Anyway, the good news is that I spent a great time here on the toboggan run, and I’ve also made some new buddies.”
- “Good Lord! I think I’m losing my mind! Now, tell me Tony, is this the bracelet that you've found?”
He grabbed it enthusiastic, and gave me a strong hug, than he vanished into the frosty air, leaving my twined arms empty.
- “Happy birthday, son…”

Honorable sacrifice…

Down came a red sled, bearing a boy who seemed all smile and sunshine, so white were his teeth, so golden was his hair, so bright and happy his whole air. This little piece of Heaven was sleeping. He looked like a ten years old child. Obviously, he did not appear from nowhere. He arrived there with a purpose: to make people happy and cheerful before Christmas. I can bet you are asking how could anybody not be excited and filled with enthusiasm before such an important holiday.

Actually, that boy’s achievement was not so easy. He went to Sadness Valey, a small, abandoned village in the middle of nowhere. Every single particle from there could bring sadness, dark feelings and destruction. There was such a thick fog that you could barely see. It was like a place brought from Hell.

The boy woke up and immediately felt a cold, sharp feeling. People’s eyes were so mean, but our tiny hero did not get scared. He thought that he should start with something small, such as giving some warm smiles to the icy hearted villagers. He noticed that some people responded positively, but it was not enough. He had to use a lot more power to bring happiness in that place.

Every single day, he had a fight with himself, trying to be better and better and to achieve his final goal. Sharing his feelings with the others was a hard work, but the boy had an unbelievable will. There were only couple of days until Christmas and the villagers were making progress. The houses were shining, every person was preparing gifts and trimming fir trees. Everyone was enjoying the time they were having.

Unfortunately, there was only one who changed too much. A person who seemed all sad, a person whose hair became darker and darker, a person whose face looked so tired, a person whose air was totally different. A boy who climbed up a hill, took his sled and disappeared, leaving behind his happiness and warmness…

Popescu Rares Alexandru